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    66 Successful Small Town Business Ideas Rural Areas Need

    Small towns can be big business. Check out this huge list of profitable business ideas for small towns and rural areas. Don’t let your rural surroundings stop you from starting your own successful business in small towns. Remember that America’s largest company, Walmart, built its fortune with retail stores in small towns. Sam Walton knew [...] The post 66 Successful Small Town Business Ideas Rural Areas Need appeared first on...

    Small towns can be big business. Check out this huge list of profitable business ideas for small towns and rural areas.

    Don’t let your rural surroundings stop you from starting your own successful business in small towns. Remember that America’s largest company, Walmart, built its fortune with retail stores in small towns. Sam Walton knew that people want to buy goods and services near their homes.

    Living in a small town is great. Although it has distinct challenges for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Generally, the quality of living is excellent, however, the lack of customers, employees, and infrastructure combined with the difficult logistics of transportation and shipping from rural areas is can be tough.

    I am a serial entrepreneur and live in a small town. So I know your concerns and have personally helped many small business owners navigate launching successful companies in their small towns.

    A key to starting a profitable business in your small town is to take advantage of the lack of competition from mass-market companies that cater to cities. Plus you must mitigate the limitations related to the lower population; such as staffing, local customers and also the elements of distance, shipping costs, and differing market demands.

    Here is a big list of small-town business ideas complete with information on each idea and why it is perfect for your new company launch in the countryside.

    Think about the basic human needs of food, clothing, and shelter as the building blocks of successful small-town businesses such as grocery stores, clothing boutiques and home builders as a start.

    This list of small-town business ideas that will work in your rural area or village because every small town needs these types of goods and services.


    >Check out my list of business ideas for women


    Small Town Business Ideas List

    Online Ideas for Rural Areas

    Almost all small towns have internet access. This technology enables you, an aspiring entrepreneur,  to reach the world from your farm.

    #1 Web Design

    Be location independent by working on the internet designing websites for businesses internationally.

    #2 Online Advertising Agency

    Businesses both locally and nationally want to hire ad professionals to manage their online advertising. You could both create compelling ads (copy and design) and manage their campaigns. Internet ad platforms include Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In and Yelp.

    #3 Graphic designer

    Offer your art talents to local and international clients for logo design, brochures, signs, trade show booths, and apparel. Consider becoming a 99designs designer so that you can get access to thousands of customers looking for graphic design services.

    #4 Freelance Writer

    The peace and quiet of small towns is the perfect environment for writers. As the internet grows the need for quality articles is soaring. Consider selling your writing services locally to newspapers, schools, businesses, and organizations for newsletters, press releases, advertisements, brochures, and programs.

    Additionally, you can write for clients worldwide using the internet. Consider selling your writing services on marketplaces such as freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr.

    #5 Blogging

    Got a passion and love to write? Blogging is the best business idea for you that you can launch in your small town.  Earn money by placing ads on your blog and selling products with Amazon’s affiliate program.

    Setting up a blog has never been easier or cheaper. You can get started for under $5 – click here

    #6 Affiliate Marketing

    In addition to earning ad revenue from blogging as discussed above, you can promote companies’ products and get a commission when your site visitors purchase.  Learn about the best affiliate marketing niches here.

    #7 Youtube Channel

    Start a Youtube channel and earn income with advertisements. Some of the most popular channels are farm and homestead focused. My husband loves the backyard farming ones with animal husbandry. Your country rural life is fascinating to city dwellers and other people from other countries.  I enjoy this Canadian DIYer who films from her small town in Canada.

    Go back to the index of business ideas

    #8 Podcast

    Podcasts are a trending media source that you can profit from. Consider your interests, hobbies, and talents. Or just talk about small towns.  Listen to this one – Small Town Podcast – where people discuss their small town struggles, triumphs and share funny stories.

    #9 Handmade Goods

    If you are creative and enjoy making items this could be an ideal small business for you. Craft your wares in your small town, then sell your items to the world online.  Use an established marketplace such as Etsy. The best selling items include jewelry, clothing and home decor.  Here is how to launch a successful Etsy store.

    #10 Artist

    The natural beauty found in rural areas inspires artists. You can create your art in your hometown and then sell it in city art galleries, online marketplaces, and art fairs. Read about more art business ideas here. 

    Home Business Ideas for Small Towns

    If you want to stay at home and start a business here are some good ideas.  Home-based businesses are ideal for small-town residents because you do not have to drive long distances to city centers for employment.  Stay at home moms, and dads, find home businesses to work with child care needs and school schedules.

    #11 T-shirt Designs

    Todays’ technology companies will manufacture your designs onto t-shirts for sale locally or online.  Branch out into other in-demand products such as phone cases, hats, aprons, and coffee mugs. Some of the top firms are Amazon Merch, CafePress and Society6. Read the full list of 19 printing companies. 

    #12 Woodworking

    If you have access to a woodshop it can be used to create a variety of items for sale. Best selling items are home decor, planter boxes, picture frames, baby cradles, and outdoor furniture. Discover more money-making woodworking business ideas here


    #13 Social Media Manager

    Organizations and businesses cannot keep up with their social media accounts. Your service will be to write and post online promoting their products and services. Offer packages with multiple sites or specialize on a particular website such as facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Linkedin.   Click here to learn how to become a social media manager. 


    Go back to the index of business ideas


    #14 Virtual Assistant

    From your small town house, you can help business executives nationwide with their administrative tasks. The highest demand services are appointment scheduling, travel arrangements, event planning, customer service, data entry, and online research.

    I have successfully hired a VA from a small town in Connecticut when I needed help with my New York City consulting firm.


    #15 Photographer

    Living in a beautiful rural area is ideal for a photography business. Take photos of natural beauty and sell online as stock photos, or become a photo retoucher or restorer from your home. Read about the best photography business ideas here

    Retail  Small Town Shops

    #16 Clothing Stores

    Everybody needs clothes. Small communities appreciate buying their outfits locally to support the economy of their town. Your buyers will also save time and money not driving to the city mall.

    #17 Children’s Clothes

    Babies and toddlers continually outgrow their clothes. Offer a full range of children’s sizes to your local families.

    #18 Grocery Store

    Among the best choices for small towns because the human need for food is an evergreen business. Build your store sales with excellent customer service. Offer goods at reasonable prices and you will have a loyal customer base for years.

    #19 Specialty Gourmet Foods

    These days people have more sophisticated palettes and want to buy specialty cheeses, wines, and prepared take-out foods.

    #20 Toy Stores

    The percentage of families with children is greater in the countryside. Thus the need of toy stores is greater also.


    #21 Bookstores

    Many townsfolk miss the friendly neighborhood bookseller. People like to take time browsing all the titles. My small town has a thriving book store that also sells stationery, greeting cards, calendars, and gifts.


    #22 Thrift Shop Secondhand store

    Today’s frugal consumer looks for good used items from clothing to baby equipment. Variations of this business idea would be to open a vintage shop or antique gallery. Name your thrift shop with these name ideas. 

    #23 Florists

    For weddings, parties, gifts, and funerals floral needs are seemingly endless.


    #24 Card & Gift Shops

    America spends billions on greeting cards and gifts every year. Cash in on this need.


    #25 Electronics Store – Repair & Training

    Rural people use more technology than their suburban counterpoints because there are fewer activities nearby. Serve their tech needs with sales, repair, upgrades and training classes.



    Go back to the index of business ideas


    #26 Mobile Retail Store

    Perhaps your small town does not have enough customers to support your retail store. So take it on the road! Set up your store in a camper and become a  mobile retailer. Drive to nearby towns, flea markets, and farmers markets to meet customers. Get more mobile business ideas here

    #27 Pharmacy

    Sadly we all get sick from time to time and require the expertise of a qualified pharmacist in our neighborhood.  When family members are sick they don’t want to travel long distances to cities to get remedies.


    #28 Farm

    Use that fertile country soil and grow food or start an Agritourism farm. Discover lots of more profitable agricultural business ideas here. 


    #29 Vendor Farmers Market 

    Grow and sell produce at a nearby farmers market. This is a low investment and high-profit business model. Typically farmer’s markets are open one or two days a week. This schedule allows you to maintain your garden farm and only drive to market a few times a week.

    #29 Flea Market Sales

    Perhaps the mall is far away in the city but you may have a local flea market in your area. These offer great opportunities to display and sell your goods. Study your flea market customers and the current vendors to select your product line.

    The two flea markets near my small town and very different; one is focused on fashion apparel, jewelry, and luggage while the other one is primarily handcrafted items, vintage, and antiques.


    #30 Roadside Stand

    Most rural areas have laws that allow people to sell their crops and hand made items in front of their homes. In my small town entrepreneurs have stands selling many items including eggs, flowers, vegetables, herbs and baked goods. Low start-ups costs are a plus.


    Service Business Ideas for Small Towns

    #31 Home Contractor

    Anywhere people live, homes need repair, renewal, and expansion. Build your business on home improvement. Find naming suggestions with construction company names here. 


    #32 Garden and Lawn Care

    Rural homes often have larger yards that need to be cut and planted by professionals. Here is how to start a lawn care company from scratch. 


    #33 Cleaners

    Small towns have lots of dirty homes and offices that need cleaning services regularly. You often will have an advantage because none of larger franchise firms such as Merry Maid are located in small towns. Your independent cleaning company can thrive in your village. Get good ideas for your cleaning company name here. 


    #34 Massage Therapy

    Some small towns have no massage services, and you can fill that void with your services. Manage your business at ease with the help of a massage scheduling software and travel to your customers’ homes, offices, rent space, in a salon or doctor’s office.


    #35 Tutor

    A vital need for one-on-one instruction to children in various subjects such as math and grammar. Also, adults hire tutors for help in learning how to use computers, software programs, mobile phones, and how to speak foreign languages.

    I am studying French and I hire a french tutor in my small town. She has a few tutor students and also works as a substitute teacher in our local high school.

    Go back to the index of business ideas


    #36 Handyman

    Hamlets tend to have older people who need help around the house for odd jobs you can do for them. Include services such as in-house moving. This is when you move furniture, boxes or appliances from one location in the home to another.

    Top-selling handyman services are gutter repair, drywall repair, small electrical jobs, and door & window restoration.


    #37 Main Street Barber

    Every town needs a barber. These days barbers cut men, women and children’s hair.


    #38 Hair Salon

    Ladies everywhere want to look great and have their hair cut, colored and permed regularly. Check out this big list of salon name ideas.

    #39 Sewing and Alterations

    Offer your sewing services to repair and alter clothing. No need for a storefront. You could go to your client’s home or they could drop off items at your place.

    Explore these market niches to get sewing customers; military, police uniforms, organizations such as Shriners, wedding planners, fashion designers, schools for sports team jerseys and theatre troupes for costumes.


    #40 Gym Fitness Center

    America’s aging baby boomers want indoor exercise facilities near their homes. Sports enthusiasts want to stay in shape to win the game. Moms want to keep fit to run after their kids and stay slim. Consider opening a gym or offer personal fitness training services.


    #41 Furniture Repair and Upholstery

    Country people often have quality furnishings and want to maintain them properly.

    #42 Furniture Reselling Upcycling

    If you are creative and love to refurbish furniture this would be a good business for you to launch. Find interesting items at yard sales, thrift shops or even the dump and give them new life with repairs, paint and refinishing.

    Once completed you could sell in flea markets, farmers’ markets and furniture showrooms. Online options for sales include eBay, facebook, craigslist and your own website.  Learn where to resell furniture here


    #43 Auto Repair

    More acreage in rural areas means more cars and trucks that will all need to be serviced and repaired locally. Nobody wants to tow their broken vehicles long distances to cities which can be very costly. Find a catchy business name for your auto shop here.


    Get a business loan for your automotive business here.


    #44 Car wash & detailing

    Many rural areas do not have automatic car wash facilities. Consider launching a mobile car wash and detailing services. Travel to people’s homes and wash and detail their automobiles. Include services for motorcycles, RV, campers, ATV and boats to make more money.


    #45 Dog Groomer and Trainer

    Country people love their dogs, which will need to be groomed and also trained. Find a catchy dog grooming name on this list of name ideas.


    #46 Firewood Delivery

    Many individuals who live in the country heat their homes with wood and will need a reliable supply delivered to their homes.


    Go back to the index of business ideas


    Food Business Ideas Small Towns

    #47 Diners

    Every small town needs a diner serving breakfast and lunch. Luckily small towns have less competition from fast-food franchises than suburban areas.


