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SEO is Most Important factor of Online Marketing. Get Unpaid (Organic ) Traffic from Search Engine (Google). IMZUBER Discover SEO strategy with easy step.

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7 Helpful Tips to Write Plagiarism Free Content for SEO

They say that the most genuine kind of flattery is replication. However, this kind of appreciation has been taken just too far on the Web. The […] The post 7 Helpful Tips to Write Plagiarism Free Content for SEO appeared first on SEO Expert in...

They say that the most genuine kind of flattery is replication. However, this kind of appreciation has been taken just too far on the Web.

The reason is that copied text percolates on the Internet all of the time. It’s just as simple to get someone else’s written text on your pages as tapping on CTRL+C and CTRL+V.

Have you have thought that why you have to write a post about a particular matter for your own website when someone has already done it and better?

Well, in case of writing already existing content (also referred to as rewriting), black hat SEO’s, trollers and other dubious writers always get accused of plagiarism.

Whenever they take content from the internet or represent it as theirs, plagiarism, in its prudent (intentional) form is always present.

But at the same time, some honest, creative and hard-workingauthors and SEO experts and website owners who always use their own ideas to create awesome content for the readers, often face blatant copyright infringement for no reason.

So, this means that you cannot escape from plagiarism even if you are not taking stuff from the internet and this is called self-plagiarism.

No matter what type of plagiarism you experience, it always affects your SEO practices.

Therefore, every professional writer and SEO expert must be knowledgeable on how to eliminate plagiarism.

When it comes to avoid plagiarism in images, it is pretty easy, you must take some open-source image, give credit to it and you are done.

But to come up with plagiarism free content, things are not that simple.

7 tips to write plagiarism free content for SEO

Here we’re going to look at some helpful tips and tricks to write plagiarism free content for SEO or how we can eliminate it for better SEO ranking.
The best SEO content is both designed for algorithms and provides readers with useful, detailed and original content.

  • Take time to write

Plagiarism can occur in every piece of writing, either it be a blog, article, thesis, research paper or any school assignment and you ought to remove it before getting your content published on internet and submitting your papers.
The very first approach is therefore to schedule the writing process in sufficient time means do not write in hurry. Always think and do proper research before writing.
Be sure that you have a space to update the content as well as double check it, if you have any doubt to be caught for plagiarism, just don’t post it.
This is a way of creating content which may be helpful for SEO.

  • Showcase original and unique ideas

Producing unique and original content are two the main and most efficient approaches in content marketing and SEO.
In order to help websites to draw more and more visitors, interesting and original posts provide an obvious reason that invites readers to return to the Website as a regular user over and over again.

One of the easiest ways for a website to sabotage its SEO activities is through SEO poor or copied content. It will not only decrease the rank of the website in a Google quest, but also make your content dull and unattractive.

  • Check plagiarism

check Plagiarism

Even when you write everything by yourself, you can never know if your content has plagiarism without getting it checked by a plagiarism checker.

Fortunately, certain websites are available online that encourages and facilitates authors to scan their files for plagiarism.

Check-plagiarim.com is a free plagiarism checker that not only decides whether your files have duplicate material or not, but also highlights and emphasize the duplicated lines.

The use of one of those resources to review and scan each article before submitting or posting to google is one of the better ways to prevent plagiarism and better SEO.

text editor for plagiarism

The professional writers avoid copying sentence from their own previous article on the same subject but still if plagiarism can occur in their writings, it cannot be passed through this plagiarism checker.

  • Use citation technique

Citation means giving proper credit to original author from where you take material. It is important to mention and cite the original source in your content if you assure of using someone else’s information.
Best way is to build a link to them or mention it in your drafts while composing a paper. Basically, citation technique is used for writing up some research paper as you need some previous already exiting facts and figures to be use in your writings.

No matter when and where you cite the original source of content, it always

  •  defends you against plagiarism allegations
  • increase readers knowledge on a particular subject
  • enhance your credibility as a writer


  • Take content from more than one sources

You cannot write plagiarism free content and win SEO race without having proper knowledge about utilizing sources.

Plagiarism is one of the biggest and most critical concern of writers and blogger and its chances get increased when they decide not to use multiple sources for grabbing content.

