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Parental Guidance

  • Ken Anderson
  • June 08, 2019 05:03:40 AM

A Little About Us

The Seniors Only Club is an Internet forum for seniors, fifty and older. While anyone may read the forum's content, participation in discussions requires a membership, but registration is free. For the purpose of comfortable conversations, we use first and last names rather than handles, but pseudonyms are okay as long as they look like they might be real.

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    It's been a pleasure in SO today…Laughing, "Like"ing, and Learning. I would share more about how my day unfolded, the good and the bad, but now I'm too tired :). That's what this thread if for though. Recap. No, not nightcap…well, okay that too if you'd...


    Chiropractors & Chiropractic Care

    At work a couple of days ago, I was asked to take a break from the Software category that I was working on to flesh out our Chiropractors category in another part of the directory that I haven't had much to do with.

    We had chiropractors listed under alternative medicine, which is where a lot of people and organizations, such as...

    Chiropractors & Chiropractic Care

    Mental Wellness, Depression

    Thank you for your concerns, greatly appreciated. I'm feeling somewhat selfish making this post, considering the the great loses in other parts of the world, loses of human, animal lives and homes and countries. Because of the great positive place SoC has been for me and the sincere and caring people here, i feel an explanation is needed. Please, i'm not presenting this as drama. Depression....been going some medication increase and change of medication. I wasn't born with this, it's not...

    Mental Wellness, Depression

    Assisted Living Resident's All Have Strange Sleep Patterns. Do You?

    I am one of them and suspect it's due to certain health problems and or certain medications taken. No one how ever seems to go to bed at a reasonable time and sleep for six to eight hours, get up and repeat the process. Those days are over. There seems to be a lot of napping, even at lunch or dinner some times.

    Sick Again

    I just got over the flu a little more than a week ago, and now I've been in bed again all day today. I just came from the ER, where they assure me that I don't have a strangulated hernia, which is what I thought was going on, having had that before. I'll have to see my regular doctor again tomorrow but, meanwhile, I still feel like I'm dying. I am tired of being sick.

    Getting Ready For Life With A Pacemaker

    I am scheduled to get the pacemaker implanted on January 20th, and I am hopeful that it will help my heart to work better again.
    On the 15th, I will have a stress test, or something similar, called a PET scan. They put a radioactive dye in your veins, and then put you in a tube thing and take pictures of the heart.
    Then they give you another IV that activates stress , and they take more pictures to see which parts of your heart are working and which are not.

    Before, (a long time back) I had...

    Getting Ready For Life With A Pacemaker

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