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Layerform Design Co is a Graphic Design Gear Reviews Blog & Online Store. We sell Fonts, Textures, Actions, Photoshop Brushes, Illustrator Brushes, Stock Photos and much more.

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    The Best Standalone Drawing Tablet for Graphic Design (2021 UPDATED)

    Which Standalone Graphics Tablet is the best? Nowadays the pencil and paper have been substituted with a tablet and smart-pen. But if you want to make your work even easier, standalone drawing tablets are the way to go! Unlike conventional drawing tablets, these devices can work without being connected to a computer. The implication is...

    Which Standalone Graphics Tablet is the best?

    Standalone Graphics TabletPriceRatingView
    Wacom Mobile Studio Pro Drawing Tablet$449.004.5 / 5View
    Huion Kamvas 22" Plus Graphics Drawing Tablet$1,249.994.5 / 5View
    Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Standalone Tablet$798.644.5 / 5View
    Microsoft Surface Book 2 $1,299.985 / 5View
    Apple iPad 10.2-inch$299.004.5 / 5View
    Microsoft Surface Pro X$1,779.00 4.6 / 5View
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 10.5″$510.004.6 / 5View
    Veikk A30 V2 10x6 inch Graphic Drawing Tablet$58.994 / 5View

    Nowadays the pencil and paper have been substituted with a tablet and smart-pen. But if you want to make your work even easier, standalone drawing tablets are the way to go!

    Unlike conventional drawing tablets, these devices can work without being connected to a computer. The implication is that you can take your tools of the trade on the train, bus, flight, and any other place while on the move and still get to work on your projects without hassle.

    Also, a standalone tablet comes with built-in computer functions that you’ll need to get your work done comprehensively. So, if you’re tired of being limited by your ordinary drawing tablet, here is our guide to the best standalone drawing tablets for graphic designers:

    What Should I Look for in a Standalone Drawing Tablet?

    Finding the ideal drawing tablet for your art project can easily turn into a wild goose chase! There are numerous models and brands in the market for you to choose from but not all of them offer the same attributes.

    To find the best, you need to watch out for a couple of features that improve the quality of the tablet. Be sure to consider the following questions before you select a standalone drawing tablet:

    How Long Should My Tablet Last?

    As much you are buying a tablet that you can work with anywhere you go, you still want enough time to comfortably work on your drawing project. This is only possible when you have a device that offers long battery life, especially if you won’t be close to a power source.

    Ideally, look for a tablet that provides you with at least 10 hours of battery life when on a full charge. This is ample time to carefully draw and bring to life your artistic ideas without needing a power boost.

    Do I need a Very Sensitive Screen for My Tablet?

    Screen sensitivity is among the most critical factors on a drawing tablet.

    Overall, high sensitivity allows you to draw, shade, and sketch more accurate designs.

    It ensures that all the little details are captured and conveniently brought to life in your drawing.

    Some tablet models even come with advanced features such as multi-touch capability and tilt recognition to enhance the sensitivity of the screen.

    Should the Tablet Be Lightweight?

    If you’re buying a standalone tablet, chances are one of the reasons is that you wanted something that enables you to move around without feeling fatigued. As such, it would be self-defeating to choose a heavy unit that would limit the tablet’s portability.

    The ideal choice of tablet should be slim and lightweight so that you can keep it in your hands for a long time without feeling weighed down.

    How Much Storage Space Should My Tablet Have?

    Battery life and screen sensitivity aren’t the only things that should concern you on a standalone drawing table. The best device should come with ample space to store as many projects as you can complete.

    Look for a tablet with at least 8GB of RAM if you want something that can cope with intensive graphics programs. This is something you’ll be able to determine when going through the specifications while shopping.

    How Much Should I Spend on a Drawing Tablet?

    Your budget is something that should always come to play when buying a product. You don’t want to spend on something you can’t comfortably afford. Luckily, there is always something for everyone, even when investing in a standalone drawing tablet. Therefore, choose a device that is within your budget range but also ensure that it doesn’t compromise the top features you want in a drawing tablet!

    Best Standalone Drawing Tablets – Reviews

    Standalone Graphics TabletPriceRatingView
    Wacom Mobile Studio Pro Drawing Tablet$449.004.5 / 5View
    Huion Kamvas 22" Plus Graphics Drawing Tablet$1,249.994.5 / 5View
    Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Standalone Tablet$798.644.5 / 5View
    Microsoft Surface Book 2 $1,299.985 / 5View
    Apple iPad 10.2-inch$299.004.5 / 5View
    Microsoft Surface Pro X$1,779.00 4.6 / 5View
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 10.5″$510.004.6 / 5View
    Veikk A30 V2 10x6 inch Graphic Drawing Tablet$58.994 / 5View


    Wacom MobileStudioPro 13” Drawing Tablet


    If you are a professional graphic designer looking for a serious tablet to work with, the Wacom Mobile Studio Pro is arguably the best standalone drawing tablet you can get from the market.

    This remarkable device boasts a full Windows 10 computer, a highly sensitive screen with precise display, an accurate smart-pen, as well as a host of other features that professional artists, animators, and animators look for in their tabs.

    One of the standout features that makes a huge difference on the Mobile Studio Pro is the way the glass is designed to be so close to the surface that there is only a little gap between where you draw and where the image appears.

    The fast and ultra-high-resolution 13” screen is not only uniform but also consistent in colour depth, illumination, as well as geometry from edge to edge.

    The 3840 x 2160 HD display offers clear and detailed images. This makes the work much easier for you while drawing. You get to see the results immediately and perfectly while also making clear to you things such as colour balance, flow, and feeling, composition and detail, etc. that you had not considered.


    The smart-pen is another impressive feature! There is no lag between drawing the image and it appearing on the screen. Also, the screen sensitivity, tilt, and 8192 pen pressure degree take things to a whole new level on this tablet. Not to mention that the Wacom comes with an ergonomic feel that is a joy to have in your hands.

    With its 85% color gamut coverage, the Mobile Studio Pro offers vibrant colours that breathe life into your creative art.

    Meanwhile, the express keys and controls work seamlessly to save you time and enhance your productivity every time you start to draw, making this a great choice for beginner artists too.

    The device is powered by Intel’s Core i7 processor, which is paired with Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 to deliver fast and unrivalled performance.

    You’ll also appreciate the plenty of storage space that is provided by the tablet. This includes a 16GB DDR RAM to go with 512 GB SSD of internal storage, ensuring that you can safely store multiple files of your work for future reference without coming close to running out of space.

    The tablet can also work with both Mac and Windows platforms and deliver to you the same great performance.


    Overall, the Wacom MobileStudio Pro comes with the best build quality, offers the finest display, features an incredible drawing pen, boasts incredible fidelity, just to name a few. In short, it has an intuitive and artist-centered look and feel that brings out the best in professional graphic designers. It is no surprise that man expert artists are hell-bent on getting their hands on this amazing product!

    • Huge and clean display
    • High-quality graphics
    • Impressive pen pressure
    • Unlimited internal storage
    • Top-notch screen resolution
    • Ergonomic to feel and hold
    • Great choice for professional artists
    • The customer support is underwhelming
    • Pretty expensive

    Huion Kamvas Studio 22

    The Huion Kamvas Studio 22 is another contemporary standalone drawing tablet that brings exceptional productivity with an optimal blend of efficiency and creativity. It is a nice choice for those looking for something that isn’t overly expensive.

    This tablet features a 21.5” IPS display, which delivers clear and crisp visuals even when you tilt it to an angle of 178 degrees.

    It’s 1920 x 1080 pixel screen resolution helps to display your work accurately and making every tiny detail accurate. This ensures that you get to see anything that you might have overlooked in your work and make the necessary adjustments.

    Full lamination technology is integrated into the screen to help reduce the parallax effect while delivering an exceptional screen experience.

    Additionally, the anti-glare glass serves to limit the harmful glare produced by ambient lights and at the same time improves the screen’s viewing angles and brightness. The colour gamut of the tablet is upgraded to 120% RGB, which greatly enhances colour reproduction to provide richer colours, as well as a smoother colour transition.

    A lot of attention has been paid by the manufacturer to enhance the ease of use when working with this tablet.

    For instance, the device is delivered with an adjustable stand, the ST100, which allows you to conveniently reposition the angle of viewing when inspecting the art you’re creating and reposition the tab to make for a much more comfortable experience for artists.

    The angles can be set between 20 and 80 degrees. With the addition of the touch bar and press keys, more focus is given to boost user comfort.

    These are not only responsive but also work seamlessly with the faintest touch to ensure that you don’t struggle when using the Huion Kamvas Studio 22.


    The tablet is also powered by an Intel Core i5-8400 processor that delivers fast and reliable processing speed. The availability of double drives further ensures that you get incredible efficiency.

    Finally, the Kamvas is compatible with most major drawing software, including SAI, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. and can be used with both Windows and Mac. The PW500 pen with 8192 pen pressure is not only highly sensitive but also comes free of a battery, allowing you to come up with creative designs comfortably.

    Not to mention that you get a 1-year warranty when you purchase the tablet.

    • Full lamination technology
    • 8192 pen pressure
    • Adjustable tablet stand
    • 20 customizable express keys and touch bars
    • Tilt-function battery-free stylus
    • Anti-glare glass panel
    • Left hand support
    • Customer service a let down

    Surface Pro 7 Tablet

    Fuelled by a 10th generation Intel Processor, the Surface Pro 7 is super-fast and comes with brilliant network connectivity. The battery life is long enough for you to sink into the creative process without worrying that you are running out of time.

    The screen is big enough to be stay creative at 12.3 inches and features a sleek and slender design to enhance both the style of the tablet and its portability.

    The tablet weighs a paltry 1.7 pounds to ensure that it doesn’t weigh you down. The ultra-slim design also feels natural to hold, ensuring that you can a whole day working on your table without getting uncomfortable.

    The tablet’s high-resolution PixelSense display incorporates light-sensing technology that automatically adapts to the environment you’re using the tablet in.

    This helps to save power while ensuring that you have the optimal amount of brightness to continue working comfortably.

    Two upgraded Studio Mics are included in the Surface Pro 7 to make sure you can speak from it both when you are making a phone call or sending a message. Furthermore, there is a built-in kickstand with a detachable Type Cover that enables you to work with extreme flexibility and comfort.


    The standby option also does a great job of conserving the battery when the tablet is left idle. This is what allows the tablet to deliver up to 10.5 hours on a single charge cycle.

    You don’t have to wait too long when you run out of power; the tablet will get to 80% in just over an hour of charging.

    With the Surface Pro 7, you’ll have plenty of ways to connect thanks to both USB-A and USB-C ports that you can connect to docking stations, displays, as well as for accessory charging. The 16GB RAM option is also a great feature that helps to offer you a powerful device with the potential to perform multiple tasks at a time.

    • Lightweight and slim design
    • Multiple ways to connect
    • Long battery life
    • Fast processor
    • Excellent display with adjustable brightness
    • Great microphone setup
    • Not the best looking tablet out there

    Microsoft Surface Book 2

    For those looking for a drawing device that will help them work on their illustrations effectively, the Surface Book 2 will be an ideal choice. This impressive gadget can act as a tablet, PC, or a convenient studio for your work. It features a 15-inch PixelSense display for great viewing, coupled with rapid intel-backed processors.

    Aside from these, the Microsoft have equipped this tablet with GeForce GTX, making it the perfect tool to make your gaming experiences vivid. It also allows you to work with graphics professionally. The battery is quite durable and gives you up to 17 hours of service with no interruptions.

    The tablet is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor, which delivers fast processing speed to make for a powerful performance.


    When you add this to the lightweight design of the Surface Book 2, you get a portable and high-performance tool that you can use as an all-purpose laptop thanks to its remarkable specifications.

    If you feel like using the device as a tablet, simply remove the screen and you’re left with a slender and nice-to-hold tablet.

    Similarly, you can choose to use it as a pocket studio when you fold the screen, enabling you to enter Studio Mode and conveniently work on all your illustration projects.

    When it comes to storage, you get 256GB of internal storage capacity to go with 16GB RAM, meaning you have more than enough space for all your files. A new USB-C port is also included to make for more versatile use.

    • Nice and easy to design
    • Fast Intel processor
    • Comes with multi-purpose functionality
    • Long battery performance
    • Great for illustrations
    • Expensive

    Apple iPad 10.2-inch

    This incredible offering from Microsoft comes with a wide 10.2” screen, coupled with a retina display for crystal-clear viewing. It is versatile enough to provide you with all the features typical in a computer but also offers you the flexibility of a tablet. Similarly, it incorporates a full-size Smart Keyboard featuring all the functions you find in the iPadOS.

    This device allows you to perform multiple tasks, as well as make use of various applications simultaneously.

    As such, you get to save a lot of time and become more efficient as you enhance your creativity. You also get an Apple pencil that comes in handy when you want to highlighting text, illustrate, markup significant files, and more.

    Furthermore, you get an A10 Fusion chip that helps to improve the quality of the visuals and a better drawing experience. The touch screen offers an ID fingerprint sensor that customises your user-experience.

    You get two cameras on the iPad 10.2”; an 8MP back camera and a 1.2MP FaceTime front camera.

    The stereo speakers included by the manufacturer also make for a nice listening experience when you want to play some music while working on a project or connect to another smart device via the 11ac WiFi.

    Lastly, the tablet offers long battery life with up to 10 hours of uninterrupted service when you start working.

    • Front and back camera
    • Retina display
    • 10 hours of battery life
    • WiFi compatibility
    • Touch ID fingerprint sensor
    • A10 Fusion chip
    • Cheap
    • Not user-friendly

    Microsoft Surface Pro X


    The Surface Pro X was designed for web-first encounters. It is a flexible gadget with an ultra-slim profile and a lightweight design that feels so comfortable to hold.

    The tablet features a 13-inch touchscreen that is wide enough to offer comfortable viewing with narrow bezels, as well as rapid LTE connection capability.

    The keyword and stylus are battery-powered, but you’ll have to buy them separately. The Surface Pro X is powered by Windows 10, which allows you to utilise the Office 365 Suite.

    In addition to other built-in Microsoft programs such as Chrome and Edge. All this helps to make your work easier and makes it possible to continue working while on the road.


    The keyboard comes with a backlight and has a big glass track-pad with multitouch functionality. It can recharge the Slim Pen so that you don’t worry about the dwindling power.

    Furthermore, the tablet is effectively secured with a Hello facial recognition software, which also means that you don’t have to struggle remembering your password every time you want to use the device.

    For enhanced connectivity, the Pro X features 2 USB-C ports and the tablet will naturally associate with the levels of brightness around you to help deliver dazzling portraits.

    Its cutting-edge design integrates a large 16GB RAM to provide you with sufficient memory for all your storage needs.

    • Portable design convenient for travellers
    • LTE advanced Pro connectivity
    • PixelSense display touchscreen
    • Facial recognition software for security
    • Multiple connectivity options
    • Convenient stand
    • Studio mode
    • Can’t run photoshop

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 10.5″


    When looking for a tablet for artists, most people typically dismiss Android tablets and other devices that utilise the Android operating system. Unfortunately, the Android environment doesn’t offer useful programs like Adobe Illustrator Draw.

    Another reason could be their affordable price tag and the fact that there are already so many smartphones that use the Android operating system.

    However, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 has proven to be a go-to standalone drawing tablet for artists looking for a budget option.

    It supports and improves the creative process, which is what many graphic designers look for in a drawing tool. The tablet comes with a lightweight yet solid feel that you’ll be glad to have in your hands. The beautiful AMOLED screen also makes drawing with this device a joyous experience.

    The Tab 6 is also easy to use and features a very simple interface. The smart-pen feels ergonomic and interacts with the screen sensitively to make for quick and seamless performance.


    You’ll be able to comfortably run advanced and powerful video, graphic, and animation programs on the tablet with no hassle. The powerful machine is reinforced by the optional Book cover Keyboard for a great all-around tool.

    Ultimately you shouldn’t overlook the Android devices when it comes to your graphic design work. Windows might offer you more powerful software and iPads prove to be more intuitive and artist-centered, but Android also comes with a unique charm that you should try out. The devices are generally affordable and user-friendly with a range of free software to use.

