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  • Garie Wallace
  • August 05, 2016 04:11:34 AM

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Think Tank Marketing is a blog dedicated to helping businesses understand the world of digital marketing. Everyone has viral potential if they dive into the tank!

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10 Need To Know Marketing Content Sources

  Finding great content and where to stay up-to-date on marketing information and the industry can be pretty overwhelming and as great as some of the industry leaders are like Moz, Marketing Land, and MSN are, sometimes you’ll find it hard to find really personal beliefs and opinions because they are there to serve the … More 10 Need To Know Marketing...


Generated by IJG JPEG Library

Finding great content and where to stay up-to-date on marketing information and the industry can be pretty overwhelming and as great as some of the industry leaders are like Moz, Marketing Land, and MSN are, sometimes you’ll find it hard to find really personal beliefs and opinions because they are there to serve the masses and help as many as possible; I mean they are marketing thought leaders, so sometimes some of the best content and blogs are the smaller or more localized blogs, and it’s where we learn and stay current. Based on what our team is reading and following, we pooled this top 10 list of great content sources for your marketing efforts. Please enjoy, reshare if you’re inspired, and never stop marketing!

1-Always Content, Never Content

The blog and thoughts of marketing mastermind Mike Myers. Blog features up-to-date content on #contentmarketing, copy writing, advertising, and everything in between. Subscribe via email and love it as much as we do!

2-Community Works

We came across this blog via our friend Kelly Hungerford and what a find this was!  Their blog/brand showcases strategic social media and community building strategy for entrepreneurs, startups and small-to-mid sized businesses! Perfect kind of content for both us and our readers! Be sure to follow.

3-Jacques Bouchard

Came across this blog after engaging w/ Jacques on Twitter; go figure :D, and was blown away by the attention to detail and thoughts shared on this blog. If you are into digital marketing strategies and personal insight, give it a read!

4-Growth Hackers Blog

Discovered this fun blog from Irene Sun on Twitter. Talk about a power house of information a fun and easily digestible format. Are you into ramping up your marketing campaign? Want to work smarter but not necessarily harder? Well get off you a** and follow this blog!


Our good friend Susan Dolan clued us on her site and wow talk about good content. Do you need to learn more about marketing; specifically SEO & link building? Here’s a good place to start. It’s pretty much a go-to for us at this point!

6- Wikipedia

Wikipedia has it all honestly! We’re always learning and figuring out new tactics to take a place we always start is wikipedia to better familiarize ourselves with a niche. Plus the foot notes lead you on a true path of enlightenment!

7-Keener Strategy

Our friend Andrew Kenner has a great blog that’s pushing the envelope on marketing and digital expertise. Don’t believe us? Give it a read!

8-Boom Social

If you’re on social media, you HAVE to be aware of Kim Garst. She’s a best selling author and the CEO of Boom Social! Always sharing great content, interesting ideas, and getting social! Looking to have an edge on your social media presence? Look no further!

9- Eric Tung’s Blog

Great marketing content that’s really making traditional marketing experts question if they’re stuck in their old ways, or if they’re ready for the digital revolution. Give it a read and get a hug while you’re at it, Eric loves to give those out :).

10- Top Dog Social Media

Discovered this top selling marketing blog through Melonie Dodaro or as we call her, the LinkedIn mistress! Follow this blog if you’re looking to beef up your marketing strategy, especially LinkedIn; the social media lead funnel power house!









10 Hashtags to Boost ROI by 54%

    Hashtags are one of the best ways to connect w/ users on social media. Social media can be a powerful tool to generate leads/customers/conversions. Some people think the best way to get money is with a hand gun and a ski-mask at a local bank? Not us! We believe in hard work, networking, … More 10 Hashtags to Boost ROI...




Hashtags are one of the best ways to connect w/ users on social media. Social media can be a powerful tool to generate leads/customers/conversions. Some people think the best way to get money is with a hand gun and a ski-mask at a local bank? Not us! We believe in hard work, networking, marketing, and relationship building. Hashtags are one of the ways to help achieve these goals. We have used these at the Tank and can’t speak highly enough! Hope they help you increase your ROI as they have for us!