    #48 Restaurants

    All places need good restaurants, and small towns are no exceptions. Consider launching a restaurant in your small town.

    To succeed make your eatery different such as serving specialty food not available in your area – Thai, Mexican or Japanese. If your small town is near other small towns, suburbs or cities people will travel to your special restaurant it will become a destination. Get naming inspiration from this restaurant name idea list


    #49 Food Delivery

    Small towns are filled with busy parents and city professionals who commute long distances to their jobs. These people are the ideal target customers for your food delivery service. You do not have to cook the food – just pick up deliver it.


    #50 Food trucks

    Food trucks are all the rage now. They are a smart option for small-town restaurants. For those restaurants with permanent locations, the addition of food trucks can expand their market reach into neighboring towns.

    First-time food entrepreneurs benefit from opening a food truck because you are not tied to a specific address. You can drive to where your hungry customers are located – festivals, concerts, flea markets, sporting events, farmers’ markets, and nearby villages.


    #51 Coffee shop & Tea house

    Coffee shops are a perennial type of restaurant that every small town needs. The convenience of buying a cup of coffee on the go and the option to relax and enjoy coffee and tea with friends is an excellent business idea.


    #52 Sports Bars

    The neighborhood watering hole with a sports theme is a staple in small-town business economies. Cater to your local and state teams for home town flavor. Read about clever bar names here


    #53 Health Foods

    The organic food trend is growing vigorously, and often small towns have no access to specialty health foods. A new store opened in my small town catering to vegans, gluten-free and natural vitamin supplements that is doing well.


    #54 Bakeries

    Villages are the perfect place for good old-fashioned bakeries. You can have generations of loyal customers. Get naming inspiration from this list of catchy bakery names.

    #55 Ice Cream Shoppe

    Everyone screams for ice cream, for a treat or a birthday cake made from homemade ice cream. Open an ice cream stand, mobile cart or rent a section in an existing eatery. Our local diner has an ice cream parlor vendor renting space.


    #56 Agricultural Business Ideas for Farms

    If you live near a farming community consider becoming a farm equipment deal or farm supply distributor. Small scale farms that are profitable include hydroponic, worm farming and growing mushrooms commercially.

    Find out about more profitable agricultural business ideas here. 

    #57 Agritourism

    City dwellers and suburbanites love to drive out to the country and experience farm life. Share your everyday activities to entertain and educate families about their food sources and animal husbandry.

    How about starting a farm internship where people pay you to work on the farm and learn from your expertise. My friend who owns a local organic farm has her internship programs booked months in advance.

    Another nearby farm does a booming business in apple and strawberry picking. Other profitable agritourism business ideas include farm tours, pony rides, picnics, food events, pumpkin chucking, corn mazes (or sunflower mazes) and wine tastings.

    #58 Eco-Friendly Green Business Ideas

    If you want to help the environment there are many ways you can do so and make money. Small towns offer acreage that could be leased for wind farms 0r solar energy collection.

    To reduce waste and help people save money think about starting a food co-op.  You form a group of people and combine monies to increase your buying power. You can buy at lower prices and distribute to your members. Find more green business ideas on this list. 

    #59 Small Town Location Specific Business Ideas

    Think about the special characteristics of your small town. Do you have great beaches, mountain recreation or loads of college students? Each of these situations presents particular business opportunities.

    #60 Coastal Beach Towns

    If you live on the coast in a beach town you could profit from these business ideas:

    • Tourist Welcome Center – Offer maps, information about tours and accommodations and local attractions. Your visitors benefit from getting free information from a knowledgeable local and you profit from the fees tour operators and hotels pay you for referring guests.You can sell advertising space in your welcome center to local firms. Attract customers by serving free coffee, cold drinks, and local food tastings.
    • Gift Store – Visitors love to shop while visiting new places. They want to buy souvenirs to give to their friends and as keepsakes of their vacation memories. Set up your shop near a heavily trafficked spot or consider a mobile gift shop. If your store is on wheels you can transport it to different beaches every day.
    • Fishing Charters & Bait Shop – Beaches attract fishermen. Consider launching a charter trip services or supply & bait shop. Also, you could offer fishing advice and instruction if you know your local fishing hot spots.
    • Boat Repair, Rentals, Cleaning and Tours
    • Water Sports – Lessons, rentals and events
    • Swimming – Lessons and Safety equipment
    • Bicycle & Scooters – Rentals, tours, repairs, sales
    • Weddings – Planning, Officiant and Party Planning. Beaches bring out the romantic in everyone and beach destination weddings are trending. Learn how to get a great wedding planning business name here
    • Transportation Service – Visitors often don’t bring their cars to beach towns. They rely on local transportation. This is your business opportunity.
    • Food truck – Beachgoers love to eat casual beachside. Drive your food truck into the beach parking lot to serve your customers. Find your perfect food truck name here. 


    #61 Mountain Resort Areas

    If your area features mountains you can profit from these small business ideas:

    • Hiking tours, instructions, and supplies
    • Trail maps – give away maps to visitors and sell ads to local companies
    • Snowmobile rentals, sales, repairs, and tours
    • Sporting events – competitions and races
    • Ski equipment, rentals, and trail
    • Cross country skiing
    • Woodworking crafts and lessons (these are the best-selling wood crafts)
    • Nature tours, forestry, and arborist training
    • Camping and RV campgrounds (How to start a profitable campground)
    • Scout jamborees and school field trips
    • Log cabin building

    #62 Vacation Destinations in Small Towns


    When families go on vacation Mom and Dad like to have a date night without the kids. They want to hire child care providers.

    Bed and Breakfast and Inns – The natural beauty of rural settings make it perfect for vacationers from nearby cities who need accommodations. Good for all areas that attract tourists, sports enthusiasts and parents of college students.

    Tour Guide

    If your small town, or a neighboring area, attracts tourists to capitalize and launch your tour guide company. Stage tours that are walking, biking or driving to share interesting facts about your town.  Get creative and make it fun with haunted history tours, famous residents’ homes or wildlife sightings.

    Laundry Service & Cleaning

    Super practical service for vacationers is a laundry and cleaning service. Offer to pick and delivery their laundry. Expand your services to clean accommodations. With people checking in and out regularly, maid cleaning services are in high demand. Name your cleaning company with one of these catchy cleaning names.


    #63 College Towns Small Business Ideas

    Savvy entrepreneurs start brainstorming business ideas buy thinking about the needs of their target customers. If your small town is also a college town you have excellent business opportunities in your backyard.

    The needs of college students include housing, meal preparation, essay help, tutoring, and tech sales & repairs. Consider also selling to the university professors, teachers, schools and parents.

    This expands your list of lucrative business opportunities to include:

    • Cleaning services – Dorm rooms, classrooms and break rooms common areas
    • Laundry services – Busy students love to hire their laundry chores
    • Food delivery – Studying makes people hungry! Profit from preparing, or just delivering food to student housing.
    • Coffee Shops – College towns are the perfect place for cozy coffee and tea shops. Students love to hang out between classes with their friends in coffee shops.
    • Food trucks – This age group is the best target market for food trucks. Check out these ideas for good food truck names.
    • Vending machines – Make it easy for hungry students and teachers to grab a snack on the go at your vending machines. This business idea is excellent because once you purchase, or lease, your vending machine it can make money for years to come. You could also move the machine to the most profitable locations.
    • Tutoring – Hire yourself out as a tutor in specific subjects you are knowledgeable in. Also consider teaching life skills, writing techniques, and effective study practices.
    • Mobile phone shop – Everyone is using their mobile phone all the time. So profit from this trend by selling, upgrading and repairing mobile phones.
    • Computer Services – There is a growing need for IT professionals on campus. Students, faculty, and administrators will all be your customers. Specialize in internet servers and routers and mobile wi fi services.
    • Photocopy and Printing – Every day students need to make copies of textbooks, notes, reports, and research documents. Include photo printing services too. Start your center near the cafeteria or student housing for high traffic.
    • Proofreading & Editing – This easy to start business is in high demand on all campuses. You can work from home or meet your students at college. Students want to hire professional editors to proofread their work and correct grammar, spelling and formatting mistakes. Expand your business to students across the globe by selling your services on online marketplaces such as Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer.


    #64 Small Town Business Ideas by Country

    #65 Canada Market Opportunities

    Based on the Canadian business bank BDC economic report the most profitable industries in Canada for entrepreneurs are:

    • Waste Management & Recycling – Oftentimes small towns lack the infrastructure for proper trash disposal. Become a recycling and waste disposal company.
    • Professional Services – Consultants of all types are in demand. Those especially profitable are human resources, marketing, accounting, and payroll. Small towns may not have large companies but they often have many small business concerns. Offer your services to these firms who probably don’t have in-house accountants, HR managers or marketing departments.
    • Fitness & Sports – Luckily big franchise fitness gyms are ignoring small towns. This leaves market share available for you. Start a small gym, yoga studio or fitness class center. In my small town, a woman started a yoga studio over the local hardware store. It has become very successful and she has expanded into the neighboring town with a second location.

    #66 Ireland Business Ideas

    Ireland is a hot hub for innovative companies, however, that is usually in large cities. But there are plenty of opportunities for small-town Irish entrepreneurs. Joe Gill, a columnist for the Irish Examiner believes that Ireland’s rural towns can be revitalized with innovative new companies and government support.  Launch your company by supporting fast-growing Irish industries by supplying their needs.

    • Staff housing – large companies are finding it hard to attract and retain talented workers in Ireland. You can develop a housing community that incorporates schools and shops. Perhaps your small town can partner with a nearby large employer. This helps the large firm to offer workers employment and desirable housing.
    • Co-working space – Reasonably priced desk and office space set up as a co-working space will encourage online entrepreneurs to build companies outside of the major cities such as Dublin. Reconsider the use of your town’s downtown retail space. It can be reconfigured to become a co-working hub.
    • Restaurants – The food and beverage industry is growing faster in Ireland than in other European countries. Capitalize upon this trend with opening a restaurant. Find your perfect restaurant name on this list of naming ideas. 


    Here are the best cheap businesses to start with almost no money


    Love reading about new business ideas? Check out this huge list of small business startup ideas


    small town business ideas list

    The post 66 Successful Small Town Business Ideas Rural Areas Need appeared first on Best4Businesses.com.

    Best Beauty Business Ideas to Start Your Own Beautiful Business

    The beauty industry is pretty profitable. Sorry, I could not resist the pun! 🙂 Some of my most successful startup companies were in the beauty niche so I have a special fondness for these types of businesses. Plus, I was taught about the beauty industry from the great Estee Lauder herself! It is a huge [...] The post Best Beauty Business Ideas to Start Your Own Beautiful Business appeared first on...

    The beauty industry is pretty profitable. Sorry, I could not resist the pun! 🙂

    Some of my most successful startup companies were in the beauty niche so I have a special fondness for these types of businesses. Plus, I was taught about the beauty industry from the great Estee Lauder herself!

    It is a huge industry at over $265 billion and continues to grow as our population ages and demands anti-aging products, men’s usage increases and technology creates more possibilities of improving our looks with new products and services.

    Check out these great ideas for beauty businesses. Get more new business startup ideas by using our Business Idea Generator

    best beauty business ideas


    Best Beauty Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

    Cosmetic Trade Shows Exhibitions

    If you are a good networker with strong organizational skills you could stage a beauty trade show. It could be B2B or B2C, or both!

    Beauty industry professionals are always looking for opportunities to showcase their products and your expo could be the perfect venue. Check out this list of the best beauty trade shows 


    Beauty Blogger

    This a great low-cost way to enter the beauty business. Using free or low-cost tools such as WordPress websites and Youtube channels you can build a following and recommend products and receive sales commissions on purchases.

    Learn here in this guide how to start a beauty blog and make money

    Get beauty business ideas on this list of best affiliate marketing niches


    Vlogger on Beauty

    An offshoot of the beauty blogger business focuses on video content, unlike bloggers who typically write text posts of information and also create some images.

    These videos can be friendly and simple or highly polished and professional.

    Check out this video from a successful beauty vlogger on Youtube showing behind the scenes of a beauty vlogger’s day.



    Podcaster on Beauty Topics

    This is the digital equivalent of chatting with your friends about your favorite beauty products.