It is so obvious that when you read only one article and try to rewrite it, you may run out of words’ synonyms and unique ideas that results in higher risks of copyright infringements.

Using more than one sources can enhance your credibility as an author, here’s why;

  • Using more sources equals to getting new ideas
  • Less chances of plagiarism
  • Helps composing creative and informational content
  • Getting a better SEO ranking


  • Proper paraphrasing

It doesn’t take much time and research to write excellent material for the search engines. But most of the content writers, in order to save time, do some things (copy pasting) that could hurt their SEO so bad.

Search engines like Google’s, always ready to catch duplicated words. When you rewrite or paraphrase some content through a paraphraser, make sure of these things;

  • You must not have a string of 5 to 6 words in common.
  • Always consider to use a new collection of words when you quote writers, no matter how long you have to do so.
  • The best way to eliminate plagiarism for better SEO is to begin writing from scratch.
  • The most often used technique is to obstruct the original text so that its wording cannot be referenced when rewriting.


  • Editing

After proper paraphrasing, now, you have content that you think is ready for posting but wait, have you checked it for grammatical mistakes, word count and plagiarism?

Because these aspects can have a great and long-lasting impact on your SEO ranking. Google ranking can never be compromised if your text has bundle of grammatical errors, low word count with some duplicated content.
Here you can use notepad online for final editing of your content, it not only provides you room for composing a file but also offers some additional features, e.g., grammar checker, word count and paraphrasing and more.

notepad online


Plagiarism seems to occur every time you compose something. The reason is straightforward, there will certainly be some convergence in details for millions of blog posts written every day.

The post 7 Helpful Tips to Write Plagiarism Free Content for SEO appeared first on SEO Expert in India.

12 Smart Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel (Without spending Money)

YouTube is one of the most visited websites on the internet. More than 1.9 billion users log into YouTube monthly and upload 500 hours of video […] The post 12 Smart Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel (Without spending Money) appeared first on SEO Expert in...

YouTube is one of the most visited websites on the internet. More than 1.9 billion users log into YouTube monthly and upload 500 hours of video in every single minute. Since YouTube is a video-sharing platform, many YouTube channels fight to get viewer’s attention.

Using a unique idea for your video content on YouTube works great. Making your channel popular among these vast platforms takes some time and reaches your audience slowly. Once uploading a video on your channel, start promoting it to gain views.

Increase your subscribers and promote your YouTube channel by following the below useful tips and get a positive result.

#1. Writing An Engaging Title

The way of presenting your video is an important strategy in YouTube marketing. The title of your video plays an important role in promoting your YouTube channel. When your viewer searches for a video, they notice the title first before watching a video. Giving an apt and attractive title intends the viewers to watch your full video.

Here are some tips for creating a suitable title for your YouTube video,


  • Use correct keywords – Providing the title with keywords tells about your video and can easily fulfill your viewer’s expectations.
  • Short title – It works better if your title is within 60 characters.
  • Descriptive and clear title – The title should clearly answer the viewer’s question.


#2. Prepare A Quality Content

Prepare A Quality Content

The content with high quality is the key to have great results for your video with more views. Prepare the video with true, informative, and interesting content for your viewers on a unique and engaging topic to keep your viewers active.

After editing your video, start giving your effort on title, tags, and description with suitable keywords to attract visitors to watch your video on your YouTube channel. If your video keeps your visitor watching the whole content, your ranking will be increasing.

#3. Choose The Correct Thumbnail

Choose The Correct Thumbnail

A perfect thumbnail helps the user to click your video right away and brings recognition to your YouTube channel. Choose the relevant thumbnail that suits your video title and content. Using thumbnails helps viewers to see a quick overview of your video while browning their YouTube. 

After uploading your video, you will have two options to choose a thumbnail. Select any of the thumbnails generated by YouTube automatically or select it on your own by relating to your video content and title.

#4. Keep Consistency In Your Video Content

Achieve your goals on YouTube by maintaining consistent content in all the videos you upload. Posting a video frequently will improve your YouTube channel visibility and recognize your brand among more audiences.

Make impressions on your audience’s mind by posting engaging video content regularly. But uploading too much content on a single day will make your audience unsubscribe to your channel. So post only consistent content once in a day at the right time with interesting information.