  • #gamechanger
    You are signaling to other users that change is ahead and you are on the forefront of technology and industry updates.
  • #anal
    This stands for aligned net-workers against laziness. You are making a public stance to stand up for hard work and not take the easy way out..like so many marketers do with black hat seo.
  • #pos
    Point of Social. Including this hashtag is a call out to users who are spamming their social media feeds. It’s like asking them “What’s the deal spammer?”
  • #funnelme
    Using this hashtag means you are ready for leads and you want business. Send the leads your way, your funnel is ready!
  • #marketing
    Use this hashtag to connect with marketers. It’s an exclusive industry focused hashtag that’s not to be taken for granted.
  • #keyparty
    This is a popular hashtag among wordpress site designers. It’s a great way to connect with other developers and designers. The keys to any website are home to the website’s designer so what better way to connect?
  • #kill4seo
    Using this hashtag tells users that your one true love is SEO. Many marketers enjoy SEO but not many would kill for it. If SEO is your true passion, use this hashtag!
  • #confused
    When a user is using this hashtag, they are seeking help and advice. Your brand can offer help and you could have just snagged a customer for life.
  • #ihavemoney
    When a user is telling others that they have money, you can smell a potential conversion. It’s your time to hit them with your product info/sales pitch. That money could be used on your product or services. Time to sell!
  • #bdsm
    This stands for Breaking down social media. When a user uses this hashtag, they are seeking social media help and understanding. It’s time to share your expertise and educate/give back to your marketing community!


How Madden NFL 2017 Can Generate SEO and Traffic for your Business

Football is an exciting element in today’s sports-loving society, and Madden NFL 2017 is already revolutionizing the way the world sees American football. The Madden games of the past have generated users of all ages – young and old! The best part is, these users use local businesses in between games! Recently, gaming has had … More How Madden NFL 2017 Can Generate SEO and Traffic for...


Football is an exciting element in today’s sports-loving society, and Madden NFL 2017 is already revolutionizing the way the world sees American football. The Madden games of the past have generated users of all ages – young and old! The best part is, these users use local businesses in between games!

Recently, gaming has had an enormous impact on the business world. We recently wrote a case study on the last gaming craze – Pokemon GO. Furthermore, the game “Instagram” actually had a recent update that has made it much more fun for its users as well. These games have shown to increase a business’s foot traffic by the thousands.

So how exactly does Madden NFL 2017 play into this? How can your business gain website traffic from this game? Here are a few ideas!


Advertising to Millennials and Boomers Alike

Football fans absolutely love advertisements. Beer, food, hunting, or a combination of all three – you advertise it, football fans buy it. Being a $4,000,000 industry, Madden NFL 2017 is an advertising hotspot for a small business. If this new game is not part of your business’s advertising budget for 2017, you can kiss your business goodbye (it is not too late! Call your boss right now)!


How to Generate Search Engine Optimization

If you are reading this, there is a good chance you know a thing or two about the wonderful world of Search Engine Optimization (if not, we suggest you take a look around our blog!). Yet, many businesses are going to fail to utilize Madden NFL 2017 within their SEO efforts. Check this out: performing a quick search, I can already find a fantastic SEO opportunity for your business.

what is football

If your business is utilizing your blog (news flash: you definitely should be in 2017!) you could easily write a 300-500 word piece of evergreen content, discussing what exactly football is. Once the game is released, there will be an enormous influx in users searching for the term, “what is football?” If you are at the top of the search engine results page, you may just become the most successful business in 2017.


Branding Your Business for Success

Once you have generated some SEO to your website, it is time to take the next step. Brand your business for the Madden NFL 2017 fans. Make your business appeal to them. Remember what we talked about before? Football fans love three things: Beer, food, and hunting. Does your product appeal to this group? If not, it is time to hit the drawing board! Come up with a fun, football-themed product to market to the masses!


It is not too late to jump on the Madden NFL 2017 hype train! If you are in need of help, subscribe to our newsletter for further updates!

Exclusive Interview w/ Maureen Jann!

Exclusive interview with #PNW #femmennial marketer @MaureenOnPoint #seo #contentmarketing … More Exclusive Interview w/ Maureen Jann!


If you are involved in niche-specific marketing Twitter chats, you’ve probably had the pleasure of engaging with Maureen Jann! She always has her own unique voice and ideas which is how/why we started interacting with her and become good friends! We were lucky based on our relationship and trust to conduct and interview with her and wanted to share her insights, story, and everything in between to get the marketer behind the influential Twitter profile :)!  Thanks again for the time and interview Maureen, please re-share this if you find it as fun and interesting as we did!

Just to break the ice a bit, let’s get a couple non-niche specific questions going to help our audience get to know the real you a little better! What are your favorite:

o    Kind of pizza?