    One of the most popular beauty podcast was launched by the Beauty Editor of Marie Claire – Fat Mascara.  Her advice for aspiring beauty podcasters is to first decide on your show format and have a partner host.  Get more tips from this beauty podcaster here.

    Check out these popular beauty podcasts to see if this business idea interests you.


    Cosmetic sales

    Many a beauty mogul started at home selling lipsticks to her friends. Today there are many choices for home-based cosmetic sales companies. Great money-making opportunity for work at home moms who love beauty and makeup.

    Good news is that there are lots of reputable beauty products that you can sell as a business venture.  Many beauty companies are waiting for people like you to start your own business selling their makeup and skincare line – all home-based.

    Check out this list of the top 15 cosmetic products to sell here


    Foot massage mobile

    This is a great way to be an independent business owner by traveling to your customer’s locations at home or business and offering mobile foot massage services. There are very low startup costs and minimal supply costs. Check out my list of mobile business ideas here


    Reflexology Services

    The beauty of starting a reflexology business is that you can start small (part-time) and build.

    Learn success tips from Barbara Kunz in her Kindle books – The Successful Reflexologist: Starting and Growing Reflexology Business. She will teach you how to get the word out about your services, get new clients and repeat sessions, and how to create and distribute promotional materials.

    Get more business tips from reflexology mentor, Linda Chollar, who shares her tips on how to create a thriving reflexology business here


    Image Style consultant

    If you are fashion smart, a good communicator and love people then this may be the ideal business idea for you.

    This business helps people look and feel their best by advising them on the best makeup, clothing, and colors for them. Many business professionals (men and women) hire image consultants to help them look and act their best for career advancement.

    There are many advantages of starting an image consulting business including; low start-up costs, home-based, you can form referral partnerships with makeup artists, hairstylists, nutritionists, life coaches, personal trainers, and career advisors. Plus you get satisfaction seeing your clients becoming more confident and successful with your help.

    learn how to start a clothing line with no cash money



    Sell cosmetics online

    If you love beauty products and are knowledgeable about the best of them.

    You could start your own e-commerce online store selling cosmetic products, accessories, and advice on your website. Learn how to start a cosmetic business online from the experts at Luisa Fanzani.



    Hair salon

    An evergreen business that will always be in demand is a hair salon. While set up requires substantial capital investment for equipment and special salon furniture, long-term sustainability and profitability are high.

    One way to enter this marketplace is through purchasing a franchise that will offer a complete business plan package and operating instructions for success.

    Find your perfect salon business name on my list of beautiful salon names


    Natural skincare products

    These days there is an increasing awareness of the dangers of toxic chemicals in personal products the demand for organic, natural skin care products is growing dramatically.

    Capitalize on this trend by creating your own line of skincare products or subcontract your products to an established asthmatic manufacturing plant.

    Strong branding is vital for success. You can retail your line directly to the consumer online, or sell it to other retailers or e-commerce sites for resale.


    Wigs and hair extensions

    Today’s wigs are so well made and natural-looking that they are a hot fashion trend now. You see celebrities, such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Rihanna, wearing wigs and hairpieces all the time and looking great.

    A friend of mine specializes in cancer wigs and hair replacement for chemo patients. She is very successful and fulfilled, knowing she is helping people through difficult times in their lives.


    Herbalist & Aroma Therapy

    The herbal health and beauty industry has many facets including growing and selling herbs, instructing people on how to use herbs, formulating herbal remedies and teaching others about herbs benefits.

    This is a growing field due to the shift away from traditional chemical-based beauty products.

    Starting an aromatherapy business can be a dream come true if you are passionate about herbal healing.  Connect with other herbal entrepreneurs and learn their business secrets at Spout an Aromatherphy business online forum here.


    Manicures and pedicures salon

    In addition to opening a retail location to give professional manicures and pedicures, this can be a mobile and part-time business opportunity.

    You will need certain equipment and supplies to launch your company, in addition to training in today’s new nail technology. Nail art and bling have become a huge (and growing) specialty service in the manicure industry.

    Find your best nail salon name idea on my list.

    nail salon names list


    Tanning salon

    This is one of the most profitable business ideas on this list because the supply cost is so low and the market rate for services is high.

    The downside is that you will need to make substantial capital investments in tanning bed equipment and effective marketing strategies to launch your company.


    Makeup artist

    If you have a natural talent or are professionally trained on how to apply makeup then this is an excellent business for you.

    Your services will be sought by photographers, models, actresses, brides, and businesswomen.


    Tattoo parlors

    If you are a tattoo artist and love to create body art a tattoo parlor business could be the perfect venture for you. Today’s tattoo parlors cater to customers from teenagers to granddad’s.

    Gone are the days of outlaw tattoo parlors. Having a tattoo is chic and fashionable these days.


    Anti Aging Clinics

    Many dermatologists and beauty salons have added these departments to their offices because there is such strong customer demand.

    These clinics sell services and products including creams, serums, and supplements.

    Alternatively, you can partner with these direct sales companies to sell anti-aging products and services.



    Body piercing

    Some tattoo parlors also offer body piercings. However, you can have a business solely focused on body piercing.

    Startup costs are usually a few thousand and you can be operated from home or as a mobile business on a part-time schedule.


    Stretch mark removal

    As Americans millions of baby boomers age, but still want to feel and look young, they want to purchase Stretch mark removal services.

    This is a great home-based or mobile service. You could also rent space in the established beauty salon spa or retail boutique.


    Salon Day Spa

    These types of businesses focus on offering beauty services such as facials, massage, aromatherapy, and skincare consultations.

    Some day spas offer additional hair and makeup services, including brow shaping and eyelash extensions.


    Hair removal services

    Today, both men and women desire hair removal services of which you can create a part-time home-based or mobile business to meet the demand.


    Esthetician & Facial Spa

    As a facial spa owner or esthetician professional, you can create your business to be exactly as you desire. Perhaps you will focus solely on esthetician services such as facials or your will including other spa or salon treatments as well.

    Successful facial spas offer a range of services including anti-aging treatments, waxing, massages and body wraps.

    Get name ideas for your esthetician business on my list here


    Barber Shop – Unisex

    Old fashioned barbershops are all the rage. So consider opening one in your town – or as a mobile barber truck. You can offer men, women, and children hair cutting and shaving services.

    As facial hair and beards continue to be trendy the demand for grooming services will increase.


    Affiliate Marketing Beauty Products & Services


    Beauty Product Monthly Subscription Service


    Cosmetic Store


    Beauty Supply Store to Trade and Salon Professionals


    Etiquette Manner Training




    Candle Maker


    Soap Maker


    Potpourri and Home Fragrances


    Sauna, Salt Cave Meditation Space


    Massage Therapy and Products

    If you are trained and licensed in massage healing arts then you are ready to start profiting. Consider becoming a mobile massage business and travel to your clients home. Or open a massage studio in your home, a salon, spa, medical office or a storefront.

    In addition to performing massage services, you could develop your own line of massage oils and retail them to your customers and other massage therapists.



    Fitness Center and Personal Trainer

    A healthy and beautiful body is the goal of many people and you can make money helping them to achieve their fitness goals. The business opportunities are virtually endless from opening a gym, exercise studio, teaching yoga classes and offering personal trainer services.

    Dependent upon which business you launch the startup costs could be low and it can even be home-based. Review my logo inspiration for your fitness business logo here

    The post Best Beauty Business Ideas to Start Your Own Beautiful Business appeared first on Best4Businesses.com.

    1001 Profitable Small Business Ideas to Start Today

    Entrepreneurs, check out this big list of profitable small business ideas to start your own business.  Starting your own business is easier than ever thanks to the ever-changing world of technology. Get started today by launching your company with this list of profitable small business ideas as inspiration. Just a few years back we did [...] The post 1001 Profitable Small Business Ideas to Start Today appeared first on...

    Entrepreneurs, check out this big list of profitable small business ideas to start your own business.  Starting your own business is easier than ever thanks to the ever-changing world of technology. Get started today by launching your company with this list of profitable small business ideas as inspiration.

    Just a few years back we did not have the business opportunities in social media, alternative lending sources, and mobile business models that exist today. Today we have access to lots of new small business ideas for startups that can be home-based, online or started in small towns.


    Start your Business and SAVE 10% on Legalzoom.com promo code BEST4B19

    List of Best Small Business Ideas

    Small Business Ideas for Women

    Ladies, as a female entrepreneur I encourage you to launch your company.  Sure it can be scary and fun. Ultimately I think you will find that it is tremendously rewarding both emotionally and financially.

    While every woman is different, here are some business ideas for women that may appeal to you below. Also, read my big list of small business ideas for women 


    Trending Business Ideas for Women

    Women’s Health Specialist – These days the purchasing and decision-making power of female consumers is being recognized and capitalized upon by smart businesses across America.  Women-focused media is helping to reshape our society’s ideas about femininity, gender, and power.

    This more evolved mindset is removing the social taboo of women’s health and bringing it to the forefront of business opportunities.  Entrepreneurs who are ladies and want to make a difference in other women’s lives are well poised to profit with firms that offer women services, resources, and products through their health and well-being.

    Online Coaching Business: Health & Life Coach Certification


    Looking for grants for women? Check out this list of small business grants with resource links.

    Startups for Men

    Gentlemen are you ready to be called Mr. Entrepreneur? Great. Certainly, every man is different and has particular interests and talents.  Check out this list of business ideas for men which are industries where males traditionally have excelled.

    Read the full list of small business ideas for men here

    Small Town Business Ideas

    Every small town needs businesses to thrive. Great companies have been launched in rural areas – remember Walmart started in a small town!

    Think about the basic human needs of food, clothing, and shelter as the building blocks of successful small-town businesses such as grocery stores, clothing boutiques and home builders as a start. This list of small-town business ideas that will work in your rural area or village because every small town needs these types of goods and services.

    Consider opening a coffee shop, clothing store, toy store. You could sell services such as gardening,  lawn care and building contracting.

    Read my full list of small-town business ideas here.



    Custom Furniture and Woodworking – America’s wood product business makes over $6 billion annually. Growth is forecasted to be in custom-made furniture for office and home. Offices require more open space and sit and stand desks and team workspaces, while homes are being more multi-purpose which creates demand for multi-use rooms and furniture which folds and collapses such as Murphy beds, folding tables, and moveable cabinet walls. Here’s how to start a woodworking business


    How to Work from Home Flipping Furniture – Complete guide from start to finish. See how you can work from home painting furniture. Buying, refinishing, & selling.


    Home Based Small Business Ideas

    Below are a few business ideas you can start at home. Get tons of inspiration on my list of home-based business ideas 

    Handmade Products – The art of handcrafted products is becoming more and more appreciated and valued in America paving the way for your creative handmade business. Whether you sell at craft fairs and artisan markets or online, at sites such as Etsy, your creations can become a very successful business.

    Creative business ideas for women and men too include many crafts that you could make and sell such as jewelry, gift cards, soaps, candles, sculptures, t-shirts, clothing, and home decor. Learn more about starting a handmade company.


    Here’s how to make money selling your crafts and art online:

    Craft Business Power: Online Selling For Artists And Makers

    Your Craft Business: A Step by Step Guide

    How to Sell Fine Art, Crafts, Jewelry And Painting Online

    How to Grow Your Etsy Shop: 4 Businesses you can Start Now

    Online New Business Ideas

    Hello, Mr or Ms. Digital Entrepreneur! There are lots of interesting and unique ways to make money online. From blogging to voice over work, online business has never been hotter or more profitable.

    Get 33 of the best online business ideas here.


    Trending Online Business Ideas 

    Instagram Marketing Consultant – The explosion of social media has opened up many new business ideas for tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

    One of the most interesting is Instagram, the online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos then share them using the smartphone app and also on their other social accounts such as Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts, tumbler websites, and Flickr photo galleries.

    Multiple trend reports have detailed that more companies are expected to be using Instagram as a marketing tool.  That makes sense because this social media site has reached over 500 million users in 2016 and is expected to grow substantially at a 49% rate annually.

    While individuals know how to use Instagram many companies have no experience nor knowledge of this website platform. So if you know about marketing and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. you are in an excellent position to start a business that focuses on how to get companies, new customers, through the Instagram website.

    This is one of the best at home businesses for women – especially those that love Instagram!


    Check out these classes to successfully launch:

    Start your Instagram business and start earning monthly.