The perfect time to post on your YouTube channel on weekdays is at 5 PM and your important content on Sundays either in the morning from 8 AM to 11 AM or after 5 PM in the evening.

#5. Know Your Audience Need

Know Your Audience Need

Make sure the content in your video meets your audience’s expectations. Before preparing a video, analyze your audience’s needs and know the type of content they prefer to watch. Any content you publish on your YouTube channel should engage your audience.

If your content is only for promoting your YouTube channel, then watch the videos of your competitors or any top videos related to your industry. Notice the content in the video with more views and greater engagement. From this, you will know the type of content that your audience prefers the most. Use a similar idea to get higher engagement.

YouTube also provides an inbuilt analytics tool for your videos that you upload. It gives the information about your audience location and their demographics to target in a better 


#6. Make Your Videos Popular By Cross Promoting

Just publishing your content on YouTube will not increase your video visibility. According to the data, YouTube viewers watch a billion hours of video every day and generate huge views. Promote your videos on other social media to get a higher engagement rate and expand your audience count.

The important fact is that YouTube videos of over 500 years are being watched on Facebook regularly. According to YouTube, more than 700 YouTube videos are being shared on Twitter every single minute. Therefore, making your videos to cross-promote on other social media platforms will lead to the success of your YouTube channel.

#7. Provide CTA Option

Provide CTA Option

Provide Calls To Action (CTA) option on each YouTube video to promote your channel in a better way. Increase the likes and subscribers for your YouTube channel by remaining your viewers to subscribe and share your videos to the maximum. It will be a great way to engage more people by increasing the shares. 

Include your website link and ask your subscribers to visit your website to know more about your business and product resulting in high website traffic. Because, more than 70% of YouTube watch time comes from mobile devices. Using the CTA option will be a great way to attract more subscribers.

#8. Collaborate With Other YouTubers

An excellent way to promote your channel and increase subscribers is to collaborate with other creators. You will gain new audiences by working with them. Combining with those users will create trust on your channel, and may subscribe because you are working with the channel that they know already.

Find the creators similar to your industry or passion and reach them out to publish your content on their YouTube channel. Working with other influencers of small channels will help to grow visibility for both of them.

#9. Run A Contest

Run A Contest

Conducting a contest on your YouTube channel is a great marketing strategy to engage your audience in an interesting way. Plan to run a creative contest not as usual and announce a winner prize from any of your products.

Motivate your viewers to like and subscribe to your channel to participate in your contest and ask them to follow the guidelines. Make a chance to participate by leaving their opinion on comments. Use this strategy to make your audience interact with you and build strong relationships.

#10. Engage Your Audience

Simply uploading a video will not result in engaging your viewers. Publish interesting content on your channel, and if your viewers enjoyed your video, they would share their feedback and opinion on the comments section. So, focus on it and send a reply to the comment or just hit the like button to create a positive impact.

#11. Try Out With Live Video

Try Out With Live Video

Streaming live videos is a useful promotional strategy to notice your business easily. Watch other YouTube Live videos and know the way they are promoting their brand. Use a similar strategy to show your product live on your channel.

Here are some topics on what you can make a video,

  • Tutorial video
  • Q&A session
  • Demo of your product
  • Webinars

#12. Branding Your Channel

Branding Your Channel

Regarding the statistics, 90% of customers say they discover new brands and products on YouTube. Make your channel visually attractive to viewers by providing your brand logo for your channel. Provide links on your social media sites and also on your website. The visual branding works out well to attract more audience and provide attractive information regarding your bio to bring interest. 

Wrapping Up

Drive more audiences by providing clear content with exciting information and engage them with your video. Analyze each of your videos’ performance and improve the same in upcoming videos to get more views and subscribers.


Victoria Daniel is a social media expert and writer who is working in PixelGroovy. She is a regular contributor to well-established IOT blogs, and she has been into Internet Marketing for two years. Also, you can find me on Twitter.com.

The post 12 Smart Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel (Without spending Money) appeared first on SEO Expert in India.