    If you already have an Android phone and are looking for an art tablet for both casual and serious work, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 is a great standalone drawing Tablet that you can add to your Android camp!

    • Bright and beautiful display
    • Lots of free software
    • Quality and ergonomic feel
    • Nice inexpensive option
    • User-friendly and intuitive interface
    • Software not that powerful

    Viekk Graphic Drawing Tablet

    If you’re looking to squeeze your budget when shopping for a practical standalone drawing tablet, the VIEKK will make a nice choice. Despite its affordable price, it offers a fair share of impressive features that any digital artist will appreciate.

    For example, you get a wide 10.5” retina display with 1920 x 1080 resolution that delivers vivid images with dazzling details in your art.

    This is coupled with True Tone innovation, which helps to bring your art to life. The VK 1560 pen that comes in the package responds quickly and efficiently, resulting in accurate, precise, and smoother lines flow.

    Meanwhile, the anti-reflective coating reduces the glare in bright conditions to ensure that you get a remarkable visual experience.

    The battery-free stylus offers 8192 pressure sensitivity and supports one-click Toggle pen shortcut keys, which allows you to switch from pen to eraser in an instance. The pen doesn’t require charging, meaning you get hours of seamless use. Not to mention that a pen tray is conveniently included to make for safe pen placement.

    Additionally, all the keys available in the graphic table can be customised to your preference.

    The scroll wheel can be used as a brush or canvas and mouse wheel for up and down scrolling.

    The tablet further supports windows 7-10, as well as Mac OS 10 and later. It can work with most of the major drawing software like Illustrator, Photoshop, SAI, Clip Studio, Painter, Sketchbook Pro, just to name a few!

    Lastly, the lightweight and slim profile of the device makes for a portable construction that is generally easy to carry around. You also get an adjustable stand to position the tablet at the perfect drawing angle for a comfortable experience. Not to mention the 10 straight hours of service you get on a single charge cycle.

    • Adjustable stand for comfortable drawing
    • Rich color and visuals
    • Customisable keys and short cuts
    • OS support and compatibility
    • Good value for money
    • Good pressure sensitivity
    • Super Glossy Screen
    • Shortcut keys require manually adjustment


    Whether you are a digital artist, illustrator, sketcher, or simply an art enthusiast looking to explore the digital art world, a standalone drawing tablet offers you a great way to enhance your creative skills while offering a satisfying experience. This is because all the features, tools, and designs of the devices are tailored for your art.

    Thankfully, there are numerous options in the market available at different prices. The models reviewed above provide you with practical options that let you get the most out of your creative process.


    Should I Spend So Much Money on a Standalone Drawing Tablet?

    There are various premium brands of standalone tablets that will cost you an arm and a leg! For some people, this may seem like unnecessary spending. However, this is not always the case. If you are an accomplished digital artist looking for a serious device to bring the best out of your art, then you have every right to spend more on a standalone drawing tablet.

    Furthermore, these devices are generally high-quality tablets that will serve you diligently down the line.

    Ideally, these premium brands are designed for professionals who make money from their craft.

    You can consider it a worthy investment with an impressive return on investment. So, if you are just starting, you might want to look further down the shelf!

    What are the Best Brands for Standalone Drawing Tablets?

    Apple is definitely one of the prioritised brands for graphic designers looking for a high-performance standalone drawing tablet. However, you can still find a serious device from reliable and trusted manufacturers such as Samsung, Microsoft, Wacom, etc. All these companies design their products from scratch and put all the tiny details into consideration for tailored functionality.

    Apple particularly do an awesome job, and their iPad line of tablets make excellent options for digital drawing. They also provide graphic designers with the perfect combination of iPad and Apple Pencil compared to other models.

    Can I use a Drawing Tablet without Syncing to a Computer?

    Yes! Technological advancements have made it easier for you to get into the creative process of digital art. You no longer need the bulky equipment and computer clutter for this. All it takes is a pen, a screen, and a self-powered device; and you’ll be good to go. These types of devices are generally referred to as “Standalone Drawing Tablets” and have become the go-to gadgets for contemporary digital artists.

    What is the Difference Between a Drawing Tablet and a Graphics Tablet?

    When using a drawing tablet, the images you draw appear directly on the screen to keep your attention on the work. This proves to be a great option for designers. On the other hand, graphic tablets force your eyes to be fixed on the monitor even as you draw with your hands. This means you have to keep shifting your attention between the monitor and where you are drawing.

    What is the Difference Between a Traditional and a Standalone Tablet?

    The significant difference when comparing the two designs of tablets is that when you consider traditional tablets, you will realise that they need a computer to function and don’t feature any built-in display features. This means they are only suitable for drawing since not all units come with a screen.

    On the other hand, standalone drawing tablets can operate independently without needing a computer or any other additional equipment. This is because they have an integrated screen that enables you to not only draw comfortably but also perform other functions. Overall, these are more suitable for pro digital artists and tend to be more expensive than their traditional counterparts.

    The BEST Laptop For 4k Video Editing (2021 UPDATED)

    What are The Best Laptops for Video Editing? If you want your video editing to stand out from the crowd, your first step is choosing a laptop capable of dealing with beefy 4k footage! Not only will getting a machine capable of 4k Video Editing make your life easier, but also due to the increased...

    What are The Best Laptops for Video Editing?

    Best Laptop for 4k Video EditingPriceRatingView
    MSI GE75 Raider-287 Gaming Laptop$1,699.00 4.5 / 5View
    Apple MacBook Pro 13" Core i5-8257U$1,249.994.5 / 5View
    Apple MacBook Pro 16" 2.3GHz$2,149.004.5 / 5View
    Lenovo ThinkPad P53 Workstation Laptop$1,779.955 / 5View
    Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 - Intel Core i5$1,249.004.5 / 5View
    Acer ConceptD 5 CN517-71-75ZU$1,999.994.6 / 5View
    Asus ZenBook Pro Duo UX581$2,350.004.6 / 5View
    Razer Blade Pro 17 Gaming Laptop$2,899.994 / 5View
    Dell XPS 15 9570$1,995.004.6 / 5View
    Gigabyte AERO 17 XB-7US1130SH$2,199.004 / 5View
    HP Spectre x360 15.6" 4K$1,598.004 / 5View
    Alienware New M15 Gaming Laptop$1,796.514 / 5View
    Dell 17.3" Precision 7740$1,990.004 / 5View

    If you want your video editing to stand out from the crowd, your first step is choosing a laptop capable of dealing with beefy 4k footage!

    Not only will getting a machine capable of 4k Video Editing make your life easier, but also due to the increased graphical power, it will also help you with things such as 3D Rendering.

    The demand for high-quality video editing and other creative processes are higher than ever before. It seems that every year the technology that powers the best laptop for 4k video editing is pushed forward by leaps and bounds in ways very few can predict. To keep up with the standards of today, you need a machine that can carry that load.

    Laptops are not as they used to be, as the demands of 4k editing have made manufactures build these mechanical beauties with more and more top of the line components.

    As a video editor, you need a quick and capable laptop to be able to effectively run high-end video editing software and manage high-resolution media appropriately.

    To find the best laptop to edit 4k videos, you’ll find its not always a walk in the park. Every year, and most of the time the industry moves faster than that, it seems the tech that powers our laptops improves. It is hard to know which laptop will be a strong fit for your needs.

    That is why we crafted this list of some of the best laptops for 4k video editing in 2020.

    What specs do I need for 4k video editing?


    While making such a big purchase requires some due diligence, and before settling on a laptop, there are some features that you should consider before taking the proverbial plunge.

    Chose a laptop with a SSD

    Having an SSD (solid state drive) is a must for a laptop to prove a capable video editing machine.

    The price of laptops that are built with SSDs may be higher than one’s with HDDs (hard disk drive), but the benefits far out way the cost.

    With an SSD, the access speed is anywhere from 35 to 100 microseconds, while an HDD takes about 5000 to 10000 microseconds to access the same data.

    So, SSDs are almost 100 times faster. SSDs also are more reliable than HDD.

    SSD drives are built as one piece, which means no more frictions. Frictions create heat in HDDs, which will cause damage over time. Plus, HDDs can also be damaged by magnetism. SSDs offer more dependability and endurance than HDDs because they do not suffer from these issues.

    Another benefit is that SSDs run quiet because they have no moving parts, unlike HDDs. There is also the problem with the performance of HDDs, as you need to defrag them consistently to regain base speeds. SSD drives show do not suffer in their performance because of fragmentation.

    SSDs also consume a great deal less electric power than HDDs so you can save some money on the electric bill.

    SSDs are much lighter than HDDs, which decreases the overall weight of your laptop and makes it more portable. It may seem like a small quibble, but if you need your laptop to be a portable workstation, then every pound makes a difference. SSDs indeed cost more than HDDs, but you get more productivity, consistency and the quickest data operation.


    Another important feature that is a must for editing videos to have is great storage. High res videos consume a lot of data and bandwidth, which will cause the hard drive to become full quickly.

    You will need plenty of storage to make transferring files and accessing large videos for editing quicker.

    Purchasing a laptop with enough storage now will save you from having to purchase external drives later.


    GPU (graphics processing unit) is designed to alleviate some of the burden from the CPU (central processing unit) by handling the bulk of the graphic processing tasks.

    So, when looking to buy one of the best 4k video editing laptops, look for one with a strong GPU.

    GPU-accelerated laptops lead to increased overall performance because they can handle thousands of threads at once.


    The CPU is the most vital piece of the pie to consider before purchasing a 4K editing laptop as it is the essential element of the laptop’s lifetime performance.

    Editing videos in 4k can be a burden on even the best processors because it can end up slowing data processing.

    Everyone hates when their laptop begins to slow. That is why we recommended laptop with a Quadcore processor, as it can carry the load of editing videos in 4K for the long haul.


    While it is, of course, beneficial to have a 4K display while editing 4K footage, it is not the be-all-end-all. There are many benefits to working with a 4K display, but as we will touch on more in a bit, there are a few drawbacks as well. Basically, it boils down to this; if you have the extra cash to go all out for a high power laptop, then great. If not, there is no need to get discouraged. There are plenty of affordable options out there.

    While full HD resolution is enough to get the job done for many editing tasks since you’ll primarily be working with 4K, you may want a screen with the resolution to match.

    Combine a high res (that is, 3,840-by-2,160-pixel) screen, a four- or six-core processor, and a discrete GPU, though, and you can find yourself in a neverending search for a charger. The best way to avoid this issue is to make sure that most of your editing will be done around a power outlet, or consider buying an external battery charger for when you can’t find a place to plug in.

    Now that we have discussed some of the key aspects to consider before making your laptop purchase, it is time to check out our list.

    Here are some of the best laptops for video editing that you can buy in 2020.

    Best Laptop for Editing Video – Reviews


    Best Laptop for 4k Video EditingPriceRatingView
    MSI GE75 Raider-287 Gaming Laptop$1,699.00 4.5 / 5View
    Apple MacBook Pro 13" Core i5-8257U$1,249.994.5 / 5View
    Apple MacBook Pro 16" 2.3GHz$2,149.004.5 / 5View
    Lenovo ThinkPad P53 Workstation Laptop$1,779.955 / 5View
    Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 - Intel Core i5$1,249.004.5 / 5View
    Acer ConceptD 5 CN517-71-75ZU$1,999.994.6 / 5View
    Asus ZenBook Pro Duo UX581$2,350.004.6 / 5View
    Razer Blade Pro 17 Gaming Laptop$2,899.994 / 5View
    Dell XPS 15 9570$1,995.004.6 / 5View
    Gigabyte AERO 17 XB-7US1130SH$2,199.004 / 5View
    HP Spectre x360 15.6" 4K$1,598.004 / 5View
    Alienware New M15 Gaming Laptop$1,796.514 / 5View
    Dell 17.3" Precision 7740$1,990.004 / 5View

    MSI GE75 Raider


    The MSI GE75 Raider is a big-screen mobile workstation that has the power you need to get the job done. Even with all that power, it weighs two and a half pounds less than its rivals while packing eight-core CPU power.

    The MSI GE75 Raider has an Intel Core i9-9880H processor, with a processor speed of 2.3 GHz.

    It also as 32 GB of RAM with an SD boot drive type with a 1 TB capacity. It does have a display size of 17.3 inches and 1920 by 1080 Native Display Resolution. The MSI also comes with a screen refresh rate of 60 Hz and an Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000 graphics processor. It has an estimated battery life of seven hours.

    There is no way around it, the MSI is a beast of a machine with its beautiful visuals and the the power to back it up. It truly pushes the limits of what you can expect from a laptop.

    Put all of that together, and you have a strong contender for the best laptop for video editing.

    Notable Key Features

    1. Light for a 17.3-inch laptop

    2. Nice battery life

    3. Excellent array of ports

    Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch


    The 13-inch MacBook Pro is Apple’s is an ultraportable laptop with a chic look, an excellent touchpad, and long battery life. If you are already familiar with the Mac operating system, then you need to look no further.

    The Macbook Pro 13 inch comes with an Intel Core i5-8257U processor and 1.4 GHz processor speed.

    It also has 8 GB of RAM and an SSD boot drive type that has a 256 GB capacity. It has a screen size of 13.3 inches that has a native display resolution of 2560 by 1600.

    It’s also an Apple product, so you know you are getting a gorgeously designed device that has the brawn to back of the beauty.

    Thanks to its 60 Hz screen refresh rate, Intel Iris Plus 655 graphic processor, and 13 hours of battery life you can be confident that you are getting the best laptop for video editing purposes

    Notable Key features

    1. Thin, light, and stylish

    2. Long battery life

    3. Dazzling display

    Apple MacBook Pro 16 Inch


    Because of its large display, powerful graphics chip, and an improved keyboard, Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro is the big dog of the yard that is built to help creatives achieve their goals.

    The Macbook Pro 16 inch has an Intel Core i9-9980HK processor that has a speed of 2.4 GHz. It also has 32GB of RAM and an SSD boot drive type with 2 TB of boot drive capacity. As the title might indicate it has a screen size of16 inches that has a native display resolution of 3072 by 1920

    Because of its screen refresh rate of 60 Hz, AMD Radeon Pro 5500M graphic processor, and its 8 GB of graphic memory, we are dealing with a mighty powerful machine here. Add to that it has over 18 hours of battery life and this laptop has the power to go the distance.

    Notable Key features

    1. Revamped keyboard

    2. Comfortable, XL-size touchpad

    3. Long battery life

    Lenovo ThinkPad P53


    Nvidia’s ultra-powerful Quadro RTX 5000 makes the Lenovo ThinkPad P53 one of the most formidable laptops for video editing you can buy. It is on the expensive side, but it has all you need to power through even the most brutal of workloads.

    It has an Intel Xeon E-2276M processor with a speed of 2.8 GHz and 64 GB of RAM. The Lenovo ThinkPad P53 has a built-in SSD boot drive type with a capacity of 1 TB. It also has a 15.6 inch screen size with a native display resolution of 1920 by 1080.

    With its 60 Hz screen refresh rate, Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 graphics processor with 16 GB of graphic memory. It has 5 hours of battery life, which is not the best, so you are going to want to be sure that you have a readily available power source nearby to keep it charged.

    You don’t need to think to hard about the ThinkPad, it is a quality device that is going to allow you to get the most out of your edits.

    Notable Key features

    1. Vast Quadro RTX 5000 graphics

    2. Copious memory and storage ceilings

    3. ThinkPad keyboard

    Microsoft Surface Book 3


    The Microsoft Surface Book 3 is the most powerful Surface laptop yet, thanks to its quadcore powered, 10th Gen Intel Core processors. It is about 30 percent faster than Surface Book 2.

    Powered by NVIDIA GTX GeForce GPU, this is a contender for best laptop for video editing that has up to 17.5 hours battery life that has an improved standby mode that expands battery life when the Surface is in sleep mode.

    The Surface is a very versatile laptop, powerful tablet, and portable studio all in one. It has 13.5 inch touchscreen with pen input for when you need fine detailing on your projects. Whether you are working on intensive video or graphics, the Surface 3 laptop combines speed, graphics, and long battery life you need to get the job done.

