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Parental Guidance

  • Ken Anderson
  • June 08, 2019 05:03:40 AM

A Little About Us

The Seniors Only Club is an Internet forum for seniors, fifty and older. While anyone may read the forum's content, participation in discussions requires a membership, but registration is free. For the purpose of comfortable conversations, we use first and last names rather than handles, but pseudonyms are okay as long as they look like they might be real.

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    Lets Have Our Current Photos In Our Avatars

    C'mon, gang...we all know each other now...I've shown you mine, now lets see yours!

    View attachment 33903

    Low Carb: What Are We Eating?

    This is for us Low Carbers to post what we are eating in order for us to see not only ideas but perhaps to give some help to those that need some guidance..
    I will start.......... Generally I will post the main meal of the day, which in my case, supper..
    Feel free to post whatever you like as far as your daily food goes..
    This will keep us honest !!!!!

    Fish...... fillets of haddock breaded in herbs and spices first and then pan fried in butter..
    A salad, homemade with lettuce,...

    Low Carb: What Are We Eating?

    Am I A Racist?

    I generally lean to the left side of things in my views but when my friends and acquaintances of similar bent express the idea that all races are equal I say nothing. I've had to learn not to.
    Now then, I've known many black people (notice I don't capitalize the 'b'. 'white' is usually spelled without a capital letter, so let's be consistent.). I've known several smarter than I. There are competent and intelligent blacks in every field you can think of. But according to the best research...

    Am I A Racist?

    Arthritis Pain... What Do You Use?

    We both use Topricin Pain Relief Cream. Wife will also take one or two Motrin. I have 800mg Ibuprofen my VA doctor prescribes for me. Generally, only take one of those a day. My VA doctor told me that taking the 1 or 2 tablets, if I really need two, is ok, but not anymore. She told me she knows what is said about Ibuprofen, but not nearly as dangerous as perceived to be.

    I also take one tablet daily of Type II Collagen.

    So, what do you use for your arthritis pain?

    The Good Morning Thread

    Good Morning, Everyone! The storms have passed, and the sun is shining through my window. It's beautiful outside, and I haven't even had my coffee yet. I hope everyone had a great weekend, and is ready for a beautiful day!

    For Your Information -- Tidbits Of Information

    Thought I would start a thread about little tidbits of information we run into every now and again..
    Hope this is where it should be...
    Please let me start................

    Did you know?
    The sand in Okinawa, Japan, is made up of tiny star shaped particles. These “stars” are exoskeletons of marine protozoas that lived on the ocean floor up to 550 million years ago and have washed up, most famously, on Okinawa’s...

    For Your Information -- Tidbits Of Information

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