    Instagram Marketing For Business: Become An Instapreneur

    How to Turn Instagram into a Business


    Pinterest Virtual Assistant – Another hot social media site is Pinterest, which has grown way beyond DIY and recipes to become a powerhouse for brand promotion with over 150 million users monthly! However, most business owners are not Pinterest savvy and need help to manage their accounts and post “pins”. This is a great freelance new business idea for moms and students.

    Get more information about how to profit from Pinterest here:

    Start your own business as a Pinterest Account Manager

    Pinterest for Business: Ads & Marketing Complete Course

    Pinterest marketing success for busy entrepreneurs

    Print on Demand – Use online suppliers such as Kite to create and sell, unique and custom, print on demand merchandise. There are hundreds of options of print-on-demand products including phone cases, t-shirts, home decor, greeting cards, and photo books.

    You upload your artwork and your supplier does the rest including shipping items directly to your customers.

    Take an online class to learn how to profit from print on demand products:

    Build a Shopify Print on Demand Business from Scratch

    Earn Passive Income From Print On Demand Sites

    Merch by Amazon Masterclass: The Complete Beginner’s Guide



    Business Ideas with Low Startup Costs

    Want to start your business – but you have no money. No problem. Check out this big list of profitable small business ideas with low startup costs – from 0$, $25, $50 and under $100!


    >Read about 17 ways to start your business cheaply

    >Explore 17 proven funding sources of startup capital.


    Freelancer and Gig Economy –  The trend is towards a gig economy, that which are temporary positions with contract and independent workers for short-term engagements.  Software company into it has predicted that by 2020, 40% of American workers will be independent contractors. With a little creativity and smarts, entrepreneurs can build the business around this kind of self-service business.

    People who want to start this type of activity and focus on the most popular services such as data entry, writing, computer programming spreadsheets like Excel and all kinds of website development tasks. Major sites such as Fiverr and Upwork list projects and gigs available all which contain great new business ideas for you. I think this is a good place to start for business ideas for beginners.

    Good online classes to get you started:

    Fiverr Marketing: Freelance To Start Your Online Business

    Freelance Business Secrets: Get Freelance Clients

    Freelance Business Kickstart: Start Your Freelance Business

    Easy Ideas for Beginner Entrepreneurs

    Beginner entrepreneurs can make money with these types of easy business ideas; tutoring, pet sitting, cleaning services and blogging.

    Read my full list of easy business ideas for beginner entrepreneurs here

    Art Business Ideas

    Creative individuals make super entrepreneurs. In addition to creating your art, you need to know how to run a business. Here are some ways to use your creativity to make money in your own company.

    • Art dealer
    • Greeting card designer
    • Freelance graphic artist
    • Fashion designer
    • Children book illustrator
    • Website designer
    • Handmade crafter

    Read my full list of art business ideas here.

    Beauty Business Ideas

    The beauty industry is pretty profitable 🙂 Ha ha.

    It is a huge industry at over $265 billion in revenue. If you want to capture your piece of the action, consider these beauty business ideas

    Read the full list of beauty business ideas here. 


    Fashion Business Startups

    Use your love of clothing to start the business of your dreams.

    Yes, the garment industry is very competitive, but so is every profitable business trade. Also, there are many entrepreneurial opportunities available beyond the obvious ones of the designer or model. Such as these stylish fashion business ideas:

    • Bridal wedding dress designer
    • Fashion TV show host
    • Pattern maker
    • Fashion illustrator
    • Photo stylists
    • Accessory designer
    • Vintage store

    Read the full list of fashion business ideas here


    Food Small Business Ideas

    Attention Foodies – check out these tasty (and profitable) food business ideas to make money from your love of food. Start a catering business, become a personal chef, develop a specialty food product or sell baked goods. Here’s the full list of food business ideas. 


    Trending business idea: 

    Coffee Houses and Tea Cafes – The trend towards cozy and cool places to drink coffee socialize continues to grow strongly. Fueled by new standard coffee drinks such as cold brews and Chemex brewers. The newest brew is Nitro Coffee which is infused with nitrogen gas and forced through a draft system like beer! Coffee lovers appreciate the velvety mouthfeel and thick, creamy head – plus it is different. The fastest-growing age bracket of coffee drinkers is the 13-18-year-olds. Sure Millennials are big coffee drinkers too!


    Get perking with these business plans and tips to open your coffee house:

    Coffee Shop Business Plan Template with Example & Financials

    Masterclass: Start your Coffee Shop Business!


    International & Specialty Cooking Classes – This business opportunity can be pursued both online and locally offline. Foodies and people interested in global cuisine and specific restricted healthy diets (such as vegan, gluten-free, paleo) want to learn new recipes and how to cook for their special needs and interests.

    From your own kitchen demonstrate the cooking techniques and upload your videos, for which you charge an access fee for the course. Or you can rent a demonstration kitchen (often available at universities, high schools, and business incubators) and charge a class fee for students to watch you prepare the dishes.

    How to Make Professional Looking Cooking Videos


    Reselling Ideas

    A fast, easy and relatively low-cost business startup idea is reselling. This is the process where you buy products at a wholesale price and resell them to your customers at a higher retail price – pocketing the difference as profit.

    Examples of successful reseller businesses are dropshipping, Amazon reseller, vintage designer clothing and refurbished technology.

    Check out my full list of reseller business ideas


    Mobile Small Business Ideas

    With today’s busy schedules and digital lifestyles, mobile businesses are surging ahead of traditional retailers and service providers. Gone are the days when you had to travel to the salon, now it comes to you! Almost any type of business can go mobile. One of the most popular trends has been for restaurants to move into food trucks, parked at concerts and events.

    Consider launching a mobile personal fitness trainer, cleaning service, tutoring, photographer, pet groomer, auto detailing, party transportation and junk removal. Check out this list of more mobile business ideas.


    Find out the how’s and why’s of starting a mobile truck business:

    How to Start an Ice Cream Truck Business

    Start Your Own Food Truck Business – Beginner’s Guide

    Food Truck Business Plan – Template, Sample, Example & Excel

    Agricultural Company Ideas

    Love to farm? Enjoy animals? If so, then these agricultural business ideas are ideal for your entrepreneurial venture. In demand, crops include microgreens, specialty mushrooms, and specialty fruit.  Agricultural tourism and farmers’ markets are lucrative business opportunities.

    Start worm farming for profit

    How to grow mushrooms commercially


    Read my full list of agricultural business ideas here



    Green Small Business Ideas

    Today’s focus on environmentally friendly products and sustainable companies opens opportunities for green-minded entrepreneurs. Here are some ideas for green small business startups.


    Read my full list of green business ideas


    Electronic Recycling Home and Office Pickup  –  The result of our huge almost insatiable desire for new electronic devices is mountains of old electronics and their toxic batteries that need to be properly recycled.  These materials are extremely dangerous in standard trash dumps.

    Many people do not know how or where to recycle these items. Also, they tend to be cumbersome and bulky such as old televisions, broken computers, outdated laptops, and obsolescent cell phones. Start a new business that picks up this trash, which is referred to as e-waste these days, and take them to your nearest electronics recycling center.  Your fees can be based on item weight and travel distance.


    Lawn Care Service – Yes this is an evergreen business 🙂 Consumers continue to demand lawn care, maintenance, and landscaping services. A great part-time service that you can develop into a substantial firm with hard work and smart marketing.

    If you love the outdoors and gardening this could be the ideal startup for you. Best way to start a lawn care business.


    Small Manufacturing Businesses

    Entrepreneurs, check out this big list of small scale manufacturing business ideas. Get inspired to start your manufacturing business. This list has ideas for all industries including; food, agricultural, woodworking, metal crafts, sewing, and technology. Plus each manufacturing business idea contains multiple industry resources, which are helpful to get you started and for further research.

    Becoming a manufacturer can be quite profitable. Your products can be sold locally, internationally or online greatly expanding your market share.


    Rental Business 

    Equipment rentals, for construction and party events, is growing at 4% – 1000% annually according to experts at VMAC. The trend is fueled by current financial situations and the cost of ownership vs the cost of renting.

    Consider launching a wedding rental firm, party and corporate event supply, construction tools, an electric generator or bicycle rentals.  Here is how to start a rental business

    Airbnb – get more bookings of 30+ days [full guide]

    Airbnb Entrepreneur: Become the Best Listing in Town!



    International Translation services – The global nature of business today requires the translation of documents to multiple different languages.  Additionally, firms now do business with companies outside of the US and need to be able to communicate in those other languages.  If you are fluent in other languages besides English, you could create a good business serving different types of companies from manufacturing to medical. These successful small business ideas are good for teachers and students.

    Launching Your Freelance Translation Business


    Adventure Travel Planning – Nowadays, people will want to have more adventures traveling. According to industry experts at TravelCarma site this is the fastest-growing trend with a whopping annual growth rate of 46%! The combination of enticing social media stories and wealthy early retirement baby boomers makes this idea very profitable. From active fitness travelers to ecotourism the opportunities are endless.
    Start a Business and Travel the World in 30 Days!

    How to use TripAdvisor to grow your hotel & travel business



    Training For Software Programs –  As we advanced in this technological age. The software we use becomes more and more complicated. The days of people being able to teach themselves how to use programs have gone away. Very few software manufacturers offer anyone on one training nor any online classes, both career executives and businesses need to have trained properly in software such as QuickBooks and Microsoft Office.  Companies that offer one-on-one on-site training for managers will do well as will those offering small group classes for multiple students.



    Entertainment Business Ideas

    Are you a showbiz type? An actor, singer, dancer to a musician? Great. Your talents can earn you good money. The entertainment industry is especially profitable and fun!  Here are a few of the best entertainment business ideas to get you started:

    Entertainment services – Rent out your performances for special events such as plays, conferences and parties.

    Teach Dance – Dance studios can be very lucrative. Students of all ages want to learn how to express themselves, and stay healthy, by dancing.

    Discover more business ideas in the entertainment field here



    Consulting Company Startups


    Outsource business services – the recession has trimmed many businesses, employees and those same companies have been reticent to rehire until they are confident the economy is healthy again. However, there are many needs firms have her services that need to be filled.

    Now that is where you come in as an entrepreneur offering those services on a contractual basis.

    There’s a great opportunity for those who have skills in marketing, personnel management, hospital management, accounting, and sales. The business-to-business market is strongest and is most open to hiring outside contractors.  Examine your skills and experience and create services to sell now.

    Consulting Business Masterclass: Start A Consulting Business

    Estate Sale Brokers – As our population ages, many families are left with the states of lost loved ones that can be both emotionally and financially overwhelming.  They need help in organizing, appraising, and selling their families’ possessions.

    The most successful business owners will have experience and knowledge in the antique and secondhand market sales.  The ability to work with people, logistical organizing, and team management will ensure your business success.


    Family Historian – This can be a home-based business and is surging in popularity due to television shows such as Finding Your Roots and Who do you Think you are and website such as Ancestry.com.

    Many people are deeply interested in their family history but find these sites, and the research process, overwhelming and time-consuming – thus your business opportunity is born. You can start with a small investment that is affordable.

    You will feel good about helping families learn about each other. This genealogy business is a flexible schedule that can work around family and job responsibilities.

    Genealogy and Family History Research


    Get more of my best consulting businesses to launch



    Health & Fitness Ideas

    Millennial Fitness & Social Club – America is home to 80 million millennials, those born between 1982 and 2004, with $200 Billion in buying power.  These people are very healthy, and fitness-minded. However, they are not going to come to your father’s health club.  A new trendier and more social and technical brand needs to be created to attract them.

    They want fun and lots of social media presence to connect with the company and their friends.  Offer this type of fitness adventure, and you are sure to profit in the years ahead.



    Trending Small Business Ideas

    Apps for Children – Today more than ever, kids are tomorrow’s new customers, so selling them today is an excellent idea. 75% of children in America have access to a mobile device and a smartphone or tablet computer.

    In the past, television was often called the electronic babysitter today it is more likely that a smartphone is an electronic nanny. Their parents, who are probably technically addicted to millennial’s, encourage their children to use software and apps, especially those that teach good health habits and are education oriented.

    Focus on developing apps for children in this growing marketplace. Among the best unique small business ideas for women, who if mothers, understand children’s needs very well.

    Learn how to launch this business idea:

    Circle 2.0 – Your App Business in a Box

    Fast and Easy App Development For Everyone

    iOS App Development For Complete & Utter Coding Beginners

    All small businesses need legal services for their LLC formation, sales contracts, partnership agreements, and trademark registrations. Read this comparison of online legal service providers.