    Notable Key features

    1. A versatile device that is a laptop, tablet, and portable studio

    2. Strong battery life at 17.5 hours

    3. Elegant design

    Acer ConceptD 5

    The Acer ConceptD 5 is a monster of a laptop. Acer’s elegant white ConceptD 5 combines six-cores of CPU muscle, a stunning display, and crisp GeForce RTX graphics to empower any and all creatives.

    It has Intel Core i7-9750H processor with a speed of 2.6 GHz and 32 GB of RAM. For storage, it has 1 TB SSD and a screen size of 15.6 inches that has a native display resolution of 3840 by 2160.

    With a screen refresh rate of 60 Hz and Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 (Max-Q) graphics processor that has 8 GB of graphic memory, this is surely a contender for best laptop to edit videos.

    Weighing in at only 4.63 lbs and having over 7 hours of battery life, the Acer ConceptD 5 is all the machine you will ever need for even the most challenging of edits.

    There are few laptops built that can compete with the Acer ConceptD 5 and was built for editors.

    Notable Key features

    1. Impressive display

    2. Presents a sleek, slim design

    3. Attractive keyboard and sound

    Asus ZenBook Pro Duo


    The Asus ZenBook Pro Duo is a revelation of a laptop, with a second screen in the keyboard base and an Intel Core i9 processor that will appeal to all creative professionals who need a laptop with the ability to keep up with an extensive workflow.

    Its ScreenPad Plus is a 14 inch matte touchscreen, that supplies you with limitless ways to optimize your multitasking experience by utilizing both screen displays to view your projects. Its 15.6 inch UHD NanoEdge touchscreen glossy main display is none too shabby either and boasts impressive visual fidelity.

    The ZenBook Pro Duo comes with the latest 9th generation Intel Core i7-9750H Quad Core Processor (12M Cache, up to 4.5 GHz) with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060. A plus it that its detachable palm rest and ASUS active stylus pen is included, so you will not have to fork over extra cash to have the full experience.

    It also has some fast storage and memory featuring 1 TB SSD and 16 GB of RAM.

    It is designed for enhanced typing position, enhanced cooling system, and superior audio performance.

    The only real detriments are that it is fairly heavy and has short battery life. But that is to be expected when you are playing with this much power.

    The ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 with ScreenPad Plus will provide you with a portable computing system like you’ve never experienced before. It has all the power and versatility that you will need to work on even the most ambitious projects making it a good choice if you’re searching for the best laptop to edit videos.

    Notable Key features

    1. Distinctive ScreenPad Plus second display streamlines workflows

    2. Superb design and build quality

    3. Included stylus

    Razer Blade Pro 17


    The Razer Blade Pro is a stellar mobile workstation solution, with a 9th Gen Intel Core i7 6-Core Processor, a 512GB PCIe M. 2, and 16GB of onboard memory, which can be upgradeable to 64GB. Regardless of if you are editing a short film or rendering motion graphics, you will be equipped with the power to produce high-quality work from anywhere.

    With the 20 series NVIDIA RTX graphics card, you can really immerse yourself in the Razor Blade Pro 17’s expansive 17.3 inch display, that has a 144 Hz refresh rate. that presents a slick and flawless viewing experience.

    The thing that makes the Razer Blade Pro 17 one of the contenders for video editing best laptop is that it is a no compromise powerhouse. It was built for creative work and has everything you need to get the job done. Part of this comes down to the fact that instead of conventional heat pipes,

    the Razer Blade Pro 17 features vapour chamber cooling that employs its entire surface area to amplify heat dissipation for high performance.

    It is a beautiful laptop that’s beauty is only matched by its sheer performance power. The Razer Blade Pro 17 should definitely be on your list of considerations for your next laptop purchase.

    Notable Key features

    1. Vapor Chamber Cooling System

    2. 144 Hz refresh rate

    3. Beautiful design and display

    Dell XPS 15


    The Dell XPS 15 is one of the best laptops for 4K editing around. Boasting remarkable, dynamic colours with rich, detailed contrast, the XPS’ 4K panel has to be seen to be believed

    The stunning visuals also come with peak performance, as the XPS 15 is powered by a 9th Gen Core i9 CPU and Nvidia GTX 1650 GPU. The XPS 15 is also light as a feather if that feather weighed 4.5 pounds, there is no problem taking this bad boy with you on the road. The gtx 1650 is a top performer across the board.

    The Dell XPS 15 has a 15.6 inch display that has a native resolution of 3840 x 2160. Add to that’s its 1 TB SSD and 32 GB of RAM and you have a beast of a laptop that’s going to help you tackle any and all projects you undertake.

    Notable Key features

    1. Wonderful display

    2. Light weight decive

    3. Stunning design astetic

    Gigabyte Aero 17 HDR


    The Gigabyte Aero 17 HDR is a high quality laptop best video editing that has a beautiful design that is sure to help you get the most out of your next project.

    It is a beast of machine that gives you everything you need and more, including a gorgeous 17.3 inch HDR display, a top-notch keyboard, solid battery life, and a robust overall performance, that is somehow all packed into a streamlined design.

    With its Intel Core i9-9980HK processor and 16GB of RAM The Gigabyte Aero 17 HDR has got the power. If you are looking for a laptop to help you conquer your next big project, then it is one you definitely should consider.

    Notable Key features

    1. Sleek and seductive design

    2. Visually stunning display

    3. Decent battery life

    HP Spectre x360


    The HP Spectre x360 was designed to help you create, as the most powerful Spectre yet blends flawless artistry with extraordinary performance, power, and speed. It has the juice to help you edit videos and build complex digital files to stand out from the crowd.

    It is equipped with an Intel Core processor, long battery life and a 15.6 inch high definition, an Nvidia GeForce MX150 GPU, 16GB of RAM, a 1TB SSD and an OLED micro-edge display that allows you to bring your visions to life in stunning detail.

    It’s touch screen display allows you the flexibility to tackle your edits your way, and looks gorgeous while it works. It really is one of the best laptops for video editing around.

    Notable Key features

    1. Super quick SSD

    2. Stunning 4K OLED display

    3. Touch screen display

    Alienware m15 OLED


    You can really kick your performance into high gear with the Alienware m15 OLED. Engineered with 9th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti with 6GB GDDR6, and 16GB of 2666Mhz DDR4 memory, the Alienware m15 boasts formidable performance for even the most ambitious of editing challenges. You will find no shortage of storage here as you experience a quieter system thanks to 512GB SSD. With a 15.6 inch display that has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 you are getting a lot of screen to work with.

    Everything looks better with OLED, and when you take a look at the captivating display of the Alienware m15 with its gorgeous color, sharp details, and clear contrasts, you will be a believer. And this laptop is not only a beauty but a beast as well.

    Once you get over how stunning it looks, you will be impressed with its Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia RTX graphics that will make you a force in the editing room.

    As with everything when it comes to laptops, there is a balance that must be maintained. You are getting a lot of power and performance, and that comes at the price of battery life and the amount of heat it generates. But still, the amount of brute force you are getting for it makes the trade worth it; it’s certainly one of the best laptops for video editing

    Notable Key features

    1. Truly stunning OLED display

    2. Sleek and streamlined design

    3. Excellence storage

    Dell Precision 7730


    The Dell Precision 7730 packs a monstrous Nvidia Quadro P5200 GPU with 16 GB of RAM. It also has a stunning display that will help you knock the socks off anyone who sees your work.

    It has up to 1 TB of storage, depending on which model you choose, and a 17.3 inch display that really allows you to make the most of your work station. That is a lot of screen, and with the previously mentioned high resolution quality, it is a constant jaw dropper.

    Factor in its uber comfortable keyboard, sleek design and sturdy build quality, and this laptop is a machine that gives no quarter to your editing workload. As we have said before, all that power comes at the price of heat generation, how heavy it is, and not so great battery life.

    As long as you do not need an ultra portable laptop than its hard to go wrong when choosing the Dell Precision 7730

    Notable Key features

    1. Vibrant, sharp display

    2. Blistering performance

    3. Comfortable keyboard


    As we have discussed, there are a lot of factors to consider before you reach a final decision on what to purchase when you are looking for one of the best laptops for 4K video editing. A lot of it will come down to what works best for you and what will make you most productive.

    But because you will be spending thousands of pounds, it is too cost prohibitive to waste your time and money without researching your purchase.

    Remember to consider how big of a display you want, whether you want a touch screen or not, how much memory you will need, and whether or not you want your new laptop to have a native high res display.

    The more advanced tech that goes into powering your device, the more expensive it will be, so be sure to really consider what features are most important to you.

    If you really need a laptop that is a powerhouse, that may come at a sacrifice of portability.

    The same goes in reverse. So it is vital that you take the time to really consider what type of work you will be doing.

    Also save yourself some money done the road by purchasing a device that has all the built in features you need upfront. Yes, you can always customize and expand your device as you go, but that can be a time consuming and expensive process. Not to sound too much like your maths teacher, but do your homework.

    Each and every day, we are becoming more and more a part of an all digital world of commerce and business. To really have your work stand out, whether your passions are being driven by a business or creative focus, you need the most powerful equipment to achieve your full potential.

    Hopefully, you found this list helpful, as it includes some of the top contenders for best laptop for video editing. Remember to keep it locked to Layerform for the latest and greatest in tech. Now go out and get to editing.

    The Best Online Coding Courses & Training (UPDATED)

    The Best Online Coding Courses & Training for 2020 As programming and computers continue to make their mark in almost every profession, it calls for more people to have coding abilities. This is the best way to cushion your future employment prospects as industries look to stay ahead of the changing times by recruiting more...

    The Best Online Coding Courses & Training for 2020


    As programming and computers continue to make their mark in almost every profession, it calls for more people to have coding abilities.

    This is the best way to cushion your future employment prospects as industries look to stay ahead of the changing times by recruiting more coders.

    If you have an interest in learning coding languages, you might want to know that there are numerous resources on the internet available to you. The best part is that you don’t have to spend too much to access them.

    For a small fee, you can enrol in a well-planned online course that will turn you into a coding pro in just a matter of hours.

    What to Look for in the Best Online Coding Courses


    When searching for a coding course to take your technical skills in the workplace to a higher level, there are a couple of considerations you’ll need to make to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. These will include the following:


    There are numerous coding training programs available online, and these range from free to low-cost and premium price. It’s always wise to consider your budget so that you’re comfortable with what you’ll have to part with. Not all the best online coding courses will be stupidly expensive, some are rather reasonably priced!

    Remember that free courses will give you access to the coursework, but you won’t be receiving any graded tests or quizzes.

    So, for a better-quality course, you might have to pay a fee!

    ? Instructor’s Reputation

    A good instructor is one that has experience in the field they are tutoring.

    Given how complex coding can be, it is crucial that you choose a seasoned coder that will explain to you the most technical concepts clearly and understandably.

    You can’t take a chance when it comes to the credibility of the instructor. This is something you can verify by looking at the reviews of past students about the courses he/she is teaching. Do they respond to questions from students? How efficient is their teaching style? etc.


    For example, Rob Percival from Codestars has some of the highest number of students around 1.6 Million, and the most amount of reviews in his field, therefore he has obtained a very robust reputation in the coding industry for teaching others and he is well known for creating some of the best online coding courses.

    ⌨️ Specific Skills

    If you’re totally new to the idea of coding, selecting the ideal class will require that you perform some due diligence.

    For instance, what programming language do you intend to learn?

    Similarly, if you have some basic coding skills, you’ll have to decide which skills you need to enhance.

    Once you’re sure of the course you want to pursue, you should go through the course description and syllabus to see whether what you hope to learn is covered, and to what extent.

    You will also want to check whether the course is for beginners, intermediate, or advanced coders.

    The Best Online Coding Courses and Training 2020


    Coding for Beginners: You Can Learn to Code7,9174.5 / 5View
    The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures54,8754.7 / 5View
    C Coder504.4 / 5View
    C# Developers: Learn the Art of Writing Clean Code17,3054.5 / 5View
    Beat the Codility Coding Interview in Python2,0524.4 / 5View

    Programming for Complete Beginners in C#15,3704.6 / 5View
    Python 3 Complete Masterclass: Make Your Job Tasks Easier8,0854.5 / 5View
    Develop Your First App in an Hour3,7784.5 / 5View
    Programming for Non-programmers: Fundamentals1,7944.4 / 5View
    Python OOP : Four Pillars of OOP in Python 3 for Beginners69,4284.4 / 5View

    Coding for Beginners: You Can Learn to Code


    Coding for Beginners: You can learn to code! allows you to become a coder and gain one of the most sought-after skills by employers today; most importantly, you’ll be having fun while doing it.

    If you’ve ever wondered whether you could make it in the coding world, this coding course will change your mindset in an instant when you finally manage to write your first line of code in Python.

    This course is one of the most beginner-friendly online classes you can sign up for on Udemy and is a solid contender in our list of best online coding courses. It doesn’t need you to have you the slightest idea of what coding is; even the most clueless of students will feel at home when they take their first class.

    This course is perfect for individuals who are hoping to learn a specific coding language without getting overwhelmed by the content.

    This generic course will lay the ideal foundation as you get familiarised with a variety of the common coding concepts that you will encounter as you go into choosing whichever programming language to learn. It’s just the kind of head start you need!

    Coding for Beginners features more than 30 lectures with almost 7 hours of video lessons. You also get 2 articles and 1 downloadable resource in a comprehensive course that will introduce you to the basics of computer coding from the ground up.

    The class begins by covering foundation level theory before proceeding to pseudo-coding and other practical exercises. Learning is conducted via video lectures, tests, screencasts, assignments, as well as a beginner-level project involving creating a simple app in Python and Scratch.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. What coding is and why we need it

    2. The difference between programming and coding

    3. Know the different programming languages

    4. Understand front and back end coding

    5. Experiment confidently with coding and have fun while at it

    6. Open you up to an exciting world of digital creativity

    7. Understand foundation-level concepts found in most programming languages before learning syntax

    8. Learn a dedicated programming language, e.g. Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Scratch, C#

    9. Create a simple app in either Python or Scratch programming language

    The best thing about this course is that it is intended for the absolute beginner. All you need is a laptop or desktop and a reliable internet connection to get started. It will be the right fit for newbie enthusiasts looking to write their first line of code and those who want to take up coding as a new hobby or job skill.

    The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures


    The Coding Interview Bootcamp by Stephen Grider will eliminate all the anxiety when you go for your next coding interview.

    You won’t need to worry about getting blindsided by those tricky interview questions that can only be answered if you’ve encountered the problem before.

    This course gets you up to speed with the most common questions asked at most coding interviews and leaves you with the skills and wit to ace your next job application.

    Coding interviews can be pretty intimidating, even for the seasoned programmer..

    Going through dozens of interview questions can prove the difference between getting called up for your dream job and having to deal with another frustrating rejection email.

    This course features numerous interview quizzes that you can practice with and shows you how to understand the tricks in solving each of these questions. This way, you can always look forward to your next interview confidently.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. To master the commonly asked coding interview questions

    2. How to practice a variety of challenges

    3. How to solve challenging algorithms using JavaScript

    4. How to tackle data structures commonly applied in web development

    5. Get an overview of the most essential data structures that are presented for individuals without a CS degree

    6. Understand well-diagramed explanations for different coding problems

    7. Know useful strategies for dealing with system design problems

    8. Tips and tricks for understanding what interviewers are looking for


    The main purpose of this training program is to equip you with the skills to outmanoeuvre those interviewers that hit you with nasty algorithm questions.

    Enrolling in it allows you to be a cutting-edge professional that is always looking for a position for the next high paying job.

    The course includes 13 hours of video tutorials and 4 articles. You can access it on TV or mobile and you get lifetime access to it once you finish your lessons.

    Finally, The Coding Interview Bootcamp is recommended for those preparing for an interview with coding challenges.

    C Coder


    C Coder by Igneus is a nice beginner-level course that will lay the perfect foundation for anybody with the intent of mastering computer programming. C programming language is an essential computer language that any interested software enthusiasts should learn, and this class gives you the opportunity to achieve that.