I’m sure to be considered a pizza blasphemer with this: BBQ Chicken Pizza, no green peppers

o     TV show?

I’m a die-hard Gilmore Girls fan.  I ❤ Lorelai.


o    Rock band?

I say without hesitation: Queen, followed closely by David Bowie with a touch of Bjork and a hint of Cake.

o    Place to travel?

Most recently, I went to Morocco. It was amazing.

o    Piece of clothing?

Skinny jeans.  They look good with all of my favorite tunics and crazy shoes. I wear all the colors of the rainbow without apology.


o    Favorite texture?

The smooth cool of a high-thread count bed sheet.

o    Least favorite smell?

Cigarettes, followed closely by vomit.

Q: We know you’ve been to various marketing conferences and events, what have been some of your favorite and why? Any you’re excited for?? 


When I worked in the learning and development space, the ATD conference was a ton of fun.  They let us do some really cool stuff like build a screen printing booth right on the show floor. Earlier this year, I went to Martech.  That was a huge learning experience for me.  I got to deep dive into a side of marketing I hadn’t had much visibility to.

The conference I’m really excited about is Content Marketing World.  I get to go this year (a bucket list item for me) and I’m delighted to learn from so many people I’ve admired over the years.  Oh, and I’m throwing a meetup for those folks who participate in the twitter chat #cmworld and I can’t wait to meet everyone!

Q: The big buzz in marketing is #contentmarketing. What is content marketing to you?


Content marketing, for me, is a way to shake off the negative connotations that come with marketing by giving me an outlet to really help people do their jobs better.  By providing genuinely valuable resources, my marketing department goes beyond “driving leads for sales” and Point It Digital Marketing goes beyond “company trying to get new business” and we focus on building a relationship that touches into the realm of “becoming a trusted adviser by providing content that helps marketers tackle their toughest  challenges”.

Q: How do you stay up-to-date in the digital marketing world? It seems like things are always changing. PokemonGO is huge now, snapchat is redefining photo sharing and engagement, how do you keep up??

download (1)

I’m in the unique position where my whole job is to market to marketers about marketing.  It’s literally my job to help other people keep up with shifts in the marketing trends.  I try to submerge myself in new platforms, use them regularly and apply them to the topics we cover in the Point It blog, in our marketing materials, and the way we go to market.  Staying fresh is key to make sure that we’re practicing what we preach as a digital marketing agency.

Q: Do you remember where you were at and what you were doing when the Google Panda update occurred? How did it affect your content marketing efforts?

I *DO* remember.  This was the same day I learned I was pregnant with our little girl! Ha!  I wasn’t as well tuned with how it might impact our site at the time (I’ve since been well educated by our in-house SEO expert, Sean Van Guilder) but I do remember thinking that I’m glad that we’ve been trying to build relationship with complimentary high-quality sites so we didn’t have a lot of back pedaling to do.

Q: How long have you worked at Point It? Tell us about that experience. What’s your fit in the company?

I’ve been at Point It Digital Marketing for about 1 year and 9 months.  Our company is truly a breath of fresh air.  Do we have challenges?  Sure!  But it really is a company that is committed to taking care of it’s employees and clients.  Between the collection of incredibly bright client managers, directors that are leaders in their field and the executive team who are committed to making change where it’s needed, it’s been one of the best experiences of my professional life.  Plus, it’s a major bonus to work for a company that markets for a living… as long as I can show to metrics to back up my hypothesis, I can really try whatever I want because I don’t have to explain how marketing works.

  1. We’re hiring for an SEO Manager and Senior Paid Search Managers. =D

Q: Do you think link building belongs in content marketing? Why or why not?

download (3).jpg

I think that content marketing has a role in link building.  If you have valuable, sharable content it’s also going to be far more likely that you’ll end up with people linking to that high quality content.  That’s why your content should do two things: answer questions that your searchers are asking for and offer a truly helpful answer to that question.  And it doesn’t hurt to share that content with the thought leaders in your field.  Having someone high-profile link to your content can create a snowball effect of backlinks.

Q: Also, with social media’s growth, what kinds of impacts have you seen in your content campaigns?

Social media has been key to our content campaign success.  We have an evergreen content sharing program across the relevant social media platforms that we’ve seen increase our overall content consumption by 30%.  Not to mention it gives us a real-time platform to have real discussions about the content we’re sharing, when we share it. Social is one of my favorite developments in marketing.  It’s truly changed the way I think about marketers and customers.