Follow This Guide to Upscale Your SEO Strategy

Your online presence determines the number of visitors you get. However, even if you have an aesthetically pleasing website, you will not go far without SEO. […] The post Follow This Guide to Upscale Your SEO Strategy appeared first on SEO Expert in...

Your online presence determines the number of visitors you get. However, even if you have an aesthetically pleasing website, you will not go far without SEO. A sound SEO strategy leads your business to years of success and growth. Search engines today have an objectively driven mechanism and need proper targeting for a successful strategy. When it comes to keywords, sitemap, alt-text, etc., the terminologies are not necessary. Understanding critical features to improve and upscale SEO strategy is vital.

Nowadays, people know about SEO and the role it plays in making a business known. The success of SEO depends on the development of a sound strategy. Strategy is the aspect that makes or breaks a brand. Here are a few points to upscale and grow your SEO strategy to aid you in your journey.

seo factors

  • Maintain the Quality of Content

Content is the king in every aspect as the SEO process is incomplete without it, but everything falls on its quality. If the content offers value to a reader or answers their queries, they will likely stay on the page for long. Keeping the content relevant to the subject at hand is the key to gain better rankings and upscaling your SEO strategy. Whether it is about offering solutions to the audience, backlinks strategy, or simply explaining a product/service, content plays a vital part.

Quality content targeted towards your audience has no substitute, and it increases site authority with constant traffic. Search engines feel very strongly about content, and regular updates on content establish your site as relevant. Audit your content regularly to keep it fresh and schedule it for updates accordingly. Learn content marketing

  • Set Objectives and Target Audience

SEO aims to gain ranking in search engines and drive traffic to your website or blog. However, even the best of SEO methods become useless if it does not target the right audience. The fundamental thing you need to consider is identifying your targeted audience, learning about their behaviors, and searching patterns. The best way to fulfill this is to use Google Analytics and define your target audience.

After you have set your targeted audience, the next part is to set objectives. It includes creating a need for a visitor to spend time on a website. You have to leverage the information and the data available to drive the audience towards the website. Consider objectives as guidelines without which all your efforts will go to waste.

  • Keyword Placement

Perhaps, the most valuable and essentialtactic for SEO is the placement of keywords throughout the website. Keyword research should use the information of your targeted audience and their analysis. Deciding on the use of keywords can make or break your SEO strategy. Categorize your keywords according to audience personas and section them strategically on your website.

It helps take the information of a specific product or service and offer it as keywords that become search queries. Ensure that keywords are long-tail but not ridiculously long. Another point to consider is the relevancy of your keyword and its use in the content. Failure to pay attention to relevancy and stuffing keywords will lead your site to flag as spam.

  • Optimize for Voice and Mobile Search

With the expected 25% of the audience having smart speakers, voice search is something that you have to integrate into your SEO strategy. There is a vast difference in the use of text and voice search and needs optimization accordingly. You have an entirely different result to show the users compared to text searches. Voice search tends to be longer and based locally for specified targeting. A voice searcher likely uses a question, and in return, they get only one answer rather than a list of results.

With nearly half of the population sticking to mobile use for an average of 2 hours daily. It gives you a chance to target a vast audience. It is hardly a surprise to think that mobile-friendly websites will gain better rankings on search engines. Ultimately, it all brings you to user experience, and optimizing your website for mobile gives you precisely that. If you have an E-commerce website, then nearly half of your purchases will occur on mobile. It shows that every website should focus on the mobile experience for constant traffic and better SEO results.

The infographic below further elaborates on our point.

voice search

  • On-Page SEO and Site Structure Management

On-page SEO is a vital aspect to tell search engines about the relevancy of your website. The importance of on-page SEO is to let the crawlers know about the valuable content you have on your website. To do this, you need to ensure that your website has good internal linking with no broken links. It should also have smooth navigation, page loading speed, and of course, quality content.

Your keyword research comes in handy at this point as you center your content around them and create focused themes. You provide search engines about the idea on your page; however, trying to fit too many themes may produce the opposite effect.

Remember, stuffing keywords or making them seem unnatural in your content destroys your SEO strategy. Create your content as naturally as you can, keeping the keywords in perspective.

  • Keep Your Off-Page or Link Building Constant

Your link building should also be a primary focus to have your SEO strategy improved. Crafting a link-building plan based on various tactics to attract inbound links is an integral part of the overall strategy.