    The course takes a detailed look at C programming and explains every piece of code thoroughly yet precisely so that there is no jargon when you look at the different lines of code.

    This comprehensive and detailed C course enables beginners to come to grips with the fundamentals of programming by familiarising them with data types, variables, and constants.

    It will also teach you about the different operations in C coding that can be performed, such as arithmetic operations, bitwise operations, logical operations, and relational operations.

    Once you’re done with the basic operations, the training will take you to intermediate topics like do-while loops, while loops, and for loops, as well as a variety of conditional operations.

    Later on, you will encounter the more advanced topics in C tutorial with the course exploring everything from arrays, functions, structures, and unions in the C programming language.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. How to start coding in C

    2. Know about different programming vocabulary

    3. Learn about logic building

    4. Master coding on C programming language

    5. Learn about the syntax and structure of C

    6. Get familiar with the basics of C

    7. Various operations performed in C

    8. Advanced topics like arrays and functions

    If you’ve never written a single line of code before, C will be a great way to make your first mark in the programming world.

    The basics you learn about in C programming will set the perfect precedent for learning other programming languages, including Python, C plus plus, Ruby, and even PHP.

    With knowledge of C, it becomes easy to master other languages as C is among the most crucial and applied programming languages. It is used for programming desktop applications, compilers, utilities, tools, as well as hardware devices.


    The course is relatively short, lasting just about 3 hours in video lessons. Students will also access 1 article and 1 downloadable resource to help with the learning. You also get full lifetime access to the course and a certificate of completion at the end of the day.

    Not to mention that there is a 30-day money-back guarantee for those who feel dissatisfied. Overall, this course will be a great choice for programming students, programmers, and software developers who want to be better C coders.

    C# Developers: Learn the Art of Writing Clean Code


    Everyone is learning to be coder nowadays but not everyone has what it takes to be a great coder.

    What separates the beginner coders from the senior-level coders is the cleanliness and maintainability of the written code.

    Poorly written code can be difficult to understand, maintain, and even test; that’s why learning to write clean code will go a long way to establishing you as top dog in the industry. This course is one of the best online coding courses for this particular language.

    In C# Developers: Learn the Art of Writing Clean Code, the instructor Mosh Hamedani, a seasoned C# programming specialist, walks you through the common code smells associated with C# programs while showing you how to refactor these with the help of ReSharper.

    Refactoring refers to changing the design of an existing code without interfering with its external behaviour. The instructor includes precise examples in each lecture to show you popular code smells while pointing out what makes the code erroneous.

    From here, you’ll be taught how to code in a step by step process while limiting breaking changes. Furthermore, all the source codes used in this course can be downloaded in case you want to practice the learned techniques privately.


    In this course you will learn to:

    1. Spot the difference a good and bad code

    2. Point out smells in your codes

    3. Write clean codes that reveal intent

    4. Simplify complex conditional blocks

    5. Eliminate duplicated code

    6. Refactor code in a fast and safe way using ReSharper

    7. Design a proper signature for your coding methods

    8. Refactor long switch statements into object-oriented designs with polymorphism

    9. Split long methods into smaller and more maintainable ones

    Students have praised this course for being well-detailed and easy to follow. It has just the right amount of information density and the lecturer uses the ideal speed of teaching as the content progressively intensifies.


    The course will be excellent at explaining the different coding practices for anybody who wishes to be a better coder. It features 3.5 hours of video lessons and 3 articles that do a great job of providing optimal learning resources. Generally, it will suit any C# developer with an ambition to improve their quality of writing code.

    There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee when you enroll for the course. Your payment will be fully refunded if you’re displeased with the lessons!

    Beat the Codility Coding Interview in Python


    This is among the best online coding courses for Python developers with a scheduled interview on codility coding. The program has been structured to help you ace your upcoming interview by focusing on different puzzles from codlility’s training classes. It is the perfect way to prepare for an impending test that has always intimidated you!

    Beat the Codility Coding Interview in Python will show you that the trick to passing coding interviews lies in practicing as much as possible, which you can do by solving different kinds of coding puzzles. This helps to sharpen your problem-solving techniques so that you’re able to start seeing patterns in the various coding solutions. This also increases the likelihood of being asked to solve a problem that you’ve already encountered in the past.

    In this course, you get the opportunity to practice the majority of the coding puzzles and master the fastest way of solving them.

    Every section of the course features a topic that explains the problems and later on provides a couple of useful hints that should lead you to the solution of the puzzle.

    This way, it will be easier for you to follow up on the process before you finally arrive at the solution together with the instructor, enhancing your level of understanding.

    In this course you will learn to:

    1. How to solve a wide variety of codility’s interview puzzles using problem descriptions, hints, as well as solutions

    2. How to improve your chances of acing a coding interview with hackerrank, codility, and more

    3. Get problem-solving tips and hacks that best apply for coding interviews in python


    This class does an exceptional job of showing students how to approach codility coding interview puzzles and provides great hints of solving them. The instructor explains both the problems and solutions in a way that is visually clear and easy to understand. This course will be ideal for Python developers that have a codility coding interview or one with hackerrank waiting for them.

    It is a short course that won’t eat much into your time but makes sure that you are ripe with valuable techniques at the end of the day. Note that you will need to be proficient in Python programming language and possess basic knowledge of data structures and algorithms before taking this course.

    Programming for Complete Beginners in C#


    Programming for Complete Beginners in C# comes with a 4.6/5 rating and more than 15,000 students enrolled.,/p>

    It will be a great choice for raw beginners or anyone who wants to experiment with writing code.

    If you’ve ever envisioned yourself as a software programmer, this course equips you with the knowledge and skill to get you on the right path to realising that vision.

    As long as you can type, use Wizard to install a program, and open the File Explorer, you’ll be ready to take on this course. For beginners it really is one of the best online coding courses.

    C# is one of the most popular and fastest-growing programming languages today and this course is one of the best online coding courses to provide you with the base you need to develop your skill in this language.

    It is simple to understand and the easiest to learn of all; also, it will lay the best foundation if you plan to learn other computer languages in the future.

    With basic computer knowledge, this course allows you to be a professional C# coder and improves your chances of becoming a successful software programmer. It is versatile, well-supported and maintained, making it the best computer language to introduce a newbie to the coding world.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. To understand the basics and foundation of C# programming language

    2. How to write flow of control statements, i.e. loops and conditions

    3. How to come up with various methods for code reuse, as well as readability

    4. How to organise the codes you write into related classes

    5. How to Create applications that can run in the console

    6. How to declare variables and manipulate them

    7. Get to practice with more than 100 warm-up exercises as you learn the C# language fundamentals

    During the course of your learning, you will have access to at least 48 lectures, eight quizzes to practice with, plus more than 6 hours of focused video-based content to ensure that you grasp everything there is to learn.


    The tutorials come with complete instructions on how to fully understand the foundation of C# computer language. The course tosses right into coding since you’ll be creating live applications in real-time that will run in the console. It is the perfect course for rookie coders, and at the end of the session, you’ll be rewarded with a certificate of completion.

    Python 3 Complete Masterclass: Make Your Job Tasks Easier

    This is a highly-rated training program and one of the best-selling coding courses on Udemy. It is quite practical and comprehensive, ensuring that you understand various real-life Python skills such as data analysis, database, excel, and network automation.

    Python 3 Complete Masterclass: Make your Job Tasks Easier is excellent for beginners with no Prior knowledge of Python programming language.

    You will learn everything about Python from scratch and the lectures are short but contain enough information to make you understand the different topics. There’s no getting bored with endless talk and jargon. Also, the lessons incorporate hands-on material and resources that will significantly enhance your understanding. All you need is a laptop/desktop and good internet reception, and you’ll be good to go.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. Real-life skills to use in Python 3 such as database automation, web scrapping, network automation, data analysis and visualization, web scrapping

    2. Master the different Python 3 concepts from scratch- no need for prior knowledge

    3. Benefit from course-related questions and suggestions, as well as correspond with the help community for guidance

    4. How to work with Python scripts and Python interpreter

    5. Everything from creating, reading, writing, appending, and truncating to closing a Python file

    6. How to properly handle syntax errors in Python 3

    7. How to apply Python 3 knowledge to solving coding quizzes and exercises, and using it in real-life experiences

    8. How to use the knowledge you get to create a scientific and interactive calculator with a user menu, as well as advanced math operations

    9. Ways to build a portfolio using Python 3 and earn using your Python skills

    Clearly, this course dives into the depths of Python 3 and tells you everything you need to know about the platform. There are 16 hours of video, 156 articles, 43 downloadable resources, as well as 50 coding exercises to keep your hands full throughout the training program. The presentation style is excellent and explanations to the point, leaving you with the perfect course to learn about Python.

    Develop Your First App in an Hour


    Do you ever get fascinated with how phone applications work? Perhaps you have a great idea of an app that you feel will be a hit but you just have no clue how to build an app.

    Well, this is the kind of program that will give you the skill to develop an app like a seasoned app creator.

    The course is short but to the point; in just about an hour, you’ll have the knowledge to build your first app under the guidance of a highly-rated instructor in Mark Lassoff.

    Develop Your First App in an Hour uses a step by step approach in taking you through the app building process. You shouldn’t worry that you can barely write a line of code or have no idea what syntax is.

    The aim here is to familiarise you with the process of app creation, which doesn’t necessitate that kind of knowledge.

    You’ll have ample time to learn that on other programs available on Udemy. For this, the focus is on app development and you’ll be able to build your maiden app; a feat that should surely excite you. If you’re looking for an easy to digest course, this is most certainly one of the best online coding courses for beginners.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. Get to know the tools and techniques used by developers

    2. How to understand the process used to access an API

    3. Completing And testing an application

    4. Adding JavaScript to the app you developed

    5. Understand the different languages used in app development

    6. Adjusting the app design using CSS

    7. Creating a simper interface in HTML


    To kick off the program, you’ll be shown a demonstration of the app and have the behind-the-scene technology explained to you. Students will get to know the various tools used in building the app, and how you can download and install the tools in question. You’ll also learn about JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS- languages used while building apps.

    Under the instructor’s guidance, you’ll also be shown how to write code and test the app to confirm that it can run on your browser. Overall, this is an exciting course that will help to build confidence in you as you advance your app development skills.

    Programming for Non-programmers: Fundamentals


    This course was designed for non-programmers who wish to have some measure of coding knowledge. Whether you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you might want to communicate with your web development team in a way that they understand better.

    This can prove to be a challenge when you have no idea of programming.

    How do you even lead a team of developers when you have no experience in web development yourself? Programming for non-programmers is a useful class that will help you to be more efficient in communicating your concerns to the web developers. This course is one of the best online coding courses for those looking to learn the basics.

    Programming for Non Programmers: Fundamentals uses an easy-to-follow approach that introduces you to the basics of programming.

    If you’re trying to get your tech start-up to the next level, you might want to get familiar with the web development fundamentals as taught in this course.

    Beginner and aspiring developers will also find this program useful as it sets the foundation for your web development career. This course will explore the different development principles to get you started on the right foot. You’ll also understand the meaning of front-end and back-end, as well as UX (User Experience) and their importance as far as web development is concerned.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. The web development process and what it entails

    2. The different stages of web development

    3. Be able to explain concepts such as CMSs, APIs, as well as iPhone Development in English…Plain English

    4. Make better product decisions based on user experience, web design, information architecture, and web development

    5. Make the right choice of a programming language to use for a project

    6. Develop a basic CSS/HTML/JS template

    7. How to read code and basic development principles

    8. The key programming concepts found in all programming languages

    9. The right deliverables to provide to your developers


    You’ll also benefit from the ready to access support whenever you have an issue that needs clarification. Joining this class entitles you to access to the tutor via email or messages.

    Also, you’ll get a full refund of the course fee if you feel the lessons didn’t leave up to your expectations. The course entails 3.5 hours of video tutorials and full-time access after you’ve finished the program. Furthermore, you get a certificate of completion for all your learning troubles!

    Python OOP: Four Pillars of OOP in Python 3 for Beginners


    Python is a highly sought-after programming language that can be lucrative in the current job market.

    Python OOP: Four Pillars of OOP in Python 3 for Beginners is here to provide learners with knowledge on Object-Oriented Programming with Python as a programming language.

    By enrolling in Python OOP, you’ll be able to take your Python skills to the next level and put yourself in a position to comfortably pursue other advanced Python courses.

    This also means that you will need to have some basic background knowledge of Python to be the ideal student for this program.

    Python developers continue to attract attention with their valuable skills, especially as we continue to witness the growth of data science by the day.

    This implies that many people are joining courses and certification programs to learn Python, leading to greater competition in the market. As such, it is important to have skills that will make you stand out from the rest and make you more appealing to potential employers.

    This is what makes knowledge of OPP so relevant, and why you need to take this course. With the ability to write clean code in Python, you’ll easily scale the ladder in the industry.


    This course allows you to understand how the four pillars of OOP- Abstraction, Inheritance, Encapsulation, and Polymorphism-and how they hold together the world of object-oriented programming in Python.

    If you’ve ever encountered a Python code written by someone and wondered how they managed to create objects and classes, this class will teach you everything you need to know in creating your own OOP designs.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. Understand how the four pillars- Abstraction, Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Encapsulation, leads to good design in your Python code

    2. Total mastery of the object-oriented programming in Python

    3. Understand Objects and Classes, the “self parameter”, as well as other technicalities of OOP in Python

    4. The knowledge and skill to read other OOP code written by experienced Python developers

    All the concepts explained in the course are accompanied by real-world examples to simplify your understanding and make it more efficient. This will make mastering this class a walk in the park for you!

    The course features 25 lectures that will last just 2.5 hours. You also get 16 downloadable resources for reference anytime you feel lost and full lifetime access once you complete the course. The lessons taught in this course will be ideal for Python coders looking to enhance their techniques by learning the fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming. In our humble opinion as well, its one of the best online coding courses for those wishing to learn Python.


    Considering just how fast programming is crossing to professions and industries, the best way to remain relevant in your field would be to improve your coding abilities. You don’t have to be a full-time coder to consider this; you can still improve the efficiency of your workspace with some coding skills.

    To ensure that you’re not getting a raw deal when you venture into the online market, we have chosen the best online coding courses you can find on Udemy. If you’ve always wanted to write your first line of code with no guidance, this is the perfect opportunity for you!

    The Best Digital Art Classes and Courses (2021 UPDATED)

    Supercharge your Skills with these art Courses! Keeping up-to-date with the latest technological advances is critical to staying ahead of the pack. Within the field of digital art & digital painting, techniques & software are always changing, so it’s a good idea to keep up with the latest trends (such as concept art) by following...


    Supercharge your Skills with these art Courses!

    Keeping up-to-date with the latest technological advances is critical to staying ahead of the pack.

    Within the field of digital art & digital painting, techniques & software are always changing, so it’s a good idea to keep up with the latest trends (such as concept art) by following an online course every now and again! 🙂

    The digital space is booming lately and this has exposed people with digital art training to an array of opportunities. This also means that those who are still stuck on the “paper and pencil” way of doing things are becoming more and more obsolete by the day, especially learning things like concept art.

    Whether you aspire to be a digital artist or you want to add a skill set that positions you better in the industry, a course in digital art is something you should consider!

    The following are the online courses & art courses in general you can find on the web:

    Ultimate Guide to Digital Sketching: Beginner to Advanced27,4094.5 / 5View
    Complete Beginner’s Guide to Digital Art23,111 4.3 / 5View
    Digital Arts Tools: Complete Fundamentals Course3,0964.5 / 5View
    Adobe Draw-Creating Digital Art! Drawing A-Z on your iPad3284.5 / 5View
    How to Make Digital Art in Adobe Illustrator3,3314.4 / 5View

    Beginners guide to drawing cartoon characters in Procreate4325 / 5View
    Digital Ink for Comics- Creating Amazing Line Art6534.7 / 5View
    The Best Beginner’s Guide to Digital Art with Procreate on iPad7,7924.5 / 5View
    A Pro’s Guide to Digital Comic Book Coloring2,6584.5 / 5View
    Passive Income - How to Make Printables to Sell on Etsy3164.6 / 5View
    Photoshop Manipulation and Editing Masterclass1,3824.5 / 5View
    Drawing & Painting on iPad with Procreate31,8774.6 / 5View

    Ultimate Guide to Digital Sketching: Beginner to Advanced


    Ever thought of digitally sketching images for film and video games? This course provides you with the concept art skills to do this like an industry pro.