Q: What do you feel are the strongest and weakest social media platforms for millennials? Why?

download (4)

First, I think it’s time to start thinking beyond the millennial generation and make sure to consider the next generation.  Generation Z (or some people are calling them the “iGen”) and millennials are gravitating towards the extremes with content length.  As Snapchat matures and video content builds followers, we’re seeing the rise of that instant, visual, short form content exchanges.  But then we’re also seeing the popularity of writing platforms like Medium gain readers.  With the fast pace that they’ve inherited from Generation Y business leaders, there’s a true focus on the value a social media platform brings to these generations.  So, my advice to people trying to find their place with their millennial and iGen consumers, is make sure you’re adding the value they’re looking for, WHERE they’re looking for it, when they start searching.  Bottom line:  know where you audience is.  Do the homework.

Q: Do you feel like there’s a later adoption of new social media platforms for brands using it for business purposes vs personal purposes?

Sure.  Business resources are limited, you don’t want to jump on every Segway that rides by.  I know that for me, I use my personal projects to test out a social media platform will apply to the business model I’m trying to support.

Q: Has living in the PNW helped you become a better marketer? Being located in a city with such big organizations like Moz and Amazon? Do you ever run into Rand at Dick’s or Veggie Grill? 

download (5)

Being in the Pacific Northwest has been awesome in a lot of ways.  It’s where I spent my impressionable twenties and have had the opportunity to find grace and audacity in my thirties!  I do get a chance to run into some pretty amazing people and I can’t throw a rock without hitting someone who works at Amazon.  You can’t help but be inspired by all of this upstart energy and expertise.  When you have the world’s biggest consumers search engine and some of the smartest SEO peeps in your backyard, it’s hard not to have your world view expanded.

Also: I have seen Moz’s CEO, Sarah Bird speak several times and she’s a total rockstar.  I want to be like her when I grow up.

Q: What hashtags do you like to utilize to uncover the most success within your social campaigns?

We see the chat hashtags create the most interaction.  Our people love to participate in them, it helps build their personal brand and share the Point It expertise across our services!

Q: Did you see our top 50 Twitter influencers list? That was exciting!

So exciting!  It was a pleasure to be included! *see the post here*

Q: Last question, any plugs? Shout outs? Places you want our readers to check out?


Point It Digital Marketing is really an outstanding group of experts that can help you get results. We’re focused on retail holiday marketing strategy in the coming weeks!  If you’d like to try out our soon-to-be-released customized holiday strategy wizard, email me at maureenj@pointit.com.

Shout Outs:

Big ups to the crew over at Content Marketing Institute for all of the work they do.  The events and content they produce to help educate marketers like me truly make my life a better place.

Places your readers should check out:

Point It Blog (https://www.pointit.com/blog/) – Written by the people who do the work in digital marketing

Moz (https://moz.com/blog) – One of the best SEO resources on the web

MarketingLand.com (http://marketingland.com/) – A one-stop shop for digital marketing expertise

MediaPost (http://www.mediapost.com/) – Keep up with the quickly changing world of programmatic ad buying and more

Thanks for reading everyone! Be sure to share this on your social circles, comment ask questions, we’d be happy to answer as well as Maureen! If you enjoyed this content and would like to stay connected, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter!


The Karate Kid is SEO for Cinema

Anyone who’s been to #mozcon like us knows that running into the occasional spammer is never a fun experience! 


Anyone who’s been to #mozcon like us knows that running into the occasional spammer is never a fun experience! 

37 Social Media Bloggers you should be following and why!

37 Influential Social Marketing Bloggers and why! Connect and improve your digital brand. … More 37 Social Media Bloggers you should be following and why!


After careful research, bouncing around the Tank, we identified 37 key social media bloggers that are adding relevant conversation and content to the marketing world. We believe networking is a vital part of any brand’s success, whether it’s a personal brand, a small biz, big corporate brand, a church, a B2C brand, or any other really. Listed is 37 users you need to be aware of and why!

1- Colby Talley

A stand up guy and all around good marketer. Loves to share useful content that is focused around niche specific topics and makes blogging look fun!

2- Kevin Tully

Kevin makes blog marketing look as easy and riding a bike! Loves to share content that helps all of us get close to achieving the much desired climax..ROI!

3- Kyle Balmer

Kyle is proof that you can be BOTH an entrepreneur and a viral marketer. While some bloggers are on rapid fire content overload, he is much more stream lined and to the point. Some call it cut throat, we call it marketing.