    Don’t let lack of funds stall your entrepreneurial plans. Read how to be starting a small business with no money. 

    Now you have the list of new business ideas get going and make this your entrepreneurial year.


    Small business ideas list of profitable startup ideas


    The post 1001 Profitable Small Business Ideas to Start Today appeared first on Best4Businesses.com.

    Best Business Voicemail Greetings: Examples & Scripts

    Wondering what to say in your business voicemail greetings?  Read on to learn how to record a good voicemail that is professional (or funny) to encourage callers to leave a message. The last few years have seen a huge rise in the use of automated voicemails and auto-attendant greetings. This has been especially true for [...] The post Best Business Voicemail Greetings: Examples & Scripts appeared first on...

    Wondering what to say in your business voicemail greetings?  Read on to learn how to record a good voicemail that is professional (or funny) to encourage callers to leave a message.

    The last few years have seen a huge rise in the use of automated voicemails and auto-attendant greetings. This has been especially true for the business sector, where professionals should record friendly and polite voicemails to greet their customer callers.

    What’s more, according to WP Beginner, “more than 88% of local searches on mobile devices end up in a phone call,” so you don’t want to be caught off guard when a customer calls!

    If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner who’s debating the benefits of getting a voicemail greeting, keep reading!


    examples of voicemail greetings for business

    The Importance of Business Voicemail Greetings

    A professional and personable voicemail greeting is beneficial for several reasons. Read ahead to find out what these are.

    1. It’s true that voicemail is often the first Point of Contact (POC) that an existing or potential customer has with your brand or business. Good business rules dictate that you should provide customers with as many authentic and standard POCs as possible. This eventually leads them to build a positive image of your brand and/or business.
    2. Not only that, but your voicemail greeting is your chance to make a great first impression on a new client. According to Aja Frost at Hubspot, a professional voicemail greeting “boosts your credibility, makes you seem more competent, and encourages whoever’s listening to it to continue the relationship.” Remember that it’s nearly impossible to overcome a terrible first impression. Therefore, a cheery yet professional voicemail greeting is an essential component of any business.
    3. A well-composed voicemail will lead to you retaining customers for longer. They won’t have to contend with cold-calling and having no one pick up the phone. Customers are often put off by this, so having a system that will take all their calls will ensure they always call back.
    4. What’s more, your customers will leave recorded messages. This means you can get back to them with well-thought-out solutions instead of having to answer difficult questions on the spot, as you would during a phone call.
    5. Moreover, the system is extremely convenient for you as a business owner. You won’t have to sit by the phone to take calls. Rather, you can listen to your customers’ voicemails anytime, anywhere. This adds much-needed flexibility to your already busy schedule!

    Keep in mind that to enjoy the full benefits of your professional greeting system, you must routinely check and delete messages. If your voicemail fills up, you won’t be able to receive new messages, meaning your customers will become frustrated.


    Business Voicemail Greetings: Example Scripts

    Here are some great examples of professional voicemail greetings that you can use in your business!


    The Standard Business Greeting

    “Hi there! You’ve reached [XYZ Company]. We are unable to take your call at the moment, but we want to hear what you have to say. Please leave your full name, contact details and reason for reaching out, and one of our staff members will get in touch with you within 24 hours. Thanks!”



    The Detailed Voicemail Company Greeting

    “Hi, you’ve reached [XYZ Company]. We can’t take your call right now but feel free to call back during business hours from [hour] to [hour], Monday through Friday. In case of an urgent query, you can contact us through our website [URL] and access our live chat.

    You may also email us at [email]. If you would like one of our team members to call you back, please leave your full name, contact info and number after the beep. Good to hear from you!”



    Short Business Voicemail Greetings

    You might not be the kind of person who wants customers to go through long voicemails. If that sounds like you, here are a couple of short and sweet voicemail greetings that you can use to get your message across!

    “Hi, this is [name]. I’m either on another call or am away from my desk. Please leave your name, contact details, number and your reason for reaching out and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for calling.”


    Here’s another short voicemail greeting you can record:

    “Hey there! This is [name] at [XYZ company]. Thank you for calling. I can’t take your call right now but if you leave your name, contact info and reason for calling, I’ll call you back right away. Take care and speak with you soon!”



    The Professional Voicemail Greeting

    “Hello, you’ve reached the Marketing Department at [XYZ Company]. All of our team members are currently working with other clients to [insert goal] and are unable to take your call.

    Your call is important to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please leave your full name, contact details, phone number, and availability after the beep and we will call you back straight away. Thank you!”



    Funny Voicemail Greetings

    Read below for a couple of funny greetings you can use.

    “Hello, you’ve reached the special agent Bond. James Bond. Okay okay, it’s actually [last name]. I’m currently away saving the world on a top-secret mission but I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please leave your name, contact info, number, and availability and I’ll call back as soon as I’m done helping M16. Have a great day. [last name] out!”


    Here’s another funny one for those times you really want to lighten the business mood:

    “Hey, this is [your name] over at [XYZ company]. So anyway I’m about to give in my resignation right now. Please don’t call here again. Just kidding!

    I love my job because [XYZ company] is the best place to work at. Please leave your full name, contact info, number and other details and I’ll call back within 24 hours! Thanks a bunch.”


    Vacation Voicemail Greetings

    Sometimes, you need to step away from work and live a little! This is perfectly okay, but make sure you leave a well-recorded voicemail greeting to keep your customers happy and content. Read these two examples of professional vacation greetings.


    “Hi, you’ve called [name] at [XYZ company]. I’m currently busy [hiking through a rainforest, exploring China, climbing Mount Peru etc.] and so I can’t take your call right now. I won’t be back in the office until [date] and I look forward to hearing from you then.

    Please leave your contact info, full name, and other details and I’ll call you back once I’m back in the [city/country/area]. Ciao for now!”


    Here’s another example of a professional vacation greeting:

    “Hey there, this is [name]. You’ve reached [XYZ company]. Unfortunately, I’m currently away from the office and am traveling in [place]. I won’t be back in the office until [date] and I will get in touch with you then.

    Please leave your full name, contact details and reason for calling and I will call you back as soon as I’m back. Thanks for calling!”



    The Holiday Greeting for Businesses

    “Hey! You’ve reached us here at [XYZ company]. All our team is currently out of the office for the holidays. We’ll be back to work on [date] well-fed and therefore eager to speak with you!

    We look forward to serving you so please leave your contact info, details and reason for calling after the beep. We will call you right back!

    Happy holidays from all of us here at [XYZ company]. Take care!”



    The Bottomline

    It’s imperative for any business owner and/or entrepreneur to have a professional, snappy and appropriate voicemail greeting for their business. Automated greetings will only help current customers stay in touch with you and you will create a great first impression on potential clients.

    Take the time to listen to calls, call back if necessary, use your cell phone when you’re out of town, and take care of anything actionable listed in the messages instead of watching your mailbox fill in. This kind of attention to detail can go a long way towards building a good reputation and image for the business. Good luck!


    The post Best Business Voicemail Greetings: Examples & Scripts appeared first on Best4Businesses.com.

    75 Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs to Start at Home

    Hello Ladies. As a female entrepreneur myself, who has started many successful businesses – home-based, online and brick and mortar – I know about the best business ideas for you ladies who are aspiring women entrepreneurs who want to make money in their own business. I created this big list of small business ideas for [...] The post 75 Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs to Start at Home appeared first on...

    Hello Ladies. As a female entrepreneur myself, who has started many successful businesses – home-based, online and brick and mortar – I know about the best business ideas for you ladies who are aspiring women entrepreneurs who want to make money in their own business.

    I created this big list of small business ideas for women (great for beginner entrepreneurs with side business ideas) for you who are stay at home moms, housewives, seniors, students and want flexible work schedules to make money in their own women-owned businesses.

    All of these business ideas are profitable, lots of them have low startup costs and most can be started from home.

    While these businesses are generally better suited to most women’s skills, temperaments, and physical strength, men can certainly succeed with these business ideas also!

    Alternatively, lots of women are getting rich in previously male-dominated industries such as construction. Thus, everyone is an individual. Work with your particular strengths and interests for your best entrepreneurial success.

    My list of simple business ideas includes for every business startup tips, links to free and low-cost business resources (under $20)  plus how-to video tutorials with no duplicate listings.

    Ladies, keep reading to find your most successful new business idea to start today.

    list of profitable business ideas for women to startup at home

    Profitable Business Ideas for Women to Start

    #1 Affiliate Marketing

    This is a good idea for stay-at-home moms because there is no need to go to an office or store daily. The concept is to create a website or blog and promote other people’s products or services. You will get paid by a commission on each sale you generate. Online affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable businesses you can launch from home.

    Here’s some good affiliate training for you to consider which I highly recommend:

    Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp

    Affiliate Marketing Tips Every Beginner Should Know

    Affiliate Marketing: SEO Hack to Boost Your Affiliate Sales


    #2 Beauty Salon

    Of course, this is one of the best business ideas for women that enjoy styling hair and doing manicures and pedicures. You will need, to begin with, proper training and be licensed by your state. Nail art is a growing and very profitable trend in the hair salon industry you can capitalize upon in your new salon or day spa.

    >>Check out this online class to get started: How to Start a Hair Salon Business

    Great salon names and logos

    How to write a business plan for a salon


    #3 Bookkeeping Business

    If you are good with numbers and detail-oriented, this could be an excellent small business service for you to sell to existing companies. Every business, whether big or small needs business accounting help with such tasks as checking account reconciliation, tax filing forms, and payroll calculations.

    This business model is well-suited for home-based mothers because many companies have accounting systems, which can be accessed via the Internet from your home office.

    QuickBooks Online Bookkeeping: A Reference Guide Approach


    #4 Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

    If you love animals, this could be the pet sitting could be the perfect new business for you. It requires you to visit homes in your area and take care of dogs, cats, and other animals while their owners are away on vacation or business trips.

    Another animal-related business idea is to start a dog walking service. Many dog owners, due to work or school commitments, are unable to give their dogs their required daily walks.

    Learn how to start your pet sitting business here:

    Dog Sitting for Beginners: Start Your Own Home Business


    #5 Rental Business Ideas

    Make money by renting equipment for babies, parties, weddings or tools.  Companies that lease equipment are excellent business opportunities because they generate recurring income, and have typically lower capital start-up costs and high-profit margins.

    Plus, rental businesses are great to start as a side business to work part-time, out of your home, while working full-time at your day job.

    Read my list of 49 rental business ideas here


    #6 Video Creator

    Consider becoming a videographer. Online video sites such as Youtube have created a strong demand for video creators and editors.  Get started in 24 hours in your video production business with these smart action steps from the video experts at Microbudgeter.

    Drone aerial video is a trending business in- demand now. For more ways to make money with drones read my list of 24 drone business ideas that really take off!


    #7 Business Consulting

    This type of business can be extremely lucrative, dependent upon your particular expertise and skills and local market. These days, many firms are outsourcing specific departmental needs such as marketing, accounting, and human resources. It is also a good home based business for would-be women entrepreneurs plus it is reasonably inexpensive to begin.

    How To Build A Successful Freelance Consulting Business

    The Complete Master Class On Starting A Consulting Business

    >Go back to top of list business ideas for women


    #8 Dog Grooming

    Washing dogs (and cats) trimming their nails and clipping their fur is an evergreen (always in demand) business idea that you can start at home. No need to rent space for a pet salon. Simply go to your client’s home and groom their pets in their location.

    Check out my list of name ideas for your dog grooming business


    #9 Business Writing

    With the explosion of internet websites and blogs, there is now a huge need for business writers and copywriters. Solopreneurs, women who are their own bosses with no employees, are perfect for this business model.

    Entrepreneurs and executives need writing done for product instruction manuals, newsletters, press releases, labels, proposals, presentations, advertisements, and sales letters/emails. There are many online resources such as Upwork that list writing jobs available for application online.


    Learn how to make money as a freelance writer these helpful online courses:

    Start A Profitable Freelance Writing Business In 5 Weeks

    Freelance Writing For Beginners

    Writers Who Launch: Break Into Freelance Writing Fast




    #10 Event Planning

    Do you throw the best parties in town and love to decorate for weddings and charity events?

    Then becoming an event planner may be the right new business for you. Corporations, hotels, banquet halls, and brides all need your services to plan and execute special events, charity galas, and weddings.