    It teaches you everything from the basics to all the core aspects of digital painting for a comprehensive learning experience in one of the best art courses on this list, you’ll be creating content for video games in no times at all!

    Ultimate Guide to Digital Sketching: Beginner to Advanced promises to guide you on how to sketch digitally and draw digital images with the skills of a professional.

    The techniques you’ll learn from this course can be applied to any program, including Procreate and Photoshop.

    Your digital art skills will reach a totally new level by the end of the course.

    If you want to build a solid portfolio in digital and become a good concept artist, this course will be a great way to get started; and is certainly one of the best online courses on Udemy for 2020.

    Whether it is a personal portfolio you’re working on or a client’s, the course ensures that your knowledge of how to digitally sketch and draw is transformed from an amateur’s to a professional’s in just about one week! Becoming a good concept artist and improving your digital painting has never been easier.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. The basic sketches in digital painting

    2. Get introduced to creative drawing ideas, starting from the beginner to expert level, to equip you with the skills to create your own masterpieces.

    3. Get access to the instructor’s drawings for inspiration

    4. The process of digital painting from your imagination

    5. Various digital painting techniques to improve your sketching

    The course is fast-paced but pretty easy to follow. It takes a step by step approach with a focus on creating a professional digital sketch.

    At the end of the day, the skills you’ll have gained will allow you to come up with stunning images and concept art.

    Finding a gig with these kinds of techniques will be a walk in the park for you!


    The Ultimate Guide to Digital Sketching Course is taught via 5.5 hours of video lectures, as well as 3 downloadable resources that you can readily access and is one of the best art courses on this list. You’ll also benefit from full lifetime access you maintain for whenever you want to refer to the course in the future.

    This course will be ideal for digital artists who want to spruce up their digital painting and drawing, as well as anyone curious to learn about brushes when drawing. All in all, it will go a long way to improve your digital painting techniques and put you ahead of the game.

    Complete Beginner’s Guide to Digital Art


    Complete Beginners Guide to Digital Art is a great option for those who are just developing an interest in digital art.

    If you like creating illustrations in your free time, enrolling in this course may just be what you need to transform your hobby into a money-making venture.

    Taking the course will offer you the skills of a professional digital artist, and by the time you’re done, you’ll have a solid base to pursue any other digital art course online.

    The program does not only focus on “Digital Art” as its name suggests but art in general.

    It is pretty in-depth and takes you from novice and hobbyist art lessons to professional stuff. Completing one of these art courses such as this is not a direct pass to gaining employment, but you can rest assured that the skills you’ll have attained are enough to position you strategically in the job market.

    The course instructor, Rich Grayson, is a professional artist, so you can look forward to learning from someone who knows what they are talking about especially regarding digital painting. His passion for art and digital painting ensures that students benefit from crucial knowledge and skills to compete with professionals.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. Solid techniques that are required to create art masterpieces

    2. It takes you through the psychology of an actual artist so that you’re are able to think like one and be a great problem solver

    3. You’ll also be ready to understand the relationship between shapes and lines, and how you can use them to draw from observation

    4. You’ll be taught the basics of digital colouring and as a bonus

    5. Learn how to use a sketchbook pro

    6. For those who are serious about enhancing their art, a drawing tablet will come in handy when you enroll in this course


    The good thing is that there is no pressure since you can take the course at your own pace. There is no time limit! There are more than 19 hours of video lessons and 9 downloadable resources available to you.

    You’ll appreciate the continuous assistance from the instructor in case of any queries. Not to mention that those who complete the course are rewarded with a certificate of completion!

    Digital Arts Tools: Complete Fundamentals Course


    Before starting to draw or paint digitally, you must be familiar with the tools of the trade!

    This is an essential course for any digital artist and along with being one of the best online courses and general art courses for 2020, it covers the core and practical knowledge you’ll need to make use of digital art software as you embark on creating quality digital painting.

    Generally, digital art software share a couple of core features. Using Adobe Photoshop as a base, Digital Arts Tools: Complete Fundamentals Course will acquaint you with the techniques and tools of digital art creation.

    Anybody looking to pursue digital art and learn the process of drawing in digital art software will find this course to be extra useful.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. How to master all the essentials for digital painting and drawing in digital art software

    2. You’ll be conversant with both the software and hardware needed to come up with digital art

    3. Know the core features of digital art and concept art and how you can use them for your work

    4. You’ll also get familiar with the digital canvas, color panels, navigation, tools, etc. not to mention insight into layers, brushes, layer modes, and more

    Overall, you shouldn’t have a hard time wrapping your head around the teachings of the course.

    The instructor uses a step by step approach to familiarise you with the digital painting process; starting from the hardware tools needed and creating a digital canvas to resolutions and adjusting brushes, layers, and more. All this allows you to paint or draw effectively on a computer.

    The course is precise, with 1.5 hours of high-quality video lessons, whether you’re watching on TV or mobile, with comprehensive audio for your easy understanding.

    In less than two hours, you’ll have mastered the basic tools and core techniques of digital art. Two articles are further provided and you maintain lifetime access to the course.


    This program will be suitable for newbies in digital art software who have little or no experience. It offers a great opportunity to enhance your digital art tools knowledge and makes it easy to work with its software and hardware. It’s a solid contender on our list here of best art courses.

    Adobe Draw-Creating Digital Art! Drawing A-Z on your iPad


    This interesting course exposes you to the magical art you can create on your iPad. If you want to draw simple and fast digital art on your tablet with realistic illustrations in your free time, this course will help you make the most of your hidden talent.

    You’ll be able to sketch wonderful portraits in a matter of minutes.

    Adobe Draw: Creating Digital Art! Drawing A-Z on your iPad is generally easy to understand and the great visuals on the video lessons make it a joy to follow on your mobile, as well as TV. You’ll enjoy the new techniques you’ll be learning from the very basic to the more advanced ones. Its one of the best online courses and general art courses for Adobe Draw on Udemy.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. At the beginning of the course, students will be introduced to one of the simplest and most efficient iPad drawing apps as precedence to improving their drawing skills with iPencil

    2. You’ll be able to master realistic portrait drawing with inspiration from a photo

    3. How to create high-quality and compelling illustrations in a matter of minutes

    4. Take the first step you’ll need to establish a digital art style you can call your own

    5. The process of digital illustrations, which can be done in a very short time

    6. How to create realistic illustrations of anything that your mind can visualize and still have fun while at it

    The fact that it is a beginner course lets you start with zero drawing skills without worrying about whether you’ll be able to follow. The instructor also uses professional techniques so that even designers get to learn one or two new things; which makes it one of our favourite art courses.

    In addition to all the techniques, tips, and solutions that the course equips you with, you’ll get all the pictures used during the lessons and drawing practices to aid during application.

    You will also benefit from the continuous support from the instructor throughout the course in case of any queries or clarifications you may want!


    The course will be a nice pick for digital art beginners, vector artists, and anybody looking to create simple graphics. To make sure that you’re getting value for your money, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee when you sign up for the course. All of this packaged together makes it one of the best online courses on Udemy for 2020.

    How to Make Digital Art in Adobe Illustrator


    This is a precise course that will barely disrupt your daily schedule. In just about half an hour, you’ll have gained crucial skills that will take your digital art skills to the next level. The course teaches students how to come up with complex vector digital illustrations using basic shapes.

    You’ll be able to transform any vector shape into a perfect geometric work. The course offers you a quick start to Adobe Illustrator and enables you to learn the basics by making an interesting shape design. You’ll be following a step by step tutorial using Illustrator’s effects and tools to do this.

    How to make Digital Art in Adobe Illustrator focuses on upcoming illustrators who already have the knowledge of basics in navigation and using Adobe Illustrator. However, the methods explained throughout the class are easy to pick up and understand for those who have completely no clue of what Adobe Illustrator is.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. Teach you about the fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator

    2. Provide you with a quick guide to Digital Illustration

    3. How to create amazing digital art and make complex vector digital illustrations from basic shapes

    4. You’ll also learn how to choose vibrant colors when you want to make your digital illustrations pop

    5. How to use specific tools and panels on Illustrator

    6. Finally, you will be taught how to apply your digital illustrations to physical products

    All these are crucial skills that you’ll be able to boast about once you complete the course. Whether you intend to make a poster, T-shirt design, or even a label graphic for a physical product, you can use the final design you create in this course for something practical. The class is generally fun and lightweight; it only lasts 31 minutes on video and you’ll probably complete it in one sitting. Remember to post the final design you make to the class project and see the feedback you get.


    This course will be ideal for upcoming illustrators and any enthusiast of graphic design. You can access it on mobile or TV and you will enjoy lifetime access to the course even after completion. Its one of the best online courses for 2020 for those wishing to learn Adobe Illustrator.

    Beginner Guide to Drawing Cartoon Characters in Procreate


    This is one of the best art courses that boasts a perfect rating on Udemy.

    Students have praised it for being easy to follow and the cool examples and directions it uses throughout the course. If you’re an aspiring cartoonist, this course has all it takes to turn you into an expert.

    Beginner Guide to Drawing Cartoon Characters in Procreate will show you the kind of artistic magic you can create using your iPad and Apple Pencil. Procreate offers you the proper brushes you’ve been searching for to draw realistic cartoons just like the ones drawn from pencil and paper. The instructor shares 4 of his favorite cartoon brushes in the course of his lectures that have been tweaked to create sharp lines and impressive results.

    For those people who just can’t stop doodling when they run into pen and paper, this will be a great opportunity to get into digital art.

    The course takes you right from the beginning so that you’re conversant with the basics. You’ll be able to take your existing sketches and turn them into smooth, polished and clean pieces of art!

    In this course you will learn:

    1. How to create high-quality art elements for character design

    2. How to download specific drawing brushes that have been tweaked to draw character design and cartoons

    3. Students learn to draw realistic character design in Procreate on their iPad using an iPencil

    4. You’ll also be shown how to enhance your drawings by filling in colors, gradients, shadows, and highlights for mesmerizing final results

    5. You’ll be able to use your imagination to come up with amazing character design and digital painting from scratch

    6. All the techniques you pick up from this course will apply to other drawing applications like Photoshop, so they might come in handy when you least expect


    The course is taught over 3.5 hours of video presentation and there are 13 useful resources that you can download. You also get lifetime access for future reference, as well as a certificate after successful completion.

    The lessons will be quite beneficial to any hobbyists who like doodling cartoons and those who want to gain basic skills of drawing on iPad. It’s one of our favourite and best art courses for 2020.

    Digital Ink for Comics- Creating Amazing Line Art


    Digital Ink for Comics – Creating Amazing Line Art is another highly rated course for concept art that you’ll have fun with, especially if you pass time scribbling cartoons on your sketchbook.

    The course shows you how to come up with clean line artwork for your illustrations and concept art. The lessons are explained with the help of Clip Studio Paint and help to turn you from a hobbyist into an amazing digital artist, creating concept art in no time.

    A good share of the techniques taught during the lessons can be used in a variety of art programs, including traditional art.

    This means you’ll have versatile skills that you can apply to numerous situations. The course has been designed to impart knowledge via a step by step approach, ensuring that everything you’re taught is easy to understand.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. The course has been divided into three sections. The first section focuses on the head and this teaches you how to ink three different face types and focus on concept art techniques

    2. The pencil sketch will be availed to you so that you work along with the instructor. Inking the different characters aims to make you understand why the lines are applied differently to the concepts

    3. It will make you discover the many subtle differences that exist during inking different characters and their faces and enables you to tell more interesting stories with your comics

    4. The second section entails practice activities. Here, you will be taught a variety of practice activities to boost your drawing skills

    5. These will be a nice way to get you warmed up as you prepare to start inking complex scenes

    6. It will be a great opportunity for you to sharpen your skills and any queries you have can be forwarded to the instructor anytime

    7. Finally, you will ink a whole scene with the instructor in the final section. The scene will be futuristic and uses a 1-point perspective

    8. This section teaches you where and how to use various line weights, spot shadows, adjust perspective, cross hatch, and even clean up your work with the help of editing features in Clip Studio Paint, creating sublime concept art.

    By the time you complete this course you’ll be better versed with how to create appealing line work on your illustrations effectively.

    While digital art programs won’t make you a better artist, they will certainly make you more efficient if used appropriately.

    The Best Beginner’s Guide to Digital Art with Procreate on iPad


    If you are familiar with the current computers arts scene, you know that you can’t survive without a tablet and digital pen. This in-depth course aims to teach you all the fundamentals of using Procreate on iPad.

    Procreate is a high-grade application that outperforms its competition and proves to be useful for all kinds of digital artists.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. How to efficiently utilize procreate tools in creating line art and colored illustrations; this happens in real-time with no time-lapses.

    2. You’ll also be equipped with crucial skills that can be applied to any kind of art- whether comic books, cartoons, webcomics or manga.

    3. The course also gets you to be familiar with using Procreate’s built-in features to be able to create amazing time-lapse digital painting and drawings, which will earn you those followers on social media!

    It doesn’t matter that you want to draw professionally or simply colour for fun, The Best Beginners Guide to Art with Procreate on iPad will provide you with critical skills and ensure that you have fun while at it. The course features 3.5 hours of video lessons, which will barely eat into your busy schedule. Apart from the video tutorials, you also get a copy of the Procreate file the lecturer uses throughout the course. This allows you to dissect issues and learn comfortably from the inside.

    There are also special brushes you can import into Procreate on the iPad, as well as a myriad of tips, shortcuts, and tricks you can use as you draw.

    The good thing about this course is that it allows you to work at a comfortable pace since there is no time limit.


    By the time you complete this course, you’ll have all the techniques to make amazing art with Procreate on your iPad. If you’ve always viewed art as a conundrum, this is the course to straighten everything out and provide you with the tools to grow in the field. We’re a big fan of this course, and the sheer amount of resources you get makes it one of the best online courses on Udemy for 2020.

    A Pro’s Guide to Digital Comic Book Coloring


    A Pro’s Guide to Digital Comic Book Coloring is a comprehensive class that will not only show you how to color comic books but also make you think like a real storyteller. It will provide you with fresh skills and enhance your knowledge of comic book colouring. This course is one of our favourite & best digital painting classes for 2020.

    The course takes you through the instructor’s process of colouring in Photoshop, starting from the basics like layer setup to post-colouring printing prep.

    The focus is on learning essential skills that will make your pages easier to read and guide your readers to the crucial aspects. It enables you to be a storyteller throughout.

    Enrolling in this course means you’ll get access to an in-depth program through a step by step approach in real-time.

    This course comes with at least 6 hours of easy to understand video lessons, spanning a variety of subjects. These begin by teaching the fundamentals, including setting up the workspace, installing presets for brushes, as well as tool settings.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. The setup of line art from layers, which can be done in several ways.

    2. Important tools such as magic wand, lasso, and brushes, which provide a lot of functionality, will be introduced.

    3. Additionally, students will get to know the basics of color theory and how to deal with challenges associated with color in comics.

    4. Other things that will be covered in the course are concepts like separating planes, strategic rendering, contrast, value, etc.

    5. The instructor will take you through full splash page and the basics of brush modes, multiple light sources, creating special features, adjustment layers, textures, just to mention a few.

    The course is quite comprehensive but has conveniently been shortened into 6 hours of video lessons. You will also access 3 articles and 6 downloadable resources to aid in your learning. Lifetime access to the course ensures that you can always refer to what you learned and a certificate of completion will come in handy when searching for gigs.

    Passive Income- How to Make Printables to Sell on Etsy


    There are numerous marketplaces on the internet today that provide creatives with a great opportunity to make a quick buck off their work. The best part is that you get to do this from the comfort of your home.

    Passive Income: How to Make Printables to Sell on Etsy by Dana Gore puts in you in a position to take advantage of such opportunities by teaching you how to create art printables with the help of free design tools. If you’re looking to gain more knowledge on Etsy, this is one of the best online classes for that purpose.

