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Parental Guidance

  • Ken Anderson
  • June 08, 2019 05:03:40 AM

A Little About Us

The Seniors Only Club is an Internet forum for seniors, fifty and older. While anyone may read the forum's content, participation in discussions requires a membership, but registration is free. For the purpose of comfortable conversations, we use first and last names rather than handles, but pseudonyms are okay as long as they look like they might be real.

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    What I Learned Today

    Everyday w should try and learn something new. It can be a word, phrase, trade, just whatever you learned about on a day, that you had never seen or heard of before.
    So here is the word I learned today ;
    also known as water bears.

    But why send tardigrades to the moon? Tardigrades, also known as moss piglets, are microscopic creatures measuring between 0.002 and 0.05 inches (0.05 to 1.2 millimeters) long. They have endearingly tubby bodies and eight legs...

    What I Learned Today

    Vehicle Registration Tags

    I seen it quite a bit when we lived in Jacksonville and now I'm seeing it here in northern Colorado...…….
    late Registration Tags. People get a Registration Notice in the mail, for those already registered before, but I think many folks simply ignore the Notice or misplace it.

    A maintenance man, that use to work for the apartment complex we lived in, had tags that were three years old w/a Ohio license plate. I seen other vehicles there that had tags that were six months or more old.


    Vehicle Registration Tags

    Vatican Approves Statue Of Molech At Roman Coliseum !

    All through the Bible, the pagan god Molech is referred to as a god involved with human sacrifice, especially child and infant sacrifices.
    Even though God warned the Israelites over and over to not sacrifice to Molech, even kings like mighty King Solomon were involved in worship and sacrifice to Moloch, because he was considered such a terrible deity, and everyone was totally terrified not to sacrifice to him.

    Moloch was probably about the most anti-Christian deity that I can think of that...

    Vatican Approves Statue Of Molech At Roman Coliseum !

    Is Anyone An Aarp Member?

    I just renewed our membership today. We haven't been members very long and have only taken advantage of it when we go on road trips for discounts on lodging and car rentals. The most interesting perk is the newsletter the comes in the mail. I also printed out a list of businesses in our area that honor the AARP discount. I was kind of disappointed that the places I visit most were not listed.

    Anyone else an AARP member?


    Just signed up. Had some trouble logging in, but after multiple tries was successful. Gotta get a pic now.

    Charges Against Monsanto Coming

    Bayer not being an angle selling AID infected drugs to EU and Latin America now has bought a company more evil than them.
    Bayer discovers "black ops" division run by Monsanto, shuts it down, initiates internal investigation as law enforcement prepares criminal charges against the chemical giant.
    You will probably not see this in the main street news....

    Charges Against Monsanto Coming

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