The best thing you can do in link-building is to earn links naturally. Build a strong connection and network in the industry with a targeted audience is one way. Leveraging social media through catchy and immersive content is another method to establish relationships and improve off-page SEO.

The more people you know, the more links you will gather, thereby improving overall SEO. Approach authoritative industry websites and offer them something valuable to gain quality backlinks. You have to become socially active to make connections and increase your authority to get better links and, ultimately, a better ranking.

  • Track Your Performance

Tracking your performance is best to know which tactics yield lucrative results and which are failing. The sooner you have a tracking system in place, the better. The best racking results are from Google Analytics, where you can monitor traffic daily, weekly, or annually. Create a spreadsheet and record all the on-page changes, and analyze where the changes worked. Finally, use rank tracking software to monitor positions over time.


Key Takeaway

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to gaining rankings through SEO. The strategies that worked previously may not be beneficial again, so it is best to keep them updated. Regular site audits and updated content will keep your site fresh, and loading speed optimization reduces bounce rates. Take all the points mentioned above in the notice and upscale your SEO strategy.  For more SEO tips, follow Ranking By SEO.


The post Follow This Guide to Upscale Your SEO Strategy appeared first on SEO Expert in India.

Common Mistakes That Bloggers Make During Guest Posting

Guest posting is an excellent method to develop your business. It makes a business heard and helps develop authority in the niche. However, when it is […] The post Common Mistakes That Bloggers Make During Guest Posting appeared first on SEO Expert in...

Guest posting is an excellent method to develop your business. It makes a business heard and helps develop authority in the niche. However, when it is done in the wrong way, it can become unproductive, uninfluential, and even damaging your brand.

In this post, we will look at common mistakes that guest bloggers make at the time of writing, pitching, and strategizing guest blog posts. It will help you guard against when doing guest posting for a business.

Absence of a “Solid” Strategy

Guest blogging has to strategic. Form a strategy that assists your objectives for guest blogging. A guest blogger needs to first set its goals and expectations from guest blogging. It could be ranking high on search engines, or showcasing your skills in front of a massive new audience.

Create your strategy that helps accomplish these goals effectively. It could be finding highly authoritative blogs or a blog whose audience is ideal for your business marketing.

Quality Guest Post is a reputed company that provides exposure to a team of expert guest blog writers to its clients. They will help avoid common mistakes and enhance the possibilities of making guest blogging success.

Aiming for The Wrong Websites/Blogs

A poorly crafted strategy can do a lot of harm to your business. Identification of the right blogs for guest posting needs a good amount of research. check best free 100k guest post sites list data with email address.

  • If you wish to improve your search engine rankings for specific types of keywords, form a strategy that involves content creation around those keywords. Next, aim for blogs that cover that rank for those keywords.
  • If you are looking for a new audience, then perform research to find blogs that have a different audience base as that of your blog.

Failing to keep outreach records

Keeping outreach records helps manage communications with different blogs/websites, stay updated about your blog progress, do not approach the same blogger twice, etc. This record keeps you on track with the bloggers that you have reached out to. It informs you about the status of the communication with the bloggers etc.

Writing About Your Business

This is another important mistake that businesses make. Guest posts are meant to be purely informative. A lot of businesses make the mistake of promoting their business via guest posts. It fails to create an impact on readers. So, if you get an opportunity to write a guest post, you should not describe your business services or products.

Such posts look like an advertisement and don’t add value to the reading experience of the user. As these posts fail to create an impact on the user, they do not get links, comments, likes, and shares.

Failing to Add A Link Back to Your Website

A bio and link back to your website help a guest blogger to improve the SEO of his website. It is the key to creating referral leads and traffic. The absence of a backlink prevents readers to access your website and read your content.

Not including an alluring offer

Not providing an offer is another mistake that guest bloggers make. If sales lead generation is the objective of your guest blogging, then you should include a compelling offer in the “bio” section. It could be in the form of downloadable content, free Ebook, and informative guides, etc.


Find out if can relate to any of the above mistakes. If you are not clear on any of the points, you should probe the blog owner to provide the details about their audience. In addition to it, perform your research. It will help you write a guest post that communicates the needs of the audience.