    One of the most popular marketplaces today is Etsy. Here, you can easily sell art you create in your free time and earn a decent amount if you put in the right effort.

    This course doesn’t require you to have any prior skills to enroll; just a functional laptop and good internet reception and you’ll be good to go.

    This class would be perfect for a beginner with no clue of where to start, though the mere passion for art would be an added advantage. There are so many great lessons to learn from this, which allow you to discover free tools you can use to create your digital artwork.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. How to create simple art designs with free vector images and fonts

    2. How to adjust image size and resolution to satisfy the standards for quality print options, usually 300DPI/dot per inch

    3. You’ll also know how to find graphics and fonts for use on your designs, as well as create watermarks and mockups using free tools and templates

    This is a special course because it incorporates a brief pep talk about the importance of learning new skills and stepping up to the plate when faced with the fear of doing something new.

    This should just the kind of motivation you need to get active and start creating sellable art pieces once you are done with the program.

    The course also ensures that by the time you finish it, you’ll have created your maiden printable art piece just to prove to you the capabilities you possess! It is conveniently short; just 1.5 hours of your time needed, but sufficient to turn you from a clueless beginner to a confident action taker.

    You also be able to access 5 articles and 6 downloadable resources in the course for your learning. We can’t forget the lifetime access to the course a certificate of completion to cap off your successful and eye-opening academic journey! This course is most certainly

    Photoshop Manipulation and Editing Masterclass


    Photoshop Manipulation and Editing Masterclass comes with projects that will assist you to familiarise with editing techniques, as well as conquer both simple and complex photo manipulation projects.

    It will tell you about non-destructive editing that lets you edit a photo without interfering with the original photo. This enables you more control over the changes you make down the road.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. The first section focuses on the amazing tools you will find on Photoshop, such as content-aware tools, which make things disappear in a flash

    2. You’ll see how the season in a photo can be manipulated by simply using selective color

    3. Using the spot healing brush tool, you’ll know how to add some light to dull photos with the help of dodge and burn

    4. The section also includes lessons on how to change color on hair and clothing by digital painting using blending modes, as well as painting on gold makeup to add dramatic effects

    5. Moving on to the second section of the course, the class will shift to photo manipulation projects ranging from easy to complex

    6. In the first project, you will look at the different ways you can isolate and select subjects to be transplanted to new environments and discover how to edit glass so that it adapts to the new background

    7. Another unusual yet interesting thing you’re going to learn here is changing white wine into red wine

    8. In the next project, the class will transform a simple olive oil bottle into a fishbowl

    9. You’ll also be taught how to cut objects, leaving behind fine details, in addition to digital painting on water and making it as realistic as possible

    10. From here, you’ll be taken through a head swap project in detail, with emphasis on how to swap heads with the help of combination tools such as liquify and clone tools

    11. Your next undertaking will be producing dynamic lighting effects and digital painting make up to create a memorable character

    12. Finally, the class will use the tools covered to this point to debunk complex image manipulation as a recap of what you’ve done through the course

    This course will greatly suit aspiring graphic designers and active creatives who are looking to enhance their photoshop skills.

    It will also apply to any photoshop enthusiast that want to create interesting art using this exciting application.

    By the time you finish this course, you’ll be able to manipulate photos however you want without leaving behind evidence of manipulation. The class is easy and straight forward to accommodate newbies and will be great for those possessing intermediate skills. This is one best art courses on Udemy for 2020

    Drawing & Painting on iPad with Procreate


    The iPad is one of the most notable inventions to come out of the 21st century. It not only serves entertainment purposes but also offers a myriad of features and apps that in the right hands, can create unbelievable art.

    Drawing & Painting on iPad with Procreate focuses on teaching enthusiasts how to paint and draw on the iPad using Procreate.

    Procreate is among the most exciting drawing apps out there, and you can only access it on iPad.

    The course teaches learners the basics of using Procreate to paint and draw, as well as introduces you to other tools that will be instrumental in your digital painting and drawing.

    This course is instructed by Brad Collbow, an experienced illustrator and graphic designer with a reputation for publishing different comics. With his multi-year expertise, you can expect to learn a lot from someone who’s been there and done that!

    In this course you will learn:

    1. You’ll be acquainted with some of the most useful tools and apps on iPad that you can use for digital painting

    2. You’ll also learn about comic strips in a step by step process starting from drawing panels to pencils, inks to colors, and backgrounds

    3. It will teach you options and shortcuts that can be used alongside every digital tool provided by iPad


    By the end of the classes, you should be able to create a personal project from scratch that will necessitate all the skills you’ve been exposed to throughout the course. This course is among the highest-rated on Udemy with more than 30,000 students enrolled. You can be sure that you are getting value for your money when you take up one of the best classes for digital painting.


    Art will always remain an interesting endeavour for those who create, as well as those who get to witness it. Thanks to technological advancements, producing art has become easier and more realistic; even those with remote abilities can end up producing masterclasses!

    The above art courses are among the best art courses you can sign up for today and will be a great way to get started on digital artwork or expand your skillset if you are a creative.

    The Best Unity Courses and Training for (2021 UPDATED)

    The Best Unity Courses and Training for 2021 What are the best unity courses on Udemy? Unity is a multipurpose gaming engine from Unity Technologies that was designed to produce 2D and 3D simulations on desktops, cell phones, and even VR. This platform allows for simplified functionality, as well as the creation of C# content...


    The Best Unity Courses and Training for 2021

    What are the best unity courses on Udemy? Unity is a multipurpose gaming engine from Unity Technologies that was designed to produce 2D and 3D simulations on desktops, cell phones, and even VR. This platform allows for simplified functionality, as well as the creation of C# content and scripting.

    Even though the engine has been with us for a while now, there have been upgrades and improvements ever since its introduction.

    Fortunately, there are various training courses on the web that will bring you up to speed with the latest developments on the platform.

    Udemy is one of the many sites that allow beginners, intermediate, and expert game enthusiasts to enrol in such a program and learn how to develop games in the Unity system.

    The following are the best Unity courses on Udemy to learn game development.

    Learn to Code by Making Games: A Complete C# Unity Developer Course102,2284.6 / 5View
    Unity Game Development Build 2D & 3D Games32,1564.2 / 5View
    The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity52,3084.6 / 5View
    Learn to Code by Making a 2D Platformer in Unity7,9634.4 / 5View
    Create Your First RPG and FPS Multiplayer Game in Unity11,2334.6 / 5View

    Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners186,3584.6 / 5View
    RPG Core Combat Creator – Learn Intermediate Unity C# Coding70,0724.7 / 5View
    Unity Android Game Development: Build 7 2D and 3D Games8,5614.2 / 5View
    Become a Game Designer: The Complete Series Coding to Design50,9144.2 / 5View
    Shader Development from Scratch for Unity with Cg11,4634.6 / 5View

    Learn to Code by Making Games: A Complete C# Unity Developer Course


    Learn to Code by Making Games: A Complete C# Unity Developer Course is a Unity certification course that offers you an excellent way to learn to code and create interesting games.

    Designed by Ben Tristen, the course is comprehensive, well-structured, and boasts the title of the most popular game development program on Udemy.

    With a 4.7/5 rating and over 300,000 students enrolled, it is arguably one of the best unity courses on the web today.

    The class teaches you how to program in C#, as well as perform Test-Driven Development. It will take you through a well-guided path and equip you with the skills to build 3D and 2D games.

    You won’t just be developing games, you’ll be doing it like a pro, thanks to the lessons in the course.

    Instructions are relatively clear and easy to follow, even for absolute beginners with no prior experience. Another advantage of taking this course is that you have access to exceptional support on the forums where like-minded individuals in the gaming community brainstorm and share ideas.

    You’ll also have project files, extra references, and resources at your disposal.


    Generally, the students have high praise for the way the lessons are taught. The lecturer takes his time to explain everything to the letter while making sure that nobody is left behind.

    You’ll have an easy time learning everything from the basics to advanced topics such as cinematics, lighting, multiplayer, etc.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. How to become a proficient user of C# computer language, even if you have no previous programming experience

    2. How to build a stable foundation for game design and development to enable you to develop games on your own

    3. How to efficiently use the Unity game platform

    4. How to Transfer the knowledge you gained from the course to languages like NET and more

    5. How to become a part of a supportive gaming community made up of your peers

    6. How to develop playable game projects which will be a plus to your portfolio

    7. How object-oriented programming functions in practice

    8. Earn superior transferable coding problem-solving skills

    With this course, you will learn C# language and have a solid foundation when it comes to objected oriented programming.

    By the time you wrap up this class, you’ll be conversant with all the basics of coding and have the confidence to design and develop games of your own.

    The course is fairly long and will need you to be patient through the 35 hours of video lessons. You also get 7 articles and 17 resources that you can download; it’s one of our favourite best unity courses on Udemy!

    best unity courses for designers

    The course instructor has a rich experience in coding and gaming; he’ll be able to clear the air on the most complex of issues with ease. Learn to Code by making Games is an inclusive program that will accommodate all levels of students.

    Whether you are a complete beginner, an experienced artist, or a seasoned developer looking to gain new skills, you’ll feel at home when you enrol in this course, which we honestly feel is one of the best unity courses for 2020.

    Unity Game Development: Build 2D & 3D Games


    This is another useful course that will teach all the ins and outs of Unity! The lessons have been put together by avid game developers with rich knowledge to share from their experience in the gaming field.

    If you’ve ever considered pursuing game development as a career, this might just be the class to give you a head start.

    You don’t need a coding background to take this course, and before you know it, you’ll have gone from zero to designing advanced level 2D & 3D Games.

    Unity Game Development: Build 2D & 3D Games encompasses a total of 117 lectures, which equate to 35 hours of video lessons. You will have to practice patience to absorb as much as you can from the lessons.


    The class will provide you with knowledge on how to code in C#, as well as build 3D/2D using the Unity platform.

    Additionally, you will be acquainted with advanced-level subjects like multiplayer and cinematics. Not to mention that you’ll have access to a free chatroom where you can correspond with the gaming community and ask for help and guidance.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. How to Develop 3D Unity games & Write computer programs in C# language

    2. How to Build 2-dimensional Unity games and work with sprites, as well as Lighting and light-mapping

    3. Camera animations and cutscenes

    4. Basic artificial intelligence, and also Pathfinding and physics

    5. How to build Tower defence game & zombies games

    6. How to build Melee and ranged battle systems, and build character animations

    7. Scripting and Particle FX

    8. How to apply for junior game developer gigs as a Unity 2D/3D developer

    According to the learners, the course material has been optimally structured and would be the ideal choice for rookies who have no clue that the platform exists.

    It is quite easy to follow what is being taught and the instructor provides learners with specific explanations on the different topics.

    The provided exercises are also fun and offer you so much exciting stuff to learn about.

    Taking this course enables you to be creative with the skills you get for a successful game development career.

    Apart from the video tutorials, you get 7 articles and 17 downloadable resources that will be a deep treasure of knowledge.

    Remember to make the most of these resources in case any concepts are not fully clear to you. The course will be a nice pick for programmers without C# development experience, as well as game developers who want to learn about Unity.

    The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity 2019


    If you’ve ever imagined yourself developing exciting and sellable 3D games that can be played on all kinds of platforms, this course will bring you closer to realising your vision.

    This is the only course to be approved by Unity Technologies, meaning its head and shoulders above its peers if you’re looking for a high-quality class to sign up for.

    Students are taken through a comprehensive academic journey that starts with the fundamentals of C# programming.

    The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity 2019 will teach you how to develop your first 3D and 2D games. These will not be any ordinary games; the instructor ensures that you gain the skills to design standout games with the help of Unity’s latest features such as the animation system and post-processing effects.

    With your mastery of C#, you’ll be able to create power-ups and enemies, implement sound effects, and navigate the platform as you deploy the game to mobile and internet platforms.

    Also, prior expertise is not a requirement to take up this course. The lecturer takes a step by step approach in walking you through the lessons from the very basic to the core topics.

    They are more than 160 lectures in this certification and 30 interactive challenges that will conveniently prepare you for complicated game building. It is, therefore, suitable for both amateurs and experienced individuals looking to further their knowledge of Unity. When thinking about the best unity courses on Udemy, this is certainly one of them!

    In this course you will learn:

    1. All about the C# concepts, including variables, arrays, and “if” statements

    2. How to apply shaders to transform backgrounds on the game

    3. How to detect collisions, create player movements, and receive user input

    4. How to create power-ups such as triple shots, speed boosts, shields, and laser beams & Collect and destroy game objects

    5. How to activate and apply Unity’s team collaboration service

    6. How to navigate the Unity platform and discover amazing features such as Asset Store

    7. How to Implement background music, sound and particle effects


    Student reviews reveal that the course is presented with superior quality and most people consider this to be among the best Unity courses they’ve ever taken.

    The content will get you up to speed with the latest developments on the platform and the instructor does a tremendous job of engaging students and responding to their queries. The lectures are also short to avoid getting cumbersome for those with a short attention span.

    The course features 21 hours of on-demand video and 5 downloadable sources.

    You’ll also be rewarded with a certificate of completion at the end of the day, plus full lifetime access to the course.

    The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity 2019 is ideal for anyone with an interest in game development, and those looking to gain the techniques to build commercially viable 3D and 2D games, and one of the best unity courses on our list.

    Learn to Code by Making a 2D Platformer in Unity

    Unity is a useful industry-standard program that reputable gaming studios and developers around the world use. Learn to Code by Making a 2D Platformer in Unity offers you the opportunity to understand what goes behind the scenes of some of your favourite games by showing you how the program works.

    This class will not only teach you about the programming concepts in Unity but goes one better to tie the concepts to actual game development applications.

    The purpose of the course is to help you learn coding in C# to build 2D games and in-still in you strong problem-solving skills.

    Anybody in the game building sphere qualifies to sit this class, from the clueless beginners to programmers with mileage in the industry.

    You will gain valuable techniques that should enable you to create characters, enemies, boss battles, build levels, etc.

    The course is well-planned and relatively easy to wrap your head around plus the instructor has a good rapport with the students, which makes everything easier. The lessons have enough details, and the course has been divided into easy-to-understand chunks to favour beginner learners.

    You’ll also have access to a resourceful forum where you can share ideas on the various topics covered in the course, and ask any questions you may have.


    In this course you will learn:

    1. To Understand the proficiencies of 2D development in the platform

    2. Learn the C# programming language & How to create a character control

    3. How to create collectibles like coins and extra lives & Create various types of enemies

    4. Build a unique, challenging boss battle & Create dangers like spikes, saws, moving platforms, etc

    5. How to make a user interface featuring interactive menus

    6. Develop powerful, transferrable problem-solving coding skills

    7. Understand object-oriented programming and how it works in practice

    Overall, the course is understandable to anybody who decides to enrol. It shouldn’t pose any problems, whether you are a newbie just looking to taste the waters, a programmer with a view of understanding game design better, or an artist with ambitions of expanding their craft to game development. If you’re looking to skyrocket your game development learning, then this is one of the best unity courses on udemy for this purpose!

    The course can be accessed both on mobile and TV and there are 9 downloadable resources to help with your studies.

    You’ll also enjoy full lifetime access after completion and your efforts will be crowned with a certificate of completion.

    Create Your First RPG and FPS Multiplayer Game in Unity


    Anyone who’s ever dreamed of making RPG games but lacked the knowledge to go through with it will find this class very useful. It is the first really comprehensive course on the web that shows you how to develop First Person Shooter Multiplayer Game.

    Create your First RPG & FPS Multiplayer Game by Awesome Tuts allows students to create four different 3D games from the ground up with the help of Unity Game Platform. It starts with a simple introduction on the basics of Unity and coding in C# to ensure that you don’t get lost along the way.

    From here, the course dives into the more advanced and core features, so even students with no previous knowledge of C# are legible to enrol in this course.

    The reception from learners is generally encouraging with some noting the benefit of the programming tips and assets provided during their learning.

    You get to learn crucial game creation techniques and there’s an excellent support system to always help out when you need something about the lessons clarified.

    The course will be a nice starting point for beginners because it provides you with real-world examples.