4- Jason O’ Conner


Jason is a marketing blogger that has the total package; SEO, Web design, feminism,and bass guitar. Always doing his best to share relevant content and add his own spin to it. We are hungry for this and love following him and so should you!

5- Neal Mahoney


Neal is always getting his name out there in the marketing world. Steadily connecting, sharing lots of fun content with a real practical edge. Chicago based and leading the innovation side of the digital space. Who knows where he will be in 6 months? Prob leading!

6- Anya Studenc Downing


Anya is climbing to the tops of one of social media’s most influential blogging titans and for good reason. She’s the CEO of Engage 2 Connect and a  total geek in the best way! If you are in PDX or Boston, link up and go viral!

7- Ashley Faulkes


Ashley is changing how we look at often gender-specific names like Ashley or Sarah. Breaking down walls in both gender AND marketing. SEO and wordpress are his business and business is good! If you are not following, you are making a mistake you’ll regret forever.

8- Nikhil Makwana


Nikhil has it all..blogging skills, moderating skills, consulting, and is an SM expert! If you haven’t seen him on Twitter; prob have your eyes closed, then you’ve seen him engaging on #vine. Now some may call him a late adopter because he joined Twitter in 2010 but we say..bump that Noise, he was just fashionably late! A great blogger worth following!

9- Andie


Andie is a blogging and clean living/marketing Diva! She’s truly passionate about healthy living and Paleo. We often say evergreen content is like the clean living and holistic approach to content marketing and Andie embodies these beliefs! If you like to juice, send her a follow!

10-Steve McMurray


Steve is a Utah marketer that knows no bounds, he is balls to the wall influential in the digital space. Always blogging about relevant content and niche specific, plus a suit and tie kinda guy!

11- Sonia Harris


Sonia is married and you wouldn’t be able to tell since she’s on fire, always networking, always engaging, and always being a clear thought leader. She is what we call a true multi-tasking diva!  She’s always blogging about content marketing and really making a name for herself. Plus her short hair really makes her stand out among marketers with long hair!

12- Kevin Mullett


Kevin is a blogger that is always doing his part as a marketer to share useful, and user focused content around local SEO, marketing, social media, and everything in between. If you spend any time engaging with him, you’ll see he’s a real jokester and we love him for it!

13-Kristen Dunleavy


Kristen is a diva of all things content and blog-oriented. Her words speak volumes and carry a certain tone that is very user driven and helpful. Our past engagements have left me smiling from cheek to cheek!

14- Dane Golden


Dane is a content marketing and blogger that takes no prisoners. He understands that if you’re gonna deliver content, it needs to be relevant and user driven and if you’ve had the pleasure of engaging w/ him, you’ll know this! We can’t say enough good things about Dane, give him a follow and find out yourself!

15- Dave Nordella


Dave is a fantastic blogger and for all of the right reasons. He is always engaging, boosting a familiar and fun community, he is relevant, he isn’t hurtful, plus that goat, what’s not to love? We love you Dave!

16-Will Critchlow


Will is both a runner and a CEO. He cooks quality content and blogs with the best of them. He’s an early adopter of social media and a personal hero of ours.

17- Jeff Dagley


Jeff is a premier Twitter and marketing AND blogging strategist. He has a keen passion in writing and content marketing. He lives in DC; a marketing headquarters of the United States, and tweets quite often so you know if you follow him, you’re in for engagement!

18-Terry Lo


Terry is a dreamer and a blogger that goes 10 at all times! He’s highly intelligent, always shares relevant content; his own as well as others, and is equally engaging and fun! He is Canadian and is a self proclaimed foodie as you can see from his profile pic!

19- Vicki Fitch


Vikki nails two things right off the bat…looking good and blogging even better! She’s a marketing queen like no other! Makes the golden state shine a little bit brighter. She’s not just an influencer blasting out content; she engages. She’s liked over 8k tweets, that is impressive!

20- Jacob Hagberg


Jacob is to blogging and marketing as Pizza Hut is to pizza. If you’ve been to an SEMRush conference, you probably saw him speaking and dropping some major smart bombs on everyone! This guy gets SEO! He may not tweet often, but when he does, it’s pure gold!

21- Mike King

mike king

Mike King is the founder of iPullRank and is a world famous keynote speaker. He has over 30k followers and only follows around 730ish so if you are one of the lucky few to get a follow, consider yourself blessed from the Blogging Gods!