    Looking for name ideas for your event planning business? Check out my list of naming suggestions here

    Read more here about how to get information to start your profitable event planning business.

    Event Planning made simple from Home


    home based business ideas women


    #11 Wedding Planner

    Starting your own wedding planning business could be ideal for you if you are highly motivated, a creative thinker, have good interpersonal skills and are very organized.  The wedding planning industry is predicted to steadily increase in the coming years.

    Here you will help couples (and their families) to coordinate all aspects of their wedding including; decorations, entertainment, food and beverage, venue and photography video.


    #12 Entertainer

    If you can sing or act, then use your talents to make money as a singer, comedian or child entertainer.  This business idea can be home-based because you will go to a venue (club, wedding, party) to perform.

    The schedule is great for stay at home moms because your working hours will be after school and on weekends – when babysitters are more readily available.


    #13 Fashion Designer

    Have you always dreamed of starting your clothing line? Do you get lots of compliments on the creative outfits you wear?

    If so, keep reading because here is the information you will need to know about how to start a clothing line. Begin by getting expert knowledge about the clothing business from garment industry leaders in the form of written material and these brilliant online courses listed below.


    How To Create A Fashion Collection and Launch Your Own Brand

    Start Your Own Clothing Brand: Design, Create & Sell Apparel


    #14 Graphic Artist

    Starting your graphic design business can be an exciting and creative adventure You can work full or part-time and as a side gig hustle. Start not with polishing your portfolio, but with getting your first graphic design clients.

    Learn how to start a profitable freelance graphic design business from the freelance experts at Millo.


    #15 Handmade Crafts – Soapmaking and Candles

    Consider turning your crafting hobby into a business by creating handmade products for sale. You can sell your crafted items online (eBay, Etsy, Handmade at Amazon, your own e-commerce shop) or brick and mortar stores, flea markets, craft fairs, and art galleries.

    Start smart by first researching market demand by going to craft shows, browsing marketplace websites to determine if your designs will fit into a specific product category and what competition exists. Get more practical handmade business advice from the SBA blog. 




    #16 Woodworking – Furniture Repair and Restoration

    If you love to work with wood, building, creating or carving this is one of the best hobbies to turn into a money-making business.

    America’s wood product manufacturing business generates over $6 billion annually and is projected to grow steadily. There are great opportunities for small businesses to capture market share because only 30% of the business is done by the largest firms.

    Read my article and learn how to start your woodworking business

    Get ideas from my list of the best selling woodworking project ideas



    Ways for women make money at home



    #17 Jewelry Designer

    Your artistic talents can be turned into cash by designing and selling your own line of jewelry. You can create either costume or fine jewelry dependent upon the materials used.

    Outlets for sales include craft shows, online sites such as opening an Etsy store and local boutique shops. Get the info you need to succeed in this top-rated class:


    Become a Jewelry designer and Start your own Jewelry Line


    #18 Direct Sales & MLM Sell to Women

    Making money from direct sales has a great advantage that it can be run from your home and it is inexpensive to get started.

    Typically all that you need to get started is purchasing a starter kit of products and materials for sales demonstrations. Costs for these can be as low as $35, but most companies charge approximately $150.

    Learn how to be successful at selling products from home from this article on The Balance Careers website.


    #19 Fitness Coach – Local and Online

    If you love to exercise and want to teach others your healthy habits seriously consider becoming a fitness coach. This business idea can be full or part-time depending upon your schedule.

    Thanks to the internet, from your home you can coach clients worldwide. Watch this video to learn how to take your fitness training business online:



    #20 Life Coach – Relationships & Parenting

    Imagine the fulfillment of helping people achieve their life goals, such as a better more loving relationship or becoming a better parent, and getting paid!

    Life coach businesses help people with their self-improvement goals to create change in their life.

    Check out this guide on how to start a coaching business from home by a successful female coach.


    #21 Faux Painting and Murals

    If you are creative and have painting talent to create interesting textures, finishes and decorative scenes starting a faux painting company would a perfect way to make money from home.

    This type of decorative painting is better suited to women because it does not demand the physical strength that exterior house painting requires.

    Plus because of the unique artistic nature of mural painting, you can charge much higher prices.  How to start a mural business article on PennyHoarder.com


    #22 Wallpaper Hanging

    A specialty wallpapering business is a great choice for women entrepreneurs who are skilled and creative.  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 47%  of wallpaper hangers are self-employed. An enterprising woman in my area started a thriving business hanging wallpaper named – Hang Around Gal!

    Here is how to open a wallpaper and wallcovering installation business.


    #23 Mobile App Developer

    Join the booming digital app market to make money from home. Currently, there are 2.8 million apps available for download on the Google Play Store. 21% of millennials aged people open apps over 50X per day! In fact, over 57% of all digital media usage comes from mobile apps.

    If you have software coding experience this is an ideal money-making gig for you. But no worries if you are not technically trained, because with the many app building software services even with no coding experience you can build and market mobile apps.

    Learn how to make an app with no programming experience from Android Authority.



    #24 Online Fashion Boutique

    Starting an online boutique selling fashion clothing, accessories, toys or home decor is a much more cost-effective business startup idea than opening a traditional brick and mortar store.

    You do not have to lease a storefront with all its associated overhead operational costs.  Ecommerce is growing steadily in 2020, eCommerce sales are expected to account for 15.5 percent of retail sales worldwide.

    Start your business with the #1 recommended e-commerce software for ease of use and performance Shopify


    idea online boutique startup


    #25 Dropshipping

    Launching a dropshipping business from your home can be a great first step into becoming an entrepreneur.

    Here you can sell products to your customers set your own prices and market your brand name. The great part is that you do not need lots of startup capital because you do not need to pay for inventory before your customers make their purchase.

    Learn exactly how to start a dropshipping business the smart way from the dropshipping experts at Oberlo.


    #26 Ecommerce Store

    Fashion clothing is not the only type of online stores that are profitable. In fact, the best-selling products online that are trending now are are small kitchen appliances, cell phone accessories, cosmetics, cameras, exercise equipment, and pet products.

    Get the complete blueprint for how to start an eCommerce business from my recommended experts at Shopify.



    #27 Beekeeping

    If you have access to any outdoor space (a backyard, rooftop or garden) you can start a beekeeping business. This business idea can start as a hobby and grow into a full-time income. Becoming a beekeeper can be an enjoyable and lucrative business venture and it fairly cheap to get started.

    Professional beekeepers at Beesource.com report that you can make as much as $24,000 annually by selling gourmet honey, beeswax and related products.




    #28 Worm Farming

    When you think ‘farming,’ you probably think of livestock or dairy farming. It’s not often that you come across a topic like ‘worm farming.’

    This is ironic though because work farming is considered to be a growing business industry, not just a hobby. The humble worm was once just considered to be a creepy-crawler and no one really paid attention to it. Today it is making smart entrepreneurs thousands of dollars!

    However, once people realized that these earthworms are essential for places like the bait and tackle shops, these little critters rose in importance.

    This led to all-out worm farms being set up as the vermicompost system became a legitimate business. And it has been thriving, not only in the US but, worldwide.

    Read my guide on how to start worming farming for profit 



    #29 Grow Mushrooms

    If you want a fun way to make some extra money from home, then mushroom farming might be a great solution to consider. It only takes a few weeks to get this venture going, and the work you need to do is minimal to support this venture.

    Check out my guide on how to grow mushrooms commercially 


    #30 Catering

    Does drinking and working in the kitchen while everyone else is eating and socializing in the living room seem like your idea of a great time? If you want to start a food catering company, the answer should be an emphatic YES.

    Americans’ love of entertaining and dining has produced a market for all types of caterers. An assortment of business and social occasions are currently providing an opportunity for caterers to cook up tasty and tasty dishes profits.

    In fact, catering has seen some of the fastest growth in the overall foodservice industry this year, and that trend is expected to continue.

    Learn in my guide on how to start a catering business for special events



    #31 Sewing Business – Custom clothes, Alterations, and Lessons

    If you know how to sew and enjoy working with needle and thread then think about running a sewing business from the comfort of your home.  It is great to make money from something that you enjoying doing.

    Profiting from a home-based sewing business can take many forms. You could make alterations to existing garments (hemming, resizing and repairing), or create custom garments or teach sewing lessons to children and adults.

    Here are 10 ways to make money sewing from the experts at Sew My Place.


    #32 Personal Chef – Teach Cooking Classes

    Love to cook? Great. Then take your cooking gear and skills on the road as a personal chef for hire.

    Start a business preparing meals (gourmet, healthy, diabetic, for special diets such as gluten-free, vegan, etc) for your clients.  Personal chefs are most often hired by busy executives, people hosting house parties, special events such as birthdays, anniversaries or corporate meetings.

    You can make up to $50 per hour or more. The advantages of starting this type of unique service are apparent: low overhead, low startup costs and part-time operating hours.



    #33 Home Baking

    Yes, you can make money with your home-baked goods by selling them to local retailers, restaurants, farmers’ markets and online.

    Many US states have a Cottage Food laws (look up your state food laws here). These regulations legally allow people to bake and prepare some types of food in their home kitchens and sell them on a small scale.  Our local high school English teacher runs a thriving business selling muffins (to restaurants) and packages of cookies in local grocery stores.

    Learn how to start your own home bakery from Emma a succesful home baker


    Ideas for Moms to start business at home


    #34 Yoga Instructor

    If you are trained in Yoga poses and like to teach others then starting a Yoga business would be great for you. The possibilities are almost endless. You could teach classes in your local yoga studios, fitness gyms, senior centers, daycare, schools and even outdoors.

    I live near the beach and an enterprising yoga teacher does classes on the beach and even in the water on paddleboards! Another yoga teacher in my area does chair yoga classes at the local library that is very popular and always sold out!

    Learn how this woman started her mobile yoga business at Starter Story



    #35 Healthy Nutrition – Weight loss coach

    Millions of people want to lose weight and you could help them by coaching. Share your knowledge and weight loss success tips and get paid.

    Check out this class at Skill Success on how to get started in weight loss coaching as a business.



    #36 Blogging

    Blogging is the perfect home-based business for women with children and who are caretakers of the elderly or disabled. All your activities will be done online so your business location can be at home.  Bloggers’ salaries range from $500/mth to over $10,000.

    Your blogging income can be from a variety of sources including affiliate marketing (here is my list of the best niches for affiliate marketers), advertising on your blog, selling info products and brand influencer deals who pay to sponsor your content.

    Learn more about how to really make money blogging here at Problogger


    #37 Interior Designer and Decorator

    Got a knack for home decorating? Love to organize and rearrange spaces for maximum beauty and utility? Then consider starting an interior design or home decorating firm.

    Get these 10 smart steps to launch your interior design business from this successful designer.


    #38 Author – Ghost Writer of Books

    If you are a talented writer you can earn up to $70 per hour from home! A ghostwriter writes a book for another author who is credited and owns all the rights to the finished book.

    Most ghostwriting assignments are paid by the project with lows of $5,000 and an average of $36,000. Per word costs are average $1.65

    Learn how to become a ghostwriter from at The Write Life. 


    #39 Freelance Writing

    One of the fastest and easiest ways to make money from home is to start a freelance writing business. In demand are writers for creating website content, writing blog posts and articles.

    Even if you have no experience as a freelance writer you can get paid. Learn how by reading this article on laptop empire.com


    #40 Laundry Services

    By starting a laundry delivery service you would help busy people with their laundry chores and make money too!

    Your laundry services can charge by the pound, load or type of clothing to be laundered.  The amount you charge your customers should include driving delivery expenses.

    Get name ideas for your laundry business from my list



    #41 Errand – Delivery and Pick up

    Todays busy families, career professionals and seniors don’t have the time (or ability) to perform simple errands and are willing to hire errand services.

    Read the beginners guide to making money by running errands


    #42 Cleaning Service

    The advantages of starting a cleaning business from home are; low start-up costs, little training required and recurring weekly income.

    Learn about the positives and negatives of starting a cleaning business here.



    #43 Child Day Care

    Open a daycare center if you love working with kids and want to lend a hand to busy parents with a lot to do. Childcare centers can be profitable and are increasing in demand.

    2019 data from Market Watch shows that the global market for child day-care services “is expected to grow from $339 billion in 2018 to $520 billion in 2022 at a CAGR of around 11%.” That’s an astonishing and highly attractive growth rate.