The post Common Mistakes That Bloggers Make During Guest Posting appeared first on SEO Expert in India.

Top 5 Tips on ‘How to present SEO skills effectively on a Resume?

Sponsored by Hiration.com Skills in a resume are of paramount importance. Adding skills effectively on the resume make it shortlist worthy. When it comes to incorporating […] The post Top 5 Tips on ‘How to present SEO skills effectively on a Resume? appeared first on SEO Expert in...

Sponsored by Hiration.com

Skills in a resume are of paramount importance. Adding skills effectively on the resume make it shortlist worthy.

When it comes to incorporating skills on a resume, it is very important that you write it in a certain way that your skills shine out to get past the ATS.

Here are a few tips that will help in avoiding rejection and ascertaining the chances of getting an interview scheduled.
resume skills

1. List all your SEO skills

Strategic placement of key skills sections plays a vital role in attracting the recruiter’s attention.

Choose a resume design template that displays all your skills under the summary section to grab the spotlight and shift the hiring manager’s focus towards the highlighted skills from the professional summary. 

An organized resume with a clear structure and precise design maximizes the chances to get the ATS clearance and helps the system in forwarding your resume straight to the hiring manager’s desk. 

Below are few things to keep in mind while writing the skills section:


  • Customize the font to highlight your skills. For instance, use bolding to emphasize and italicize the technical skills below it
  • Align the skills to the center for a more sophisticated look

The optimization of SEO skills on an SEO professional’s resume is as necessary as the optimization of pages.

2. Mention Job-specific skills

Job-specific skills are those capabilities that allow a candidate to get shortlisted for a particular job. Employers usually look for a particular skill set required for that specific job posting.The applicants whose skills closely match the required skills will have a greater chance of getting a call for the job interview 

It is very important that you avoid including unnecessary jargon of skills just for the sake of it. Especially the ones which have nothing to do with the job profile you are applying for as it might hinder the chances of your selection.

In case of a career change, the skills section becomes a pivotal point in optimizing your resume, and to revamp the same, try to include those skills that are relevant and align with the job profile.

Below are some key skills which can be used in an SEO resume

social media marketing, content marketing, on-page, and off-page optimization, link building, usability, writing, prioritization, web coding, etc.

target soft skills

3. Target soft skills 

Soft skills are generally non-technical skills that are required for the post posting. It generally includes the natural abilities of the candidate such as people skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, decision-making skills, intelligence quotient, etc.

Including the basic skills of the targeted profile is a must, for that, identify the soft skills that the recruiter is looking for. 

Compare your skills with that of the recruiters’ required skill set. Apart from including your soft skills in a dedicated section, also try to incorporate them in your experience section to make them look professionally apt.

For instance, skipping ‘Communication skills’ for the post of a Counselor or a Customer Service Executive is a mistake that one should avoid making.

Adding fancy but irrelevant skills will not help in creating a stellar resume. One of the most common mistakes committed is by applicants is overloading their skill section while leaving out the elementary skills.

Here are a few soft skills that you can add to your resume according to the job you are applying for: Communication skills, teamwork, adaptability, problem-solving, decision making, creativity, time management, benchmark development, etc.


4. Categorize skills

When adding skills try to categorize them. Clustering all skills together might help you to make your resume ATS compliant but it may not put a great impression on the hiring manager.

Here is an example of how you can classify your SEO skills:

Key Skills: Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Client Management, Team Mentoring

Technical Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Google Analytics, Moz, Ahrefs, Adwords

Categorizing skills gives the resume a sophisticated look while making it crispier, orderly, and professional.

5. Include quantifiable achievements 

Incorporating the skills in the professional experience section will enhance the readability and relativity of the resume. 

Build the bullet points around the skills, while framing the bullets to show cause and effect.

For example as an SEO manager you can write:

Conducted market research and analyzed data of 10+ online stores to formulate branding strategies for domestic and international clients

Adding data that does not do justice to your skills will fade away the impact of your skills, the data added should have evidence to back it up.

Key Takeaways 

Writing a good resume by ascertaining a perfect balance of your experience and skills is a difficult task.