22- Pratik Mohapatra


Pratik is a cool marketing guy. He has very relevant and user driven blogging content tactics. He tweets often so you can always identify an opportunity to engage, and is very media driven and one of the top marketing performers in India; not to be confused with Indiana.

23- Jan-Willem Bobbink


Jan or Janson as we call him around the Tank is the perfect combo, marketing AND athletics. He rides both his bike and the SERPS with his blogging content strategies. He is crazy for SEO and who can blame him?

24- Robert Stern


Robert Stern is our kind of guy. One time in a chat, someone might have said he was a bad apple..they were DEAD WRONG! He’s a NJ blogging content mastermind. He leads social media with open hand and an open mind. He helps businesses achieve their goals in a fast and efficient manner!

25-Jerry Engage


Jerry is a digital marketing blogger in the best sense. He shares tons of relevant content, actively engages users within his niche community, utilizes keywords and topical relevancy!

26-Sarah Moore

sarah moore

Sarah is the blogger from down under! She’s on snapchat; i’m sure you already follow her! She’s helping brands achieve their wildest dreams and fantasies with an anything-goes approach to marketing! Her strategies are fantastic and so is her positive attitude!

27-Kohleen Liddell


A passionate blogger if we have ever seen one; and trust us, we have! She’s bringing social media to uncharted territory and we hope you are coming along for the ride! She makes social media look easy and is very influential within her circles.

28- Lindsey Evans


Social media specialist and blogging influencer. She is always sharing fun and useful content that is evergreen;not black hat spam like many of her competitors. She puts the fun in social media!

29-Anna Kerr


An achiever of dreams a NYC blogger and marketing Goddess. Familiar with many via Adidas and Procter and Gamble, and more recently with Twitter! Great use of content, keywords, social techniques, and marketing!

30-Maggie Franz


Marketing blogging expert in the strictest sense. East coast lady with an east coast mind to boot! Networking and communicating are her bread and butter, and it shines bright like a bullet out of a 9mm when she is firing on all cylinders in social media! Happy to call her a friend!

31- Zen Ameer


Zen is an entrepreneur and a blogger who is internationally recognized and respected! Social influencer and motivational helper on all things marketing! We connected with him via our best friend Sam Hurley and we couldn’t be happier!

32- Fern Joseph


Small biz owner with big blogging expertise! If you think you do social media marketing, take a back seat to Fern, she has over 25k tweets! Being the owner of a small biz has it’s perks as you can see, you can social media blog and engage to the break of dawn!

33-Chris Dreyer


Often times, many of the marketers you find in the attorney niche are seedy and black hat specialists..luckily Chris isn’t. He is evegreen and wears a white hat! He’s the CEO of Attorneyrankings.org and is a full service blogger for all things legal!

34- Shane Barker


Shane Barker is a self proclaimed influencer marketer; often we won’t believe self proclaimed influencers because 98% of the time they aren’t, but for once, he is right. Boasting over 24k Twitter followers, he is the real deal. Slick haircut, slick content, and slick engagement, all around slick guy!

35- Sam Hurley


Sam Hurley is our bro! He is everything a marketer should aspire to be. He blogs with a force much like Batman or Superman! He has loyal and engaged followers; isn’t that the point? He will re-share content he’s mentioned in, and continue to drive traffic and boost your ROI! He’s dedicated to marketing and is well-worth the engagement! A true influencer in the marketing niche!

36-Steve Farnsworth


Steve is a Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencer AND a Think Tank Top 37 Social Media Blogger, talk about a tag team from both ends of social influence. If you are a lead of his, you know your funnel is going to be going insane! All things content and demand based, a blogger unlike anything we have ever seen!

37-Annaliese Henwood


We had the pleasure of connecting with Annaliese via a niche specific and relevant Twitter chat, and have been close marketing friends ever since. She’s a blogger out of Philly, PA and is currently seeking employment. Don’t let this gem slip by! She’s a marketing guru and all the content she pitches is evergreen social!

Well that’s it folks, 37 key social media bloggers you better be following and engaging with after reading this if you want added value-based relationships! We know we are! Be sure to check out the included list of articles to see how to engage these users if you are looking for some help or insight in how to network with influencers and marketing tweeps.

Emojis to help connect.

35 Need to Know Marketing Hacks

9 Ways to Boost Leads

Growth Hacking with Influencers

Hashtags to Boost your Connectivity

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