    Also consider other forms of day care such as for seniors, the infirmed and disabled.

    Read my guide on how to open a day care center with a step by step business plan


    Women business owner day care center


    #44 Cake Decorator

    If you love to bake and decorate special occasion cakes then start your own cake decorating business right in your own kitchen! You can earn up to $1,000+ week if you get many special orders and designer wedding cakes.

    Check out these tips on how to market your cake decorating business from Penny Hoarder.com



    #45 Floral Designer

    You don’t need to own a florist retail store to make money as a floral designer. Create your floral designs in your garage and deliver them to your clients.

    Learn how to start your floral business from home from the site Home Jobs by Mom


    #46 Social Media Manager

    If you love to post on social media, go ahead and start your own social media marketing business from home. Businesses worldwide are hiring digital marketers for creating posts for popular social media sites including facebook, linked in, twitter and instagram. 

    Even if you know little to nothing about marketing or agencies, this inexpensive online course (under $20 on sale) will teach you how to start your own successful social media company from home. 


    #47 Advertising Agency

    Opportunities abound for savvy female entrepreneurs to start their own advertising agency at home. Digital advertisers need help with navigating the complex internet ad landscape to buy ads on Google, Facebook, and YouTube. 

    Check if this 5-star course is on sale for under $20 to learn how to start your own ad agency. Whether you’re a beginner or a marketing pro these startup tips will get your new firm launched properly. 


    #48 Website Developer

    If you have coding skills then seriously consider opening your own web development shop. There is a huge demand for all types of website development from business sites to e-commerce stores. 

    Another way to profit from the booming internet is to run a web hosting business from your home. This business model is where you manage companies hosting servers.  Get started by learning how to start and manage a web hosting business in this best selling Udemy course

    >>But wait – even if you do not know how to code you can still create websites and make money!

    There are plenty of opportunities for non-technical entrepreneurs to profit from website development. Simply use one of the easy website builders from such as Wix, GoDaddy or WordPress to build websites. 

    For under $20 (check if the sale is still valid) you can learn how to build your own digital marketing agency from scratch in this top-rated Udemy course from a successful internet marketer 

    #49 Virtual Assistant

    If you are organized and knowledgeable of computer software then you can work from home as a virtual assistant helping businesses and busy professionals.

    With online technology, you can perform services for companies worldwide, including tasks such as email correspondence, proposal preparation, writing document, competitive research, and appointment scheduling. 

    Curious about becoming a VA? If so, I encourage you to explore this lucrative business idea by looking into this bestselling Udemy course that costs about $12 on sale


    #50 Research – Academic, Business and Genealogy

    The internet is a treasure trove of information, however many people do not know how to access its riches. As such you could offer a research service to help individuals and companies find the data they need.

    Profitable niches include marketing research to create sale lead lists, genealogy and family tree research. College options, career opportunities and academic thesis research. 

    Get the knowledge you need to perform market research and start profiting from your business in this Udemy course (check if $11 sale price is still valid) by the professionals at IMarketer. No prior knowledge required. 


    #51 College Exams and Applications  

    With all the pressure on young people to get into good colleges and the intense competition for acceptance this business idea can be extremely lucrative. Here you will help students and their families to research colleges, their application process and financial aid availability.  

    You can also sell services to help complete college applications and tutor writing entrance essays. Further expand your money-making services by including college exam preparation instruction.

    Another way to increase your profits would be to include financial aid research, tax advice and college education funding options. 

    This Udemy course is a comprehensive guide about the college application process with expert tips. See if it is still on sale for around $12 


    #52 Data Entry

    One of the easiest ways to get into your own online business and make money from home is to start with data entry. 

    The only requirements are keyboard skills and access to the internet. Even if you are a beginner in data entry you can learn how to be a successful professional and make money in this top-rated Udemy course ( Check if still on sale for $11.99)   

    #53 Transcription

    A friend of mine has a lucrative career selling English transcriptions for businesses from Japan from her home in  Chicago. Medical and legal firms are top purchasers of transcription services.

    Learn how to master the skills needed to professionally transcribe any audio file accurately in less time in this best selling course at Udemy for about $10 on sale. 

    Here you will develop the skills and confidence you need to get paid well for your transcription work. Additionally you learn about text expanders and keyboard shortcuts to increase your transcription speed. 

    #54 Translation Services

    If you are fluent in foreign languages then you can make an excellent living from home selling transcription services. 

    This five star rated Udemy course teaches you how to be a successful freelance translator. It teaches you how to use your language skills to work for yourself. Check the sale price today – usually it is under $20!

    You will learn how to earn a living on your own terms so you can work on projects of your choosing and still be available for life’s moments such as your kids dance recital and soccer practice.  

    #55 Voice Over

    Does everyone say you have a beautiful voice?  Then consider becoming a voice actor and making a living with your voice! 

    Learn about all the different tools and professional techniques that you can use to get started right making money as a voiceover freelancer in this best selling Udemy course. Check if the $11 sale is available.  

    It will will teach you the type of equipment you need to build your home studio inexpensively, plus how to market and brand yourself as a voice actor to get more high paying bookings.  

    #56 Proofreading

    If you like to read and are detail-oriented then becoming a freelance editor and proofreader is a great career choice. This best selling course on Udemy (Check if on sale for $11.99) will teach you how to kick-start your proofreading business right away with Upwork assignments.  I like this approach because there are hundreds of editing jobs available on Upwork every day so you can get started making money right away. 

    You will discover how to get good Upwork ratings quickly to improve your chance of winning bids and how to write compelling bid proposals to attract high-paying clients. 

    #57 Photography

    If you enjoy taking pictures and have basic photography equipment then you have all you need to make money in your own photography business.

    I highly recommend this best selling course (check if the sale is still on for under $20) at Udemy that has hours of video lectures to help you start your photography business properly. 

    It is a complete course that includes five hours of on-demand video and multiple downloadable resources on how to get started including booking clients, final delivery and billing techniques.

    Course students have commented on how helpful the videos about pricing setting and where to find your first clients. 


    Read my list of the best photography business ideas 

    Get inspiration and photography business names from my list 


    Female photographer working

    #58 Social Media Influencer and Youtube Channel


    Have you heard about influencer marketing? This is quickly changing the way that people, brands and companies are getting attention and reaching new customers from the internet.

    Consider becoming an influencer and getting paid for your opinion. Learn some of the best ways to publish content, articles, videos and images on your blog. Find out the secrets of effective outreach to agencies and brand managers for paid sponsorship. 

    For under $15 (check if sale price is still valid) this Udemy course is the only guide you will need to establish yourself as an online influencer through your WordPress blog complete with a detailed step-by-step marketing strategy. 


    #59 Legal Services – Family Court and Divorces

    If you have legal training and proper state licensing to be an attorney or a paralegal you can offer legal services from your home. As a woman you have a unique understanding of family law such as child custody cases, divorces and sexual discrimination issues.  Presently there is an increasing demand for legal services for immigration law. 

    One of the most successful legal teams in my area is a mother and daughter firm that specialize in female clients and divorce law. 

    Get lots of good law firm name ideas from my list  

    #60 Beauty Business  

    Most ladies love beauty products ( I do!) and salon treatments.

    If you have an interest in the beauty industry there are many business opportunities such as becoming a makeup artist, facialist, esthetician, brow sculpting artist or eyelash extensions.

    You could even design and produce your own cosmetic, skin or hair care line. Then sell your custom line locally or online. 

    Learn how to get started in manufacturing cosmetics, hair care products with custom private label subcontractors who will manufacture products to your specifications in this inexpensive (under $20 on sale) online course. 


    #61 Education -Tutor School subjects and Foreign languages

    Share your knowledge with others by becoming a tutor. You can make a good living from home and still have a family life with your tutoring business. 

    Consider this five star Udemy course on how to start a profitable tutoring business by a successful tutoring business owner. She will teach you (in one week) how to get started in your own private tutoring business, how to advertise your services and get repeat customers. 

    Alternatively, or in addition to tutoring students in your local area consider becoming an online tutor. 

    From the comfort of your own home you can teach language students in groups. This course which is among the highest rating on the entire udemy site will teach you how to build a language tutoring business online. 

    The cost is taught by entrepreneur Idahosa Ness who is the founder of The Mimic Method language approach and creator of the “Flow Series” courses for musical accent-training (www.MimicMethod.com).  He is a pioneer in the field of social-web sound education, bringing several innovations to the field.


    #62 Reseller Ebay

    Huge businesses have been built from home kitchens by reselling on the giant online marketplace eBay. Some people sell their own household items and then move on to develop a full business. 

    You’ll want to learn how to do the eBay reselling gig right (and get the secret hacks) to make the most money, highest profits. check out these little known online selling hacks from a eBay expert who has thousands of five-star ratings on Udemy.

    I highly recommend that you review The Complete eBay course from beginner to Advanced. (PS it sells for $11.99 on sale) 


    #63 Antiques Vintage Dealer

     If you enjoy looking at antiques and collecting vintage items then consider becoming an antiques dealer. You can learn how to break into this interesting industry, what to sell, how to sell it and tips from an expert antique dealer in this low cost online course.

    The key to making big profits in this business is to find unique items that are in demand.  This course will teach you how to find these types of items inexpensively, to evaluate and appraise their value and learn how to price them for maximum prophet.


    #64 Food Product Development

    If everybody raves about your recipes you owe it to yourself to research starting a food business from home. 

    You’ll need to learn how to take your recipe from an idea to your retailer shelf or online store. To learn how to – check out this course taught by a winner of many national food awards competitions. 

    Included in this comprehensive course are real world examples and the step by step process of starting your own food product business. Plus it details what you need to know about product labeling requirements, and food inspection requirements.  


    #65 Recipe Tester – Cookbook Author, Online Cooking Classes and Food blogger

    If you enjoy cooking there’s lots of ways to profit from your passion. You could become a cookbook author, food blogger or teach online cooking classes. 

    Consider a YouTube channel demonstrating your culinary skills. Learn how to teach cooking classes online with this successful online cooking instructor. 

    This course is about how to set up your online cooking class, market it to sellout all in your own kitchen without fancy equipment.  Check if the sale price of $11.99 is still valid. 


    #66 Editor and Editing Services 

    Do you like to read and write?  Great, then start a business as a freelance editor. 

    You can launch this business idea on a part-time or full-time basis as you desire. This beginner course is designed to give all the information you need to start becoming a freelance editor right away. 

    This business idea is ideal for students, retirees, stay-at-home parents and writers and virtual assistants. 

    Get started right away by learning how to become a freelance editor and make money copy editing in this low cost (on sale for $10.99) Udemy video course. 

    At the end of the course you will be able to launch your own freelance editing business,  how to market your editing services and where to find editing jobs.


    #67 SEO Consultant and Link building

    If you love internet marketing, as I do, consider one of the most lucrative ways to earn extra money – becoming an SEO consultant and link builder.

    Luckily you do not need to be an SEO expert to get started. This cheap (under $15 on sale) course will tell exactly how to get started even if you have little to no SEO experience.

    It gives you many free and low-cost learning resources for your training. It then moves on to a full action plan on how to get started making money online from home selling your SEO services. 

    I studied this course (as a professional SEO consultant myself) and rate it highly for both beginners and intermediate series alike to teach you how to start and run a successful and profitable home SEO business.  



    #68 Dog Training

    Do you love dogs like I do? Then consider helping pet owners by training dogs and making money too!

    Learn the insider secrets on how to run a successful dog training business, attract high-paying clients and make money full of part-time in this Udemy course 5-star course. (for under $17 on sale) 


    Home business dog walking and training



    #69 Career Counselor & Resume Writing Service

    Job hunters need every advantage in today’s competitive job market and one of the key elements of their job hunting tool kit is a professionally written resume. You could start a resume writing service from home and make over $50,000 a year. 

    As a home-based resume writer, you can help people get good jobs by preparing a resume that stands out from the crowd. Using compelling words, powerful phrases and attractive formatting your client’s resumes will send a powerful positive message to hiring managers.

    Learn how to make money from home with a resume writing business from the experts at the work-at-home woman. com https://www.theworkathomewoman.com/resume-writing/


    #70 Organizing Expert

    If you have a talent and passion for organization then you can help individuals, families, and businesses by organizing their homes and offices. Get started turning your passion for home organization into a money-making service. 