To ease out the process it is very important that you find out the skills that are relevant for the job and frame your resume accordingly, but any skills that you are putting up on your resume should be the skills that you truly possess.

Let us have a look at the key takeaways:


  • Ensure the right positioning of skills on the resume in order to highlight them
  • Include job-specific skills to make the resume ATS compliance
  • Target basic skills that are of utmost importance for the targeted job
  • Classify the skills to put them under specific categories to increase the chances of getting shortlisted
  • Incorporate relevant skills in the summary and work experience section of the resume

The post Top 5 Tips on ‘How to present SEO skills effectively on a Resume? appeared first on SEO Expert in India.

Instagram Marketing strategies: 15 Unique Tips to improve your Business

No.1 Instagram Marketing strategies 2021 after implement on 21000+ Online Instagram Business account on apply. Instagram has 1 billion active users every month, and more than […] The post Instagram Marketing strategies: 15 Unique Tips to improve your Business appeared first on SEO Expert in...

No.1 Instagram Marketing strategies 2021 after implement on 21000+ Online Instagram Business account on apply. Instagram has 1 billion active users every month, and more than 500 million Instagram accounts are active daily. 25 million people are utilizing Instagram for their business, and 90% of users follow 1 business profile on Instagram.

It is the second most popular network after Facebook, and every single user spends an average of 53 minutes on Instagram. Additionally, more than 70% of business uses branded hashtags on Instagram.

Instagram is a global platform that allows businesses to improve their content, showcase their brands and engage with their audience. Instagram helps you grow your business and introduce new products there are. More than 80% of users purchase what they discover on Instagram.

1.Create Instagram Business Account

For getting great results with Instagram marketing strategy, you need to create an Instagram business account or switch your personal account to a business profile. For setting up your Instagram business account, follow these steps:

For switching your account first, go to your Instagram profile and hit the hamburger icon at the top of the screen. And tap settings and then click Account. After that, click the switch to a professional account and finally tap business and follow instructions.

A business account allows user to access their Instagram analytics, they include:
Instagram shopping
Instagram insights
Instagram ads
Call to action button on your profile

Instagram is a huge platform for business, and it allows users to promote their brand in a friendly way. After setting up your business profile, you can start your Instagram marketing strategies using these unique ideas.

2.Focus on the First page

The effective way to keep your followers engaged is to maintain your profile up to date. Your Instagram profile creates the first impression of a new visitor to your account. When a user clicks your profile, they should not have any questions.


This means your profile should say who you are and what you do for your customers. You can use your brand logo as your profile picture. Keeping everything to the point and professional in your bio helps you promote your brand and increase your sales.

3.Post Content Regularly

One of the best ways to keep your brand always fresh in your follower’s minds is to post consistently. You can share more than one post per day, and if you have a lot of content to share, you can post it to your Instagram stories.

According to the research, Instagram’s top brands post 1.5 times every day that come 10 to 11 posts per week. Posting your content regularly will increase your brand reach, and many people have the opportunity to see your content.

4.Make IGTV videos for Your Brand

Make IGTV videos for Your Brand
IGTV or Instagram TV allows users to create long-form vertical videos on the platform. You can watch IGTV videos through an Instagram app or standalone IGTV app. IGTV allows you to upload 15 seconds to 10 minutes videos, and verified accounts can post up to 1-hour videos.

Create an effective IGTV video that helps to share everything about your brands. It will help you to get high-quality IGTV video views for your channel. IGTV videos are viewed on mobile devices while using the IGTV app or Instagram, and this platform doesn’t support desktops.

5.Post Instagram Stories

Post Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are the most important part of the Instagram marketing strategy. According to the report, the most viewed stories are posted by brands and marketers. Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours, just like Snapchat stories.

Stories are a great place to showcase your brand and share your live events about your business. You can add stickers, text, music, polls to make your stories more attractive to your followers.

Instagram allows users to tag another account in their stories; it is a great way to connect with your followers and other businesses.

6.Use Stories Highlights for your business

Instagram story highlights are Instagram stories that live after 24 hours, and it is placed under your Instagram profile with a small circle. Story highlights are an effective way to show your best stories to your followers. Highlights are a great way to promote brands, services and additionally, it allows you to add links to your websites.