    The tutor is also quite easy to follow throughout the lessons and offers precise instructions. Not to mention that he is always available to respond to queries.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. How to use the unity game engine interface & Advanced Artificial Intelligence

    2. Everything from basic to intermediate and finally advanced C# programming

    3. How to organise the project & Importation of assets / pathfinding

    4. Sound FX and music

    5. Basic and advanced-level character animations along with Melee battle systems

    6. How to develop multiplayer games using Unity’s networking system

    7. Creation and animation of menus & How to utilise Unity’s UI system

    8. How to gain powerful and transferrable problem-solving skills

    9. Object-oriented programming & Creation of animation trigger events

    Another advantage of this course is that you have unlimited access to a forum with crucial resources that you can always refer to when you find yourself stuck.

    The active Udemy forums allow you to interact with fellow students, brainstorm and discuss various questions regarding the course you’re all sitting.

    This will be a great way to make sure that you’re always on the same page with your peers, as well as the lecturer.


    If you feel you have an awesome idea for a game, taking up this course with equip you with the necessary tools to turn your vision into reality. You never know, you could be on the right path to developing the next hit in the market!

    Furthermore, there’s nothing for you to lose with the full money-back guarantee offered. The course is recommended for beginners looking for guidance in becoming game developers, programmers interested in the Unity engine for game creation, as well as experienced game developers looking to fine-tune their capabilities.

    Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners


    Ok so this course isn’t strictly for Unity, but Blender is the 3D Program of choice for many Unity Designers, so we thought we’d chuck this one in here! 😀

    Blender is an amazing platform that enables users to come up with AAA-quality models that can be transferred to any 3D printer, game engine, or other software.

    It enables them to do a variety of interesting stuff, including designing a dream home or car, creating video game assets, expressing your art through 3D, and making one-of-a-kind 3D-printed gifts.

    In Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners you get one of the highest-ranked Blender courses on the internet. Created by Michael Bridges and Ben Tristem, the program aims to show you how to use Blender in the creation of 3D models for video games, as well as 3D printing of house designs and other projects.

    You are free to join the training as an absolute beginner; the tutors are among the best on Udemy with an excess of 600,000 students having been under their tutelage at one point in time.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. Core modelling principles

    2. How to create interesting 3D models with simple colour shades

    3. The basics of animation

    4. How to use Blender and understand the interface

    5. Get experimental with particle effects ad have fun while at it

    6. How to UV map and unwrap your models, and How to come up with your own materials

    7. How to combine CGI with real-world footage

    8. How to export models to external packages

    9. Applying Blender’s physics engine in creating destruction


    The one-off fee you pay when enrolling in this training program entitles you to full lifetime access to the course, so in case of any updates, you’ll be able to benefit. Also, the lecturers have extensive proficiency in 3D modelling and Blender, which allows them to explain and respond to questions on complex concepts taught in the course with unrivalled precision.

    By the end of the course, you should fully conversant with the basics of 3D modelling, rendering and hungry for more knowledge.

    The course is open to students at all levels. For complete beginners, you’ll know about the modelling fundamentals you need for artists; the training will enable you to bring the assets you have to life.

    Finally, if you are a coder, you’ll get to know more about modelling and design principles. Remember, there is a gaming community available for you to join freely and share 3D models and games, as well as correspond with fellow students. The level of support you get with this course makes it one of the best unity courses on Udemy

    RPG Core Combat Creator – Learn Intermediate Unity C# Coding


    Role Playing Games (RPG) can prove quite a challenge to create with multiple gameplay systems. RPG Core Combat Creator: Learn Intermediate C# Codingis one of the best unity courses on udemy and makes everything easy by showing you a step by step process of how to create the foundation of a great RPG combat system from the ground up.

    This 27-hour long training program is one of the best Unity courses online, boasting a 4.7/5 rating and more than 60,000 students enrolled. The team of tutors does a great job of acquainting you with the skills to create combat machines, as well as advanced techniques such as delegates and interfaces.

    The course will focus on the core of great RPG and how to give players an entertaining combat moment in a well-planned level based on stable game design.

    By following the project, you will be able to create the game single-handedly.

    This course is a pretty comprehensive introduction to actual game development and dispenses critical knowledge through a step by step process. It explores all avenues to make justified decisions about the concepts you’re learning.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. Creation of pathfinding systems, as well as patrol paths for enemies, NPCs, etc.

    2. How to create code combat mechanics for special and ranged attacks, melee

    3. How to balance player and enemy stats, for instance, damage, movement, health, speed, attack, etc.

    4. Advanced C# techniques such as delegates, co-routines, and interfaces

    5. Advanced game design, code architecture strategies, and project management

    6. How to build an RPG in Unity

    Before you take this course, you will need basic knowledge of unity and the C# programming language, after which you’ll be introduced to more advanced programming techniques like C# delegates, co-routines, interfaces, etc.

    This means the class is more suitable for intermediate Unity users with ambitions of creating their own RPG.,/p>

    The course includes 4 articles and 15 downloadable resources in its package to assist with seamless learning.

    You also get full lifetime access and if you feel underwhelmed by the lessons you get, there is a 30-day, money-back guarantee. Its a solid contender in our list on best unity courses for 2020.

    Unity Android Game Development: Build 7 2D and 3D Games


    If you ever plan to develop games, it goes without saying that you’ll need to deploy them to mobile platforms. Considering that Android has the largest share in the market, it will definitely be a priority when you start deploying your creations.

    Unity Android Game Development: Build 7 2D & 3D Games provides lessons on how to develop games for Android with the help of Unity. But it does not restrict you to Android, the principles being taught can also be applied to other mobile platforms.

    Signing up for this course allows you to learn about building various genres of games using Unity.

    You’ll also get to know about other useful techniques, such as integrating leaderboards, player achievements, monetising through ads, and much more.

    These are critical skills you’re going to need when you decide to deploy your completed game to Play Store.

    Another advantage here is that the course also shows you how to develop your own game art with Inkscape; a convenient skill for any game developer. An important thing to note is that the game requires students to have some programming knowledge, so it may not be the best fit for absolute beginners.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. How to build 5 3D and 2Dgames with Unity, including Fruit Ninja, Zigzag, Tappy Ball, etc.

    2. How to deploy your games to Google Play Store

    3. How to create online leaderboards

    4. Learn version controlling using Github, Bitbucket, Git

    5. How to integrate video ads to earn money

    6. How to build an RPG in Unity

    Completing this course leaves you with a powerful and essential skill at your disposal.

    The fundamentals of Unity for Android Game Development ensures that you have a useful tool you can harness to make a living out of creating games.

    There are numerous gigs associated with Unity Android game creation in the industry and this puts you in a prime position to land yourself one. But if you’re not looking to be an employee, you’ll still have a strong background that you can use to build awesome android games as a freelancer.


    By the time you’re wrapping up, you should be in a position to build fully functional and market-ready Android games that you can publish on Play Store.

    Generally, the course is easy to follow and comes with excellent documentation to ensure that learners get all the knowledge they need seamlessly.

    You also get complete working files and the opportunity to work alongside the lecturer as he walks you through the various concepts.

    Finally, you will be rewarded with a certificate upon completing the course to back your newly acquired skills. Its definitely a top contender on our list of best unity courses for 2020.

    Become a Game Designer: The Complete Series Coding to Design


    If you’re in the market for an advanced Unity course, this will be a great pick for you! This deep and extensive training program takes you through the beginner to professional level techniques of everything to do with 3D game development using Unity, digital, painting, computer animation, as well as C# programming.

    Become a Game Designer: The Complete Series – Coding to Design not only focuses on the Unity game engine but also on programs such as 3DS Max and Maya to model, animate, texture, as well as render complex 3D models. It’s hand down one of the best unity courses on Udemy.

    It will start you off with the simple and basic models before shifting to advanced digital sculpting methods in programs like Mudbox.

    You’ll also be taught intermediate and advanced digital painting, which involves digitally painting fantasy worlds, characters, creatures, etc.

    Other things to learn include workflow techniques as to how you can bring the models from 3D Max or Maya into Unity.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. How to create 2D and 3D models that come to your imagination & Understand the Unity interface

    2. How to code in C# programming language

    3. How to transfer 3D models and animations to Unity for game assembly

    4. How to create game assets

    5. How to use advanced programs like Maya and 3DS Max

    6. Fundamentals of Unity game engine

    7. About advanced digital sculpting techniques

    8. Digitally paint creatures, fantasy worlds, etc.

    Become a Game Designer is a long and comprehensive course; with 86 hours of on-demand video, you will need to be patient to absorb everything that is being taught. Fortunately, you’ll be under the stewardship of industry veterans who have been in the business for more than 15 years and their passion for developing great games means that you’ll be in safe hands.

    You’ll also have 10 articles and 12 downloadable resources to refer to whenever a concept seems unclear to you.

    By the end of your learning, you should be in a great position to succeed in the competitive industry that is game development. You get extensive knowledge that spans the entire game building pipeline to enable you to easily create a market-ready3D game from scratch.

    Whether you’re planning to land a gig at a reputable game studio or create and publish indie games as a freelancer, the constant here is that you will need exceptional training, both as a programmer and an artist. Exactly what this course offers you!

    Shader Development from Scratch for Unity with Cg


    Shader Development from Scratch for Unity with CG offers you a comprehensive guide to programming using Cg and High-Level Shader Language with Unity’s Shaderlab to build visual surface effects for lighting and colouring game objects.

    The course focuses on the mathematics of light and surfaces while taking you through the steps followed in the recreation of the most popular shaders.

    There will be several computer graphics concepts that you’ll be introduced to with a view of helping you to comprehend the graphics pipeline, as well as equip you with a critical toolkit of rendering knowledge.

    This should enable you to develop your own transparent, textured, and animated shaders before you know it!


    This certification program aims to instil in you invaluable skills and techniques necessary to program the computer graphics pipeline with Unity from the ground up.

    The instructor boasts an internationally recognised teaching style to go with more than 25 years of being in the gaming and graphics industry.

    This course takes you on a long and in-depth into through the computer graphics field the same way it is being taught to post-graduate learners. With detailed descriptions and useful workshops, students will know everything from rendering queues, graphics buffers, 3D meshes, colour theory, vector mathematics, lighting models, texture mapping and much more.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. How to use Unity Shaderlab in the creation of shader effects with HLSL/CG

    2. How to use mesh vertices and textures in developing special rendering effects

    3. How to apply tour knowledge of simple mathematics in transforming the visual surface on virtual objects

    4. How to work with bump maps to add extra dimension and depth to surface textures

    5. Mathematics for working using objects in 2D and 3D spaces

    6. Working with variables, as well as packed arrays

    7. How to understand the graphics pipeline and apply the knowledge in solving problems associated with shading

    8. How to work with deferred and forward lighting

    9. Add special effects like holographic, surface deformations, and scrolling textures

    10. How to use different lighting models to create flat-shaded objects and highly reflective and shiny surfaces

    11. Multiple graphics buffers employed in the rendering pipeline

    Shader Development from Scratch for Unity with Cg includes 10 hours of video lesson, 22 articles, as well as 68 downloadable resources to make sure that you have all the guidance you need to understand the lessons; it’s most certainly one of the best unity courses for 2020.

    It is a great course for anyone with a fascination for computer graphics and those trying to understand and write shaders on their own.

    Note that the course requires you to have some background knowledge in Unity game engine and be able to program in a language like C#.



    There is an endless resource of knowledge on the internet that will hone your skills in the Unity game engine and take you to the next level. The above are some of the best Unity courses you can access on Udemy.

    Hopefully, enrolling in them will mark the beginning of good things to come your way.

    Good Luck!

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    Skyrocket your Video Editing Skills with these Courses in 2020! There’s so many courses out there now, but which ones are the best? It is quite easy to find a program you’d like to know about but having enough time to learn the ins and outs of it is an entirely different animal. It takes...


    Skyrocket your Video Editing Skills with these Courses in 2020!

    There’s so many courses out there now, but which ones are the best? It is quite easy to find a program you’d like to know about but having enough time to learn the ins and outs of it is an entirely different animal.

    It takes time and effort to learn new skills, especially when you’re doing it on your own. You could sit all day at your desk and click yourself to sleep while trying to learn new software, but there are just better ways of doing some things!

    If you lack the time to teach yourself or enrol in an in-person course, then your best bet is to consider online classes.

    They are not only well planned and summarised but also tutored by industry experts with plenty of vital knowledge to dispense. Udemy is a great platform that offers countless classes to bring you up to speed with the latest in video editing.

    Before we begin, if you are interested in Graphic Design or Web Design, please check out our latest articles: The Best Web Designing Courses & The Best Udemy Graphic Design Courses

    Below some of the best video editing courses for 2020, on Udemy!:

    Premiere Pro CC for Beginners: Video Editing in Premiere361,9994.6 / 5View
    Learning Final Cut Pro X- Video Editing Mastery5,5034.5 / 5View
    Adobe Premiere Pro: Ultimate Beginner Course95,5744.6 / 5View
    Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Learn Video Editing in Premiere Pro7,9634.6 / 5View
    The Complete Video Production Bootcamp146,7944.4 / 5View

    Video Editing for Beginners: Learn How to Edit7,1293.8 / 5View
    Learn Video Editing Techniques for Drama1,7994.6 / 5View
    VIDEO EDITING. Techniques Loved by Pro Broadcast Filmmakers5,2034.4 / 5View
    Video Editing with Screenflow for Internet Marketers5575 / 5View
    Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro Fundamentals11,7735 / 5View
    Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve 16: Beginner to Advanced44.6 / 5View

    Premiere Pro CC for Beginners: Video Editing in Premiere


    Premiere Pro CC for Beginners: Video Editing in Premiere is one of the best video editing courses you can sign up for on Udemy! It boasts a high rating, stellar reviews, and more than 300,000 students enrolled. Adobe Premiere is a remarkable application that allows you to edit videos to your extreme liking. It is used by industry experts around the world to produce award-winning documentaries, feature films, marketing videos, and more.

    By taking this course, you get an opportunity to join the selected few as it takes your video editing technique to the next level.

    This course is a comprehensive guide to Adobe Premiere Pro;

    it teaches you about the different editing tools offered in Premiere Pro, as well as shows you how to edit video by applying the mindset of a pro editor.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. How to edit videos and enhance their dynamism with cutaway photos and footage.

    2. How to add motion to photos, titles, and videos so that they’re more visually appealing.

    3. How to export videos and save them for HD playback.

    4. How design clean titles for your videos like a true professional.

    5. How to use color grading to instill a feeling in your videos.

    6. How to color correct videos to fix issues stemming from exposure and white balance.

    7. How to edit green screen videos and add better-looking backgrounds.

    8. How to use visual effects like fixing grainy video, stabilising shaky footage, overlays to make the footage more cinematic, etc.

    9. How to produce a short documentary that you made or was given to you by the instructor at the end of the course.

    10. How edit entire videos from the start to the end while using efficient professional techniques.

    The course allows you to practice editing as you take the classes by offering students access to practice video files. This way, you’ll be able to make videos just like you imagined them. By the time you complete this course, your boldness as a video editor will be sky high and you’ll have gained a deeper understanding of how to apply Adobe Premiere Pro in your video editing exploits.


    Premiere Pro CC for Beginners is taught over 12 hours of video lectures and includes 7 articles, as well as 12 resources that you can download. It is a great choice for budding video creators who are still new to Premiere Pro and those who’ve been doing it for a while but still want to gain more efficient video editing skills.

    Learning Final Cut Pro X- Video Editing Mastery


    Learning Final Cut Pro X – Video Editing Mastery one of the highest-rated & best video editing courses in the sea of courses you will find on Udemy, so you can look forward to getting value for your money.

    It has all it takes to instill unrivalled techniques and transform you from a novice to a guru.

    Learning Final Cut Pro X aims to familiarise you with this popular video editing software & is designed for absolute beginners.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. Final Cut Pro user interface, helpful shortcuts, and preferences.

    2. How you can add media from a camera or SD card, as well as how to import video from tape. You’ll also be taught how to work with archives.

