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  • Rose DesRochers
  • December 03, 2014 04:07:33 PM

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Todays Woman Blog - is a blog promoting products on various scales, everything from household items to children's toys and even men's products. Find out the good the bad the ugly of each product and determine what works for you. We have weekly giveaways and product recommendations from Todays Woman Social Community. So check out our blog for what's hot and not this year!

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    Ways a Small Business Owner Can Increase its Savings

    Owning a small business can be costly. Whether it’s supplies, insurance, or payroll, the expenses associated with running a company never stop. It’s for this reason that small business owners have to be willing to look at profit in terms of the bigger picture. It’s unlikely to get rich quick off a small business, despite your best intentions and wildest dreams. Therefore, be prepared to spend money in order to make it back over time. Fortunately,  there are ways a small business can...

    Zodiac Hairstyles based on your Earth Sign

    The hairstyles a woman can wear these days are endless. With the first day of Summer being June 21st now may be the time for a new summer hairstyle. If you are unsure what hairstyle to get, why not style your hair based on your Zodiac earth sign.  After all, many believe that your zodiac sign determines many things about you including your personality and your compatibility. The twelve zodiac signs are grouped into four elements, which make up the form of the natural world — fire, earth, air...

    How to boost your energy after a sleepless night

    It can be very difficult to achieve the sleep you need if you spent the night tossing and turning all night. If you haven’t already noticed, a lack of sleep can lead to many things, including irritability, mood swings, loss of energy and productivity, and much more. It is estimated that 1 in 3 adults don’t get as much sleep as they possibly could.  Staying awake through the day after no sleep the night before can feel impossible.  Below I have some ways of how to boost your energy...

    High end fashion must haves for 2019

    Are you busy scanning all the latest fashion magazines and watching the runway shows to determine what the high end fashion must haves will be for 2019? Often, you choose items that will work with your existing wardrobe and elevate the style of your items. You tend to look for items that you can use on a regular basis. With that in mind, here’s a list of the top high end fashion items you will want to get your hands on in 2019. Each one will leave you looking stylish, trendy, and will add an...

    Create a Viral Marketing Campaign on Social media

    Viral marketing or viral advertising is a marketing strategy whereby consumers are encourage to share your content across social media platforms. When done correctly it can generate more product sales and more leads for your business. Let’s take a look at some key viral marketing tactics that have worked before, and will work again. Online success begins with understanding your e-commerce business model and your targeted audience. Your starting point should be to define WHO your target...

    Training your German Shepherd with Training Collars

    It is best to start training your German Shepherd when they are about eight weeks old.  Early training will aide in shaping your bond with your dog and shaping their personality to your liking. The main point to remember is to keep the training positive. There are several dog training methods that can be used. In this article we will talk about using a collar or a harness for your German Shepherd dog. There are several types of dog training collars that can be used. Keep in mind that some...

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