Story highlights are one of the useful ways to engage your audience by making permanent videos on your Instagram profile. Highlights are very close to your profile, and it makes your followers more noticeable. It will help you to reach a massive audience.

7.Create Instagram Reels

Create Instagram Reels

Instagram introduced a new feature, Reels, which allows users to create 15-second videos and share them on feeds and Instagram stories. Many brands are choosing reels to remote their brands in a new creative way.

Create compelling reels videos, and if your videos get more engagement, it has great opportunities to be viewed on the explore page. With This, anyone can see your reels, and many people come to know about your brand, and it will help you get more engagement for your reels videos.

8.Hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags on Instagram
In the beginning, hashtags are trendy in Twitter, but now it is on multiple social media platforms. Use the relevant, trending, and popular hashtags to improve your discoverability. You can create hashtags using numbers, characters, and emojis, but the most important thing is your account should be public for your content to appear on hashtags feeds.

If you already have some hashtags in your mind, you can use a search bar to find trending and related hashtags. Many businesses are using 2.5 hashtags every day. You can use branded hashtags to increase your brand reach and to promote new products.

9.Promote your brand on Instagram

If you like to get your brands seen by more people, you should grow your Instagram following. On Instagram, there are several ways to showcase your brand authentically. You can create reels and stories to promote your brands to reach more people.

You can offer discounts and promotions to your customers to increase your reach and sales. Create high-quality content to promote your brand on Instagram. Also, you can run sponsored ads and use influencers to improve your brand reach.

10.Grow Your Instagram Followers

One of the best successful Instagram marketing strategies is to grow your followers on Instagram. But it takes some time to grow your followers. Here are a few tips which help you to grow your followers.

Create a username that is searchable and recognizable:
If people are not able to find your profile, they will not follow you. Create an attractive bio that makes users follow your Instagram account.
Start posting quality content:
Once you optimize your profile, it is time to share quality content to your feeds to get more engagement for your posts.
Start following account that is related to your business:
Find the people who are interested in your product and follow the accounts which are related to your brand.
You can use these tips to gain more followers to your account.

11.Conduct competitive Analysis

Conduct competitive Analysis

After defining your target audience, you need to do competitor analysis to see what your competitor and another marketer in your field are posting. Start reviewing their accounts and get some ideas on how to post and what to post to reach a wider audience.

In your competitor account, see which kind of post gets more engagement and check which type of hashtags they are using. Also, you can see what caption they are using to attract followers and see how many they post. This data will help you to create a winning Instagram marketing strategy.

12.Encourage User-generated content

User-generated content is content that is created by your fans and followers. Your posts with branded hashtags and tagged posts are the main source of UGC. It helps you to boost social metrics such as shares, likes, and comments.

UGC is a great way to build an effective Instagram marketing strategy. Running contests on your Instagram profile is the perfect way to encourage UGC. The benefits of user-generated content are increased social media reach and improve your brand personality.

13.Convert Your Followers into Customers

Once you gain more followers to your Instagram account, it is the best time to convert followers into customers. Are you wondering how to switch your audience into paying customers? You can use the following steps:

Use shoppable post :
Create a shoppable shop that allows you to sell your product through Instagram.
Post the same product:
When people see your post for the first time, they don’t have an interest in buying your product. If they see your products many times, they may have the chance to buy them.

Adding links to your profile, stories, and highlights will help you drive more traffic to your website and allow users to buy your brand.

14.Post Instagram Ads

Instagram advertising offers a great way for brands to promote their products and engage with their audience. Ads appear in the feeds like other Instagram posts that provide effective ways to encourage users to learn more about your product.

These are the advantages of using Instagram advertising:
Boost your brand awareness
Enhance your business
Build a connection to your audience
Your brand becomes memorable
Posting Instagram ads helps you to reach your business goals and to create an effective Instagram marketing strategy.

12.Track Instagram Analytics

When creating an Instagram business account, you will gain more access to track your analytics such as impression, followers growth, reach, and engagement. You can easily access it by clicking the “view insights option” under your uploaded posts.

You can get more in-depth metrics through various apps like Iconosquare, Sprout Social. These apps allow trach additional metrics. Understanding your metrics will help you to generate your future content.

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