    3. Editing essentials, including performing a batch edit, adding clips to your timeline, and overwriting clips.

    4. How to keep your video clips organized

    5. How to complete the WEC spot.

    6. How to apply advanced editing techniques such as working with keyframes and effects, editing audio while making a movie, as well as working with compound clips.

    7. Tips, tricks, and hacks like panning audio clips, using generators, and stuff to do with white screens.

    8. Finally, you’ll be shown how to be ready for primetime, which includes exporting to Quicktime, exporting to DVD and Blu-Ray, use the compressor, etc.

    By the time the classes adjourn, you will possess all the proficiency to import, edit, as well as export video projects with the help of Final Cut Pro X for Mavericks. You’ll be provided with working files so that it is easier to be on the same page with the lecturer all through the lessons.


    This computer-based training lesson can be accessed both on mobile and TV. It is delivered via 6.5 hours of video lessons and there’s an article to help with your learning.

    You’ll also get a certificate of completion at the end and benefit from lifetime access to the course. The course will be suitable for students at all levels and helps to get you to grips with the different features and tools on Final Cut Pro X.

    Adobe Premiere Pro: Ultimate Beginner Course


    Ever tried editing a video with Premiere? If you have, you know it can be sometimes frustrating, whether it’s a problem with rendering videos, frame rates, or masking animations! Well, you’re not alone!

    This course exists to ensure you no longer get that feeling of frustration the next time you edit with Premiere Pro.

    Adobe Premiere Pro: Ultimate Beginners is a course does an excellent job of simplifying everything for you.

    The effective organisation from the start to the end ensures that your learning curve is significantly cut down.

    The course instructor is a self-taught video editor with more than 4 years of experience. He has produced professional videos for sites like YouTube and Amazon Prime, so be prepared to learn from one of the best.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. How to Edit & Export high-quality videos for Youtube.

    2. How to apply simple colour correction and colour grading techniques to videos.

    3. How to add high-quality background music to videos without infringing copyright rules.

    4. How to organise video footage into a folder from a drone, smartphone, and GoPro cameras.

    5. How to create movies with rolling end credits & Simple editing tricks for cinematic footage

    6. How to Create visually appealing videos with slow motion and speed ramping techniques..

    7. How to apply transitions between clips & use motion graphic templates to improve video quality.

    8. How to export settings for Instagram & Youtube, and Keyboard shortcuts to avoid wasting time on workflow process.

    Enrolling in this course allows you to grasp what has taken others years to learn in just a matter of hours… and be an expert at it. You will save yourself a lot of time, money, effort, and come out on the other side with knowledge of the latest editing tricks. Students will access downloadable sample videos that will be helpful during practice.


    This course will only require 5.5 hours of your time. You’ll also have 12 articles for reference and get full lifetime access even after completing the course. It will be a nice option for anyone eager to learn their way around Adobe Premiere Pro, beginner YouTubers and Vloggers, business owners, and all who are hesitant to pursue video editing as a career.

    Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Learn Video Editing in Premiere Pro


    Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Learn Video Editing in Premiere Pro provides you with a prime opportunity to get familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and gain unparalleled video editing skills. Adobe Premiere Pro CC has more than 12,000 students currently enrolled. You can’t blame them…the course has a 4.6/5 rating after 1400 reviews!

    It will take just about 3.5 hours of video lessons for you to complete the class.

    This will introduce you to video editing using the software and transform you from a beginner to an expert. The course explores subjects like colour correction, titles, keyboard shortcuts, audio work, clip editing, and so much more.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. How to use different Premiere Pro panel windows.

    2. How to Edit images, audio, footage, and music across multiple editing tracks.

    3. How to import media and create customised sequence for all kinds of resolutions.

    4. The basics of colour grading and colour correction.

    5. The entire video editing process from start to finish & Workflows and file organisation for efficient video editing.

    6. Keyboard shortcuts to save time in editing videos & how to speed up Premiere Pro with proxies to correct lag.

    7. Different editing frame rates, aspect ratios, and resolutions.

    8. How to use custom presets to finalise and export media.

    9. How to create text tiles, effects, as well as lower third tiles.

    The course instructor will be available to respond to any queries and issues you may have throughout the course of your class. This should clarify any doubts and make sure you’re on the same page with the lecturer.

    The good thing about this course is that you don’t need to have even the slightest knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro CC to enroll.


    The course entails 3.5 hours of video lessons to go with 4 articles that you can refer to as you learn. You also get 4 downloadable resources and lifetime access to the course.

    You’ll also be presented with a certificate of completion as proof of your newly acquired editing skills.

    The Complete Video Production Bootcamp


    The Complete Video Production Bootcamp is not only one of the best video editing courses, but also a useful course that was specifically designed to assist students to edit and manipulate videos like true professionals.

    Whether you are a rookie video producer, YouTuber, vlogger, or a business owner, this certification will let you learn the ins and outs of professional video production.

    You will get to explore editing styles, specific cameras, creative techniques and how you can apply them in your video production.

    Additionally, you’ll get acquainted with the art of distributing your productions to a wider audience as you seek to garner more attention. Signing up for this course is a promise of thorough learning to gain knowledge on the necessities of great video creation and production.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. About downloadable guides to use in the video editing process.

    2. How to shoot superior footage with any camera.

    3. The appropriate equipment to use for novice video creators.

    4. How to record crisp audio using a variety of microphones.

    5. How to post your videos online and get the most people talking.

    6. The video editing process and how you can enhance the appeal of your videos.

    7. Setting up of basic video lights and utilising natural light in your videos efficiently.

    8. How to create professional footage using the equipment you have.

    By the time you finish this course, you’ll be in a position to conceive unique ideas for your video content and tell better stories with your productions.

    You don’t need a professional camera to follow along; a smartphone or even a webcam will do just fine. There are plenty of exercises and assessments in the course to clarify any concepts that may seem confusing.

    This program will be useful to both beginners and those with a little bit of knowledge of video creation, editing, and production. If you’re a social media freak, this is the course to enable you to cause a stir on various social platforms with your interesting videos. The instructor is always on hand to respond to questions and clarify any uncertainties.


    Allow this course to get you more likes, comments, and shares when you post videos on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook! You will garner a wide audience and be able to take your various channels to the next level. Also, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so no need to think twice about enrolling.

    Video Editing for Beginners: Learn How to Edit


    There are endless great and innovative courses being offered on Udemy that will teach you everything you need to know about video editing. However, this one stands out for being one of the best video editing courses for those who are still getting their feet wet.

    Video Editing for Beginners: Learn how to Edit offers students the appropriate software for editing to ensure that they get a soft landing as they toss themselves into the video editing world.

    You will appreciate the stellar reputation of the instructor, who has a rich portfolio as a life transformer and inspirer.

    With more than 8,000 students under his tutelage, you get to join like-minded individuals willing to learn crucial techniques and proper tools in preparation to join the competitive video editing profession. He has managed to craft one of the best video editing courses on Udemy.

    These lessons will be perfect for hobbyists looking to jump on the professional video editing caravan.

    It teaches everything from screen format, transitions, frame rates, video effects, and so much more.

    You get a popular course that is quite comprehensive but understandable enough to ensure that you’re not left behind on the way.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. What transitions are in video editing and how to apply them.

    2. Learn about screen formats and frame rates.

    3. What the best editing software for a beginner is.

    4. The theory of video editing.

    5. The basics of various video editing software.

    6. A Step by step approach of using any video editing software from start to finish.

    7. Know about the codecs of video.

    8. The history of video editing.


    The course consists of 5 sections that have been summarised into 30 video lectures. It will take you just about one and a half hours to get through with it and gain all the video editing knowledge you need.

    If you’re an aspiring videographer keen on learning the basics of editing videos or simply a secret admirer of the art, this is the course for you!

    Learn Video Editing Techniques for Drama


    This course was intended for students with an interest in learning how they can use an NLE (non-linear editing) system and how to edit drama.

    It exposes you to the techniques employed by professional TV editors when producing award-winning programs and series.

    The instructor compiled this course with inspiration from experience spanning 30 years over a range of projects he was involved in.

    Learn Video Editing Techniques for Drama by George and Michael Kingsnorth demonstrates the editing techniques with the help of Adobe Premiere Pro, but for those who are conversant with other non-linear editing systems may be in a position to transpose the tricks to their preferred editing platforms.

    To ensure that you get the most out of the program, you’ll need access to an NLE system such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, or anything similar. You’ll also require Audacity!

    In this course you will learn:

    1. The different concepts of editing drama & How video clips are used in demonstrations.

    2. Editing sound once picture lock is reached.

    3. How to locate, copy, and import clips.

    4. The theory of editing and non-linear interfaces.

    5. Synchronising video and audio clips.

    6. Perform an assemble edit using Final Cut.

    7. Create graphics, export scenes, as well as upload your videos on YouTube.

    Linear Editing Techniques for Drama will span around 7 hours of tutorials, and included are 22 minutes of audio and 20 minutes of video that you attempt to edit on your own in line with the demonstrations. The program is accessible on both TV and mobile, plus you get a certificate of completion at the end of the day.


    This course will be a choice pick for students with little understanding of editing, who plan to earn skills in editing drama scenes like a professional.

    The audio and video sessions incorporated in the program ensure that students get a better understanding of what is being demonstrated. While the course is taught using Adobe Premiere Pro, you can use any relevant editing software that’s familiar to you!

    VIDEO EDITING. Techniques Loved by Pro Broadcast Filmmakers


    Video Editing – Techniques Loved by Pro Broadcast Filmmakers will let you in on the hidden techniques that broadcast pros apply when they are editing TV show and is definitely one of the best video editing courses on this list.

    It aims to improve the quality of videos you produce and teach how to leave your audience wanting more. The course will be useful for anyone seeking to transition from still photography to video as editing has always been the main obstacle challenge in such situations.

    The same is true for hobbyist videographers with a YouTube channel that people can’t seem to notice or professional video editors who want to add a touch of creative magic to their work.

    The techniques taught in this course will make you achieve your video editing goals, if not surpass them!

    In this course you will learn:

    1. How to capture the attention of your audience using creative and unique editing techniques as taught by an internationally renowned video editor.

    2. How to take your video from amateur level to professional production with the help of creative editing flair.

    3. How to edit videos with a view of entertaining and inspiring your audience.

    4. How to see the value of good editing and equate its importance to that of exceptional content gathering.

    5. How great footage + average editing leads to bad results whereas average footage + great editing leads to great results.

    6. How to work with program and film directors for a long-lasting symbiotic alliance.

    Understanding this video editing software is a relatively simple endeavour, but it can end up being a hard nut to crack when you have the wrong teacher. While there are numerous editing courses online, the problem is that most are taught by filmmakers specialising in everyday wedding videos, low budget documentaries, and cheap music videos; nothing that meets the kind of professionalism you’re looking for!


    This is not something you can say about “VIDEO EDITING. Techniques Loved by Pro Broadcast Filmmakers.”

    The instructor is an award-winning video editor with a portfolio of professional productions and an international footprint.

    His immense experience should assure that you’re learning from one of the best in the industry.

    Something to note is that if your aim is to enhance your technical ability in applying the video editing software, this may not be the right course for you. This is because it lays emphasis on the creative aspect of editing, especially when making videos.

    Video Editing with Screenflow for Internet Marketers


    After Google, YouTube is the largest search engine serving web users all around the world. It is a great place to rank if you intend to drive up the traffic on your website; after all, videos tend to rank higher than text.

    So, if you’re the proud owner of a website, blog or e-commerce store, you should think about sitting this course to improve your video marketing capabilities.

    Video Editing with Screenflow for Internet Marketers aims to provide students with insight into why video marketing will dictate web traffic in the future. Once you come around to the idea, it will teach you how to organise video content in an easy yet appealing way so that your audience is waiting with bated breath for your next upload on YouTube.

    The course will also show you how to add videos to your website, as well as the key to video optimisation for your site and external sites like YouTube.

    You’ll also be taken through all the technical details so that by the end of the course you’re in a position to create effective videos that will generate constant traffic.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. Know about the program Screenflow to the latter and how to handle the nice details for appealing videos.

    2. How to monetise your videos and establish a revenue stream.

    3. Learn the important role of video marketing in pulling traffic to your website.

    4. How to create personal Screencast videos to use on your website and how to edit them like an expert.

    5. How you can put together your own course to sell on a site like Udemy.


    With the right techniques, video marketing can easily be the engine that powers on your buzzing website. This course teaches you all the tips and tricks you can use to achieve. But that’s not all, it goes one step further to enlighten you on how you can make a quick buck from your interesting videos.

    If you’re a webmaster struggling with a site that just can’t seem to attract a visitor, this is the course for you!

    Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro Fundamentals


    This course is still new on Udemy so you still have the opportunity to get a head start on the rest when you sign up for it. It is a nice choice for those who are struggling to learn Adobe Premiere Pro on their own or those that have tried taking other online courses in the past but gained nothing from them. The course offers a new perspective that will clear out the smoke for you.

    In Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro Fundamentals students will be taught everything there is to know about editing videos using this application to the level of a professional. They will also be shown how to make their videos reach a wider audience, whether on social media or personal sites.

    You need no previous experience with Adobe Premiere Pro to join this program, the course starts from the very beginning.

    The instructor provides you with exercise files that you can download so that following along with the lessons becomes easier. There are great lessons to learn from this interesting and if you’ve had an interest in Premiere Pro, this is a ripe opportunity that you can take advantage of.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. How to edit a video from the beginning to the end.

    2. Learn more about video compositing techniques.

    3. How to add motion to images, titles, and videos.

    4. How to add titles and lower thirds to your videos.

    5. How to create pro-like animated titles.


    By the conclusion of the session, you’ll be proficient enough to put together a remarkable video using supplied materials or your own footage. The course includes 3.5 hours of video lessons and 1 downloadable resource. You also get lifetime access to it on TV or mobile, depending on what you’re using.

    Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve 16: Beginner to Advanced


    DaVinci Resolve 16 is a freely available video editing app that professionals, as well as amateurs, use. It is relatively easy to work your way around and offers a powerful tool for your video editing if you aim to achieve professional-level production quality.

    Video Editing in Davinci Resolve 16: Beginner to Advanced is certainly one of the best video editing courses for those learning Davinci and ideal for beginners who have never encountered DaVinci Resolve 16 before. You also don’t need any video editing experience to take up this course, meaning it is open to practically anyone with an interest in videography.

    This course will take you on the exciting journey of creating your maiden professional video, and teach you how to add graphics, music, text, as well as a few transitions.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. How to understand workflow in DaVinci Resolve 16 & Fine edit video clips one frame at a time.

    2. How to Import and organise media efficiently from Bins to Power Bins

    3. How to Create a short documentary for the first time & Add effects to your videos using Open FX

    4. Multiple ways of assembling your videos from inserts to swaps

    5. How to add motion graphics to videos & colour grade using various tools in DaVinci Resolve

    6. How to appropriately use Curves, Qualifiers, Colour Wheels, Scopes, Power Windows, as well as Color Grading using ResolveFX and Motion.

    7. How to use DaVinci Resolve to edit videos from a beginner level to advanced level

    8. Work on a full project starting from importing media and video editing to color correction and color grading with ResolveFX and Motion

    To ensure that you get enough practice, the instructor has assembled a couple of short and long clips for you. You’ll be able to apply the techniques you see in your own projects.

    Whatever comes to your imagination, these techniques will allow you to come up with original videos inspired by the footage you’re watching.

    You will come out of this course with the necessary techniques to edit interesting videos for YouTube with a free professional application, edit marketing campaign videos for your site, edit short documentaries, create top-quality music videos, create a first demo-reel, edit home videos for your family album, start a successful video editing career, just to name a few. The course features 10 hours of video lessons, 13 articles, as well as 4 downloadable resources.


    Whether you are just trying to find your place in the video editing space or happen to be a professional editor who just can’t seem to catch a break, the above courses will prove to a crucial tool that will propel you forward.

    They are not only insightful but also convenient as they don’t demand too much of your time.

    For a small fee, you will have in place at your disposal the skills you need to change the path of your video editing career for the better. Enrol in any of the best video editing courses above today and you’ll be surprised by what comes out of it!

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