    Professional organizer Catherine Lawrence shares her experience in this highly rated video course from Udemy (Check sale price of $11.99) 

    She will teach you how to create a marketing plan to get clients and perform successful productive client organizing sessions. You will also get educational certification resources.


    #71 Massage Therapy

    If you are a trained massage therapist you become an independent contractor working out of your home and earn money. 

    Learn from Dawn Sisti, a licensed massage therapist, who started her own business and will share with you everything she knows about about marketing, advertising, getting new clients and retaining clients, creating a high demand for your services and finding your ideal workspace. (Check if sale price of $11.99 is still valid) 


    #72 Travel Agent

    Every day millions of business and pleasure travelers book flights, hotel rooms and rental cars. They need help with coordination, research and price comparison.

    You can start a travel agency from your home to make travel arrangements for executive clients to keep them productive and stress-free while traveling for business.  

    Learn from successful travel planner Erin Booth (for under $30 on sale) how to find, book and manage flights, hotels and car services for corporate travel like a pro!


    #73 Amazon FBA Reseller

    Join the world’s largest online retailer and profit by becoming an Amazon FBA seller. This business model is where you utilize the Amazon site to sell physical products using their high traffic volume and shipping system. 

    This #1 best selling course on Udemy with over 16,000 top ratings will show you by giving you a complete Amazon selling blueprint. You can start your new business today even if you have a very small minimal startup budget. 



    #74 Music Teacher

    If you are a knowledgeable music teacher you can teach students in their own homes as a small business. All you need is to know an instrument well enough to teach it 

    Get the business basics of and the resources needed to start and grow your music teaching company in this under $20 online course.

    The course includes lectures, tutorials, marketing strategies, and materials needed for musicians to succeed in their music journey as instructors. The course presents five proven steps of growth in becoming music instructors.



    #75 Grant writer and Fundraising expert

    If you have a background in research, writing or journalism then starting a business in grant writing from your home could be ideal for you.  

    This is the type of business you could start as a side hustle while keeping your full-time job or working when the kids are at school. Most grantwriters are freelancers who work for many different nonprofit organizations. One of the best parts about grant writing, besides the lucrative salary, is it you help change lives and make the world a better place. 

    Learn online how to write grants and become more successful in getting awards from foundation and government grant makers in this online course


    Start Your Profitable Company to Work at Home and Make Money!


    Women business owners are a growing trend that will continue strongly. If you are a female business owner seriously consider getting your firm certified as a WOSB Women Owned Small Business to get greater access to federal government contract opportunities.

    Wondering Are Entrepreneurs Born or Built Successful – Check out this article on one of my favorite sites:

    Consider these reselling ideas from my list of reseller businesses

    The post 75 Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs to Start at Home appeared first on Best4Businesses.com.

    21 Reseller Business Ideas for Beginner Entrepreneurs

    Becoming a reseller is an excellent startup choice for beginning entrepreneurs. These reselling business ideas are ideal for first-time entrepreneurs because you can start your resale businesses with low startup costs, less risk, and potentially higher profit margins. Keep reading this article to learn about the most profitable reselling business ideas, plus learn the benefits [...] The post 21 Reseller Business Ideas for Beginner Entrepreneurs appeared first on...

    Becoming a reseller is an excellent startup choice for beginning entrepreneurs. These reselling business ideas are ideal for first-time entrepreneurs because you can start your resale businesses with low startup costs, less risk, and potentially higher profit margins.

    Keep reading this article to learn about the most profitable reselling business ideas, plus learn the benefits of becoming a reseller and how to get started in the reselling business.

    List of Reselling Business Ideas

    Idea #1: Amazon reseller business opportunity

    One of the lowest cost startups, which you could grow to replace your full-time income, is to become an Amazon reseller. You know Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world and offers beginner entrepreneurs a piece of the action.

    The concept is that you buy products and sell them to Amazon who then resells them to other consumers for their online store. Here’s more information on how to profit from being an Amazon reseller.


    Idea #2: Dropshipping Reselling

    This reselling business model is one where you sell products through your online store or website – but do not have to carry inventory nor pack and ship orders to your customers. Your drop-ship vendor (the product manufacturer) will ship directly to your customer. Then you will receive the profit margin between the wholesale cost of the product and the retail that your customer pays.

    This is a proven business model of which many online entrepreneurs have made healthy profits and more than full-time salaries. Some trending items include; food products such as coffee and baking items. Automotive tools parts, Sporting Goods, and beauty products.


    Idea #3: Clothing Reseller

    This proven business model is where you purchase wholesale clothing from vendors, fashion designers and clothing apparel manufacturers then add markup profit margin resell them in your boutique, online store or flea market, etc.  Standard profit margins are 50%+ of the retail price depending upon the item and designer.


    Idea #4: Antique Dealer

    If you love old items such as furniture, china, glassware and jewelry consider becoming an antiques dealer. You can buy antiques to resale at flea markets, thrift shops or estate sales and then resell them online or in an antiques mart.


    Idea #5: Art Resale Dealer

    If you love art consider becoming an art dealer or opening an art gallery for reselling art. You will display the artist’s work and resell their art to collectors,  and make money with commissions and gallery fees.

    Profitable Reseller Business Ideas

    Idea #6: Resale Designer Clothing

    A hot and trending business idea is reselling gently used luxury designer clothing. You can obtain items from internet shops, at garage sales then resell them at a profit on popular websites such as eBay and Poshmark.


    Idea#7: Estate Sales

    This business idea is a combination of product resale business and service fees. Start an estate sale company that arranges to sell off the possessions of the deceased. In this business model, you will charge service fees to set up garage sales, arrange for appraisals and place advertisements.  Additionally, you can sell some of the more valuable items for higher profit margins.


    Idea #8: Luxury Handbags Reselling

    Luxury handbags have become a multibillion-dollar business on which you can profit handsomely. Reselling handbags is easy because there is no sizing involved and there is a very standardized pricing structure.


    Idea #9: Jewelry Reseller

    There are many ways to become a jewelry entrepreneur. One easy way to get started is to join a direct sales company which is a form of reselling. Another is to purchase used jewelry, either costume, vintage or fine jewelry,  from estate sales and thrift shops then resell for profit.


    Idea #10: Distributor Reseller

    Becoming a distributor for a product line of merchandise is a form of reselling. You work directly with manufacturers and resell their products in a specific region or market.


    Idea #11: Broker Resale Business

    Broker a broker is similar to a distributor but they often do not take possession of any products. Here they are selling large lots of items, sometimes salvage or odd lots comprised of retail store returns and overstocks.


    Idea #12: Business Broker

    Reselling can be done with other valuable items besides physical products, such as a money-making small business. Becoming a business broker can be a highly lucrative endeavor.

    This business model is to match business owners who want to sell their business with entrepreneurs who want to purchase businesses. Business brokers negotiate the sale deal, help lawyers and accountants file the appropriate paperwork. They make money from consulting fees, listing charges, and commissions.


    Idea #13: Import Export Sales

    Becoming an importer or exporter is reselling because you are transferring by selling goods from one country.  Successful import-export firms specialize either in a; type of product such as food, clothing or raw materials or in selling to a particular country.


    Idea #14: Online Boutique

    This reseller business idea is to create your own e-commerce site and sell products. Your product line could be dropshipping items, handmade crafts or merchandise purchased for resale at wholesale prices. Online resale business is an excellent way to earn money part or full time from home.

    Clothing reselling ideas for business

    Idea #15: Resell Services

    You can resell the services of others and profit nicely in the transaction. An example is are becoming a booking agent for musicians, entertainers or models. Here you are reselling their services and making money for yourself.  Check out more entertainment business ideas on my list.


    Idea #16: Ticket Reselling

    This reselling concept is similar to the ultra-successful site StubHub. They are reselling tickets for various entertainment events and profiting nicely.


    Idea #17: Ebay Seller

    Consider selling used items online at ebay.com  Thrift flips are where you find items in thrift stores clean them up and sell them at a profit by listing them on eBay. You are launching your own resale shop online.


    Idea #18: Resell Time

    Here you are selling the valuable asset of time. Selling time takes many forms, it could be the selling of time for vacations such as condo bookings or blocks of hotel reservations for conventions.


    Idea #19: Reselling of Activities

    This business idea is where you would be selling activities performed by others to make money. Examples would be selling flying lessons, helicopter rides or museum tours to tourists. A friend of mine made a fortune running her business from a tiny kiosk on a beach in Maui, Hawaii. She sold sightseeing tours to visitors.


    Idea #20 – Subscription Boxes

    Consider creating collections of items to resell on a recurring basis to customers. The most successful monthly subscription box services are snack foods, beauty products, books or dvd movies.


    Idea #21: Refurbished Technology

    Reselling used mobile devices, phones, and laptop computers is a thriving business model. Refurbished used items and sell at a healthy markup profit on either part-time or full-time basis.


    Bonus reselling business idea

    Book Reselling – Reselling books can be a profitable business either online or at flea markets, etc. Consider specializing in a type of books such as textbooks, foreign language, cookbooks or comics.


    Reselling Business Tips

    What is a reselling business?

    To start a reselling business you purchase products (or services) from manufacturer suppliers and then resell them to people at a higher price.

    You make money from the profit margin which is the difference between the wholesale cost and the retail price that charge your customers.

    You are a middle man between the manufacturer and the customer.

    It is not always necessary to purchase the items or services which you resell for profit. Some reseller business models such as drop shipping and being a broker do not require the upfront purchase of items or stocking inventory.

    Reselling occurs in every industry including clothing, food, toys, printing, technology and automotive.

    You can resell items online on your own website or on an e-commerce platform such as eBay Poshmark, Etsy, etc. Plus you can offer your resale items offline in retail stores, flea markets, farmers’ markets etc.

    Keep in mind that reselling does not always include physical products. Millions of dollars have been made reselling intellectual properties such as small businesses, patent rights and services such as being an entertainment booker for musicians and actors.


    What is a Distributor Reseller?

    Technically distributors are a type of reselling. They buy products from manufacturers and resell them to retail stores who ultimately market them to the final customer/user.

    Most distributors have a close relationship with the manufacturer and may distribute multiple lines of products within a category such as food distributors.

    Most distributors physically stock inventory and thus are an extension of the manufacturer. Some distributors are responsible for product branding and marketing of these products.


    10 Benefits of Becoming a Reselling Business

    Here are 10 reasons why you should start a reselling business to make money part-time, as a side gig or to replace your salary so you can quit your job.

    1. Low startup costs are one of the main benefits of a reselling business. You do not need to invest large amounts of capital because you are obtaining products that are already been manufactured and are ready for sale. In many cases, you will not even have to pay for products up front before you begin reselling to your customers.
    2.  No need to stock inventory Many of these reselling business ideas do not require inventory or warehouses. In addition to dramatically reducing your start-up costs, you will not have to pay staff to manage inventory or pay rent for warehouse storage space.
    3.  No packing or shipping Because you do not have physical inventory in a warehouse will not need to pack or ship products to your customers. Your vendor or supplier will manage the process which dramatically cuts down your labor and overhead costs.
    4.  Higher profit margins Because you have reduced overhead costs your profit margins are higher. Also, you can increase your profit margins by raising retail prices.
    5. Location-independent If you resell your products online you can live anywhere- such as a small town. Rural residents check out my list of great small town business ideas. You can even travel the world while making money.
    6.  Manage from your phone – Using sophisticated apps and the internet, your business management, product fulfillment, and business communication both can be done on your mobile phone on the go.
    7.  Flexible work schedule You choose the hours to work that are best for you – before work, after school, when the kids are sleeping or from 9 to 5. It is up to you because you are the boss of your reselling business.
    8. Lower working hours Many resellers report that after the initial set up phases of their startup their daily work hours are reduced. This is because many sales processes can be automated.
    9. Faster time to Launch Because you are reselling products that are currently available there is no lag time for equipment purchase and product production before you can begin selling and profiting in your business.
    10. Easy expansion opportunities Once you have your business model set either with an online store or to retail channels you can easily expand your products to resell. If you sell clothing you can expand into accessories, handbags, jewelry and beauty products


    As you can see reselling as a business model is an excellent choice for first-time entrepreneurs.

    By using professionally-designed systems such as Shopify and sourcing products that are proven to sell you can get started right away.

    Good luck fellow entrepreneurs.


    list of reseller business ideas

    The post 21 Reseller Business Ideas for Beginner Entrepreneurs appeared first on Best4Businesses.com.

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