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Parental Guidance

  • Ken Anderson
  • June 08, 2019 05:03:40 AM

A Little About Us

The Seniors Only Club is an Internet forum for seniors, fifty and older. While anyone may read the forum's content, participation in discussions requires a membership, but registration is free. For the purpose of comfortable conversations, we use first and last names rather than handles, but pseudonyms are okay as long as they look like they might be real.

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    Low Carb: What Are We Eating?

    This is for us Low Carbers to post what we are eating in order for us to see not only ideas but perhaps to give some help to those that need some guidance..
    I will start.......... Generally I will post the main meal of the day, which in my case, supper..
    Feel free to post whatever you like as far as your daily food goes..
    This will keep us honest !!!!!

    Fish...... fillets of haddock breaded in herbs and spices first and then pan fried in butter..
    A salad, homemade with lettuce,...

    Low Carb: What Are We Eating?

    We Have Birthdays!

    This will be a thread where we can post birthday wishes to our members when they are having their birthday. If you look under "members" (at the top beside "forums"), then it will show you a picture of the avatars for the people who are having a birthday that day. This will show up on the far right side of the page, and below that a grid showing the avatars of our newest members.
    I noticed that we have TWO birthdays today, and they share the Thanksgiving holiday this year as well, so they...

    We Have Birthdays!

    Daisy Is A Real Pig

    Good evening to all-
    I enjoy reading about your animal family members. We have a "Family" member- or in her idea, and family director.
    It's long story how Daisy came to live with us, but suffice it to say that when my wife saw this pitiful little bundle of misery at the chicken swap/animal sale, I knew without asking that we would be taking a pig home. She was tiny, starving, and scared. She got over all of those conditions very, very quickly.
    It seems that pigs are smarter, cleaner, and...

    Daisy Is A Real Pig

    The Minneapolis Scene

    There seems to be a bit of Civil Unrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
    I do hope the participants are maintaining their social distancing...


    New Guy On The Forum. Voting

    Good morning to all-
    I am a new guy on this forum, so I will try and not offend anyone.

    I hope all of the US seniors on this forum have registered to vote and will vote in November. There has never been a time when it was more important that we exercise our rights and duties to determine our representatives in government.

    I'd just like to ask of all, Are you happy with the past four years? Is our country better now after four years of the present occupant of the White House and his...

    New Guy On The Forum. Voting

    More Fake News

    All these news sources like CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and ABC are going out of their way to prove Trump right when he said they are all fake news. They rush to report that that they had an e-mail about Trump receiving information from wikileaks before it was posted. After putting all over the news without knowing who sent the e-mail or checking the date on the e-mail. Later they came out and said they were perhaps they were wrong. They still are saying that the Russians hacked the DNC computers with...

    More